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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 6 Recap

Love at Seventeen Episode 6 Recap by Ninja
Her heart warmed by Hao Yi's goodnight text, Alice's thoughts turn to her possibly numbered days and starts to make a bucket list for herself.

Still puzzling over how Hao Yi fits into her bucket list, the always efficient Alice decides to accomplish what she does know first such as buying breakfast for Peter.

Stunning everyone when she presents herself at the lunchroom to fulfill her second wish of sharing teatime with her department, Alice's co-workers eagerly invites her to keep showing up for their tea times. Keenly aware that she might not be long for this world, Alice hesitantly assures a hopeful Hao Yi "I have 50% chance of coming..."
Going through her old memory box, Alice is reminded of her excitement 13 years ago when she found a four leaf clover for her friends...and the explanation they never bothered to show up for. With the shadow of death hanging over her, Alice makes yet another uncharacteristic decision and decides to ask her old friends out for another meeting.
Mistakenly assuming that Alice must be acting so out of character because of her desire to reconnect with her old friends, Hao Yi drags a very reluctant Shu Lei to their old meeting place to make sure that Alice will get her chance to say what's in her heart.

Pacing with unease when Alice fails to show up, Hao Yi shakes his head in denial when a very impatient Shu Lei tries to convince him that Alice had arrange the whole thing out of revenge.

Definitely not sitting at home plotting revenge, Alice is instead struggling fiercely to protect her precious research. Displeased when Alice refused to follow his order and betray their company by selling off her research elsewhere, Alice's boss resorts to sending his secretary in disguise to threaten her. Refusing to give up her team's hard work, Alice fights against the intruder and ends up passing out when her head accidentally hit the ground during their struggle.
Unable to suppress his worry that something must've happened to Alice, Hao Yi rushes to her house and finds her laying on the ground unconscious. Waking up to find herself being pulled into an embrace by a very concerned Hao Yi, Alice is overwhelmed once again with the knowledge that someone truly cares about her.

Knowing full well that she might not have much time left, Alice tells Hao Yi briefly about her momentary consideration of betraying her company and how her eventual refusal had caused someone's attempt to forcefully take her research from her. Pleading with Hao Yi to protect her life's hard work, Alice tells him "I have put my research in a place no one knows. I will tell you where that is because you are the only one I trust."
More concerned about Alice's welfare than where her research is, Hao Yi urges Alice to go to the hospital first. Sitting by the sidewalk while Hao Yi tries to flag down a taxi, Alice's heart is warmed again by the obvious worry on Hao Yi's face...that is until she accidentally sees a text message on Hao Yi's phone. Stunned as she reads the text from Hao Yi's assistant "Boss, the CEO is inquiring about your progress on scouting A.I. (Alice). He also said that no matter what you must bring A.I to our side," Alice stares at Hao Yi with disbelief as the feeling of betrayal washes over her.

Surprised when he turns around to find Alice has disappeared, Hao Yi searches for her desperately especially after he sees his assistant's text and realizes that Alice must've come to the conclusion that he has been trying to get close to her with an agenda in mind.
The pain in her head increasing as she struggles along the sidewalk on her own, Alice is in no mood to listen to Hao Yi's explanation when he eventually finds her. Disoriented but too angry to care, Alice runs right into road and freeze in shock as a car comes straight at her. Throwing his arms around Alice and spinning her out of the harms way at the last second, Hao Yi calls Alice name with concern when he looks down to find her unconscious.
Following a still unconscious Alice as she is being wheeled into the operation room, Hao Yi's mind is filled with the doctor's words about Alice's brain tumor. Filled with regret and pain as he remembers all the clues that he should've picked up, Hao Yi pleads "Alice, if you can wake up again I am willing to be misunderstood, be dislike by you forever. Forever be chasing after you. Just please don't disappear from my life."
Filled with hope and worry as each day passes, Hao Yi watches over an Alice who still remains in a coma despite her operation being a success.

Overjoyed when Alice finally opens his eyes, Hao Yi eagerly holds her hand but looks at her uncertainly when she pulls her hand away. Assuming Alice must still be angry with him, Hao Yi rattles on about the operation...until Alice glares at him and yells "He Hao Yi! The jerk who framed me with the cigarettes!"
Staring at the somewhat familiar looking stranger in the mirror, Alice tries to process the fact that while her body is thirty years old her mind believes that she is seventeen years old. (Wait...isn't that normal?! Ha.) Trying to adjust to her 30 year old body, Alice suddenly screams in shock. Looking at her mother who rushed in with concern, Alice declares in disbelief as she points at her rear end "Why is my butt so big? And it... is hanging!" Rolling her eyes, Alice's mother yells back "Of course! You are 30, not 17!"
A bit lost in a strange world where she is suddenly a full grown woman instead of a teenager, Alice especially struggles with the notion that she somehow had become good friends with the jerk that made it his mission to torture her.

Reluctant when her mother insists on leaving her at Hao Yi's house, Alice takes comfort in the fact that she will at least see Xiao Fen (Hao Yi's twin sister) soon. Up to this point Alice has asked several times for her two best friends but Hao Yi has avoided that topic whenever he could. 
Noticing how uncomfortable Alice seems to be around him, Hao Yi takes her to their old high school knowing that's probably the most familiar place to a 17 year old Alice. Visibly happier as they walk around the high school, Alice starts to open up as she talks to Hao Yi about what she does remember.

Stunned when he finally figures out that Alice's memory cuts off right after he threw her into the pool, Hao Yi says in dismay "Why did you choose to end your memory when your impression of me was the worst?" Confused, Alice replies "Did I actually ever had a good impression of you?" Huffy, Hao Yi protests "Of course! I was the school's most popular guy. Everyone liked me." but gets even more offended when Alice insists that some other boy was the popular one.
Determined to prove to Alice that he was once the god of basketball, Hao Yi takes Alice to the basketball court to show off his skills. Transported right back to her familiar school days, Alice happily yells Hao Yi's name as she cheers him on.

As per the law of the drama land, a wayward basketball suddenly heads our heroine's way and Hao Yi saves Alice just in time. Looking up at Alice as they lay in a rather familiar position, Hao Yi hopes that Alice would remember the similar way he saved her 13 years ago but alas our heroine just blinks at him in confusion.
Definitely feeling much more comfortable with Hao Yi after their high school visit, Alice starts asking him about about her two best friends and what exactly has happened to her in all these years. Looking at Hao Yi who seems to be at a loss for words, Alice laughs and tells him "That's okay, Shu Lei (hero's twin sister) will be back soon. I will feel better if I get the answers from her."

Not noticing Hao Yi's unease when she mentioned her best friends, Alice turns her attention to her lunch and accidentally knocks her water glass off the table.
The sound of the broken water glass brings Alice flash backs of being attacked by her assailant and sends her running away from the restaurant in fear. Catching up with a near hysterical Alice, Hao Yi pulls her into his arms as she cries "What happened to me? Why would someone attack me? Why?" Tightening his hold around Alice who is still sobbing with fear, Hao Yi thinks to himself "I had thought not letting her know about the past was a way of protecting her but at this moment I finally see the hopelessness and the bewilderment she is filled with as she confronts her lost memory and the lost of the last thirteen years."
Sensing Alice's remaining fear when they got home that night, Hao Yi comes up with a brilliant plan to distract her by renting both of their favorite comic book (Naruto comic series).  Jumping with happiness when she realizes that her memory loss means she can re-enjoy her comic book in one shot, Alice marathons through the books while Hao Yi falls asleep keeping her company.

Thoughtful when she comes across a passage in the comic book that says "No one can determine fate." Alice makes a daring decision right then to go to her company the next day because she can't just rely on Hao Yi's protection but has to make her own destiny.

Ninja's Thoughts
Hmm... not amnesia exactly as I feared last week...but a much more appropriate twist given this drama is aptly named Love at Seventeen.

Unbeknownst to our hero, Alice's memory didn't cut off at a random place but was due to Alice's wish during her operation that she would be able to go back to when she was the happiest. I am assuming being thrown into the pool wasn't Alice's happiest memory but the fact that at that particular point she still had two best friends and Hao Yi was just an annoying boy who liked to pick on her. So, this begs the question: Does Alice wish that she never befriended Hao Yi?
While we are on the topic of friendship, I am not too sure what there is to salvage between the three girls. Hao Yi's twin sister had completely forgotten about Alice while Shu Lei had clearly expressed her disinterest in reconnecting. To be honest, I always felt like Alice and Xiao Fen was Shu Lei's two little minions who's sole purpose were to follow her around. I am sure the feelings of friendship between the girls were real enough at one time but it certainly seem like Shu Lei and Xiao Fen didn't lose too much sleep over Alice.
Oh, well. I guess there is enough blame to go around since our heroine is definitely guilty of treating her friendship with Peter too lightly. In fact, judging by how the only two things Alice did for Peter were to thank him for all his help and buying him breakfast as her way of saying goodbye, I wonder if our heroine even considers Peter more than a causal friend.


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