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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 7 Recap

Love at Seventeen Episode 7 Recap by Ninja
Frustrated that she doesn't seem to be making any head ways with Peter despite Alice's sudden disappearance for the last 2 months, Shu Lei gets even more angry when Peter keeps stopping random women on the street just because they look like Alice.

Fearful of Alice's safety, Hao Yi tried to talk her out of going back to work, but eventually relents when Alice insists that she needs a chance to reclaim her own memory.

Overjoyed when he finally spots the real Alice, Peter runs to her in excitement. Flustered when a total stranger suddenly fawns all over her, Alice looks at Hao Yi pleadingly for any hints. Displeased when Hao Yi presents himself as Alice's spokesman, Peter looks at Alice with mild puzzlement as she keeps referring to him by his English name.

Not about to give his competition any advantage, Ho Yi strongly warns Alice to stay away from Peter. Confused why such a nice guy would be dangerous to her, Alice begrudgingly agrees once Hai Yi maintains that Peter is someone that would most likely see through their pretense.
Feeling like a fish out of water, Alice follows Hao Yi's coaching and criticizes her co-workers in a harsh manner.
Dismayed when after all the mean things she said Hao Yi still wants her to go back in and throw a notebook at her co-workers, Alice gets into a tug of war with Hao Yi.

In the middle of the chaos the notebook flies out and Hao Yi smiles with satisfaction when Alice's co-works sighs with relief that Alice is really back to herself. Nowhere near as relieved as Hao Yi, Alice's heart is heavy with bewilderment how she has grown up to be such a mean person.
Harboring hope that she can continue to be Shu Lei's friend despite Hao Yi's warning that things are not what they used to be, Alice puts on her problem solver hat when she finds out Shu Lei has been worrying about a sales promotion involving Peter's department. Getting more perplexed each time Alice calls him by his English name, Peter nonetheless readily agrees to Alice's request to cancel the promotion in order to "solve" Shu Lei's problem.

Furious when Peter condescendingly cancels the promotion with a special emphasis that he is only doing it for Alice, Shu Lei takes Alice out for a showdown.

Naively assuming that she is going out on a girls night out with her best friend, Alice sits in a stunned silence as Shu Lei informs her that their friendship has ended 13 years ago and she simply wants them to be strangers.
Guessing what must've happened after taking one look at Alice's pale expression, Hao Yi listens quietly as she cries out her fear that everyone has abandoned her. Wrapping his arms around Alice, Hao Yi reminds her that he is right there and will always be there for her.
Keenly aware of the void Alice must been feeling after losing her memory, Hao Yi decides to help Alice celebrate all the milestones between the age of 17 and 30.
Ending their day of high school graduation, birthday cake, first motorcycle ride, first job, Hao Yi finally takes Alice to the cafe where they reunited after being apart for 13 years.

Looking at a mildly embarrassed Hao Yi after he confesses "I just want to thank you for appearing again in my life like a miracle." Alice replies "I really want to thank you for everything you've done today. Even though all those things were just pretend but I feel like I can truly adjust myself emotionally tomorrow at work to be a 30 year old. You are the one that is my miracle."
Fully cognizant that whoever ordered the attack on Alice must be someone at work, Hao Yi comes up with a plan for Alice to draw out the culprit.

Unfortunately, instead of catching the baddie, Hao Yi's clever plan backfires and Alice's amnesia ends up being revealed when she calls out Han Ming's name while looking right past Peter. Ignoring Hao Yi and Shu Lei's surprised expression once they finally connect him to the school nerd, Peter stares at Alice intently and demands "How could you not know Song Han Ming is me? Unless... you are not Alice?"
Left with no choice but to admit her memory loss Alice tries to at least save Hao Yi's position at the company when her boss attempt to kick both of them out. Putting an assuring hand on the agitated Alice, Hao Yi smiles confidently as he watches Director Wang picks up a phone call and ends up relenting once Hao Yi's boss threatens to pull out all of their investment if Hao Yi is not allowed to investigate the whereabouts of Alice's research notes.

At first relieved that Hao Yi seems to have everything in control, Alice gets worried again once she finds out that Hao Yi's boss is also threatening to fire him if he doesn't find her research notes within three months. Assuring Alice that he will find a way somehow, Hao Yi's more immediate concern is to get reacquainted with an old classmate.
Sneering when she gets to the parking lot to see the two boys in the middle of punching each other, Shu Lei sends Hao Yi off so she can have her turn with Peter.

Holding out his arms wide to accept any punishment Shu Lei might deal out, Peter freely admits that he got plenty of satisfaction from watching a clueless Shu Lei chasing after him. Wincing when Shu Lei grinds her high heel into his foot, Peter continues in his careless manner "I didn't see any point of revealing my self when you would find out the truth soon anyway. Plus I knew once you know my true identity you would lose interest right away." Huffy, Shu Lei agrees "You are right. How could there be any possibility of me being interested in you once I know you are Song Han Ming!"
Concerned when Hao Yi comes home with a bloody face, Alice goes into the bathroom to get a bowl of water to clean his wounds but ends up screaming in surprise when she accidentally sprays herself with water. Rushing into the bathroom because of Alice's screams, Hao Yi starts to laugh once he realizes what happened and ends up having a water fight with Alice.
Picking Xiao Fen up from the airport, Shu Lei is busy complaining to her about Peter when both girls notice a pair of unfamiliar women's shoes at Xiao Fen's front door. Promising that she is going to bully her brother's new girlfriend as she walks into the house, Xiao Fen and Shu Lei gasp in shock when they see a completely drenched Alice playing around with Hao Yi.
Changed into dry clothing, Alice stands in front of her old friends and asks them to put aside the past and give their friendship another chance. Seemingly unmoved at all, Shu Lei replies "You lost your memory but we didn't. Our lives didn't skip over thirteen years. Moreover, every single day of these last thirteen years has nothing to do with you."

Ninja's Thoughts
Sigh...for Alice's sake I hope she get her friends back but like I said last week I am going to need Shu Lei and Xiao Fen to prove themselves a lot more before I see them as deserving of Alice's friendship.

I am pretty sure the writer will probably have the girls be friends again eventually but I actually don't have a problem if Alice ends up having to learn the lesson that sometimes she just needs to move on from certain people and open her heart to others who would love to have a chance to be her friend.
One of my favorite scene this week was when Alice was so relieved after walking out of the confrontation with her boss that she puts her head on Hao Yi's shoulder. It's intriguing to me why Hao Yi seemed so surprised by it. Hao Yi had been very successful in getting Alice to let down her guard and even becoming her only friend now that her best friends don't want anything to do with her, but at the end of the day our hero is still the uncertain 17 year old boy who is not confident at all if the girl he likes return his feeling as well. 
As cute as it is to see our 30 year old hero still acting like a teenager in someways but it is also very frustrating since that same uncertainty was the reason 17 year old Hao Yi lost Alice in the first place so let's hope this time around he can really keep his promise of staying by Alice's side. 

By the way, a reader asked last week about a song in the show. I am hoping this is the one she is asking about.

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  1. I really hate her friends. I know I'm supposed to hope for them all to make up, but I have no patience for this. Shui Lei is just mean and spiteful and I also hope that she never gets Peter. To still be so spiteful even after her near death experience boggles my mind and for so many episodes. I don't know how the writers expect viewers to forgive even if Alice does. She was always too nice for her own good and always valued their friendship far more than they seemed to.