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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 8 Recap

Love at Seventeen 8 Recap By Ninja
Unmoved at all by Alice's sincere plea for them to reclaim their friendship, Shu Lei tells a stunned Alice about her "betrayal" and stress again that they are not friends anymore.

The puzzle of why her friendship had dissolved finally answered, Alice stands in shock as tears starts to fall.

His heart breaking to see Alice overwhelmed with guilt as she whole heartily believes everything Shu Lei said, Hao Yi tries to convince Alice not to trust other people's memories of the past but his words seem to just deepen Alice's conviction that she is the source of everyone's pain.
Surprised by Alice's sudden appearance while he is lost in thoughts thinking about her, Hao Yi accidentally stabs himself in the eye with a pen. Too busy yelping in pain, it takes our hero a moment to notice Alice's closeness as she leans over him in concern to check on his eyes.

Finally realizing the sizzling awareness between them because of her closeness, Alice edges back and asks Hao Yi to take her to the secret meeting place to find their time capsule.
Filled with anticipation as they open the time capsule, both of our leads are stunned when it turns out to be empty. True to her 17 year old personality, after allowing herself a moment of disappointment Alice quickly gives Hao Yi a bright smile and assures him that she is fine.
Reporting to work bright and early the next morning, Alice readily agrees to an assignment change when she finds out that Peter had put in an request for her to transfer to his department. No where near as agreeable, Hao Yi has a confrontation with Peter but in the end was forced to relent once Alice makes it clear that she think the transfer is a good decision for her.
Obviously out of her depth as she sits in a meeting between Peter's department and Shu Lei's, Alice reverts to her old habit of being her friend's trusty sidekick by speaking up in support for Shu Lei's sales strategy despite Peter's declaration that Shu Lei's proposal was unreasonable. A bit surprised to see Alice taking her side, any good feelings Shu Lei might've had soon turns to distaste when Peter decides to accept Shu Lei's proposal just because Alice had supported it.

Frustrated by the feeling of being useless, Alice pleas with Peter to let her go out on field assignments. Dismayed to overhear the two's conversation Hao Yi jumps out to voice his opposition and soon we have another déjà vu confrontation between the two men. Not surprisingly, Alice wins again and runs out of the company after assuring Hao Yi she will be fine.
While our heroine is out battling the world with her 17 year old memories, our two male leads are left feeling useless as they both struggle with the vast divide Alice has place between herself and them. 
Walking into the gym with Shu Lei, a rather board Xiao Fen perks up when her best friend points out a crowd of women all gushing around a good looking man. Her eyes widen in amazement when Shu Lei tells her the eye candy is none other than the school nerd they used to know, Xiao Fen quickly swallows all her gushing compliments after one look at her BFF's huffy expression.

Left with no choice but to sit at home staring at the ceiling after Alice tells him that she has a dinner party with Peter's department, Hao Yi listens with half a ear as Xiao Fen tells him about her sighting of Peter at the gym. Sitting up with alert when he hears Peter's name, Hao Yi realizes that Alice must've been lying about the department dinner and shocks his sister by running out of the door.  
Overjoyed when a store manager is impressed by her tenacity and gives her two full box of fliers with mistakes on it to correct, Alice sends Hao Yi home by fibbing about a company dinner while she is really eating instant noodle and working on the fliers. 

Completely alone at the office, Alice looks around hopelessly after she accidentally locks herself in the recycling room. Yelping in dismay when she gets a phone call from Hao Yi, Alice forces herself to sound impatient and assures Hao Yi that she is busy having dinner with her department...that is until she jumps at the sound of the door opening and sees Hao Yi's angry face. 
Furious at Alice's refusal to call him even when she was in such a dire situation, Hao Yi storms away as Alice follows behind desperately trying to explain that she just didn't want to trouble him anymore. Getting even more angry after hearing Alice's excuse, Hao Yi yells at Alice for doing exactly the same thing 10 years ago when she abandoned him and her friends. 
I sure hope our hero is going to admit his part of "abandoning" Alice all these years ago at some point. 
Walking home alone as the memories of everything Hao Yi has done for her replying in her mind, Alice is too busy crying to notice that our hero has actually been following her the whole way. 
Taken back when a kind street vendor suddenly thrusts two bags of cake treat in her hand to cheer her up, a rather confused Alice walks away while Hao Yi nods his thanks to the street vendor. 

Sitting down at a staircase, Alice is overwhelmed with sadness again as she munch on the cake treats but thanks to a timely advise from a homeless man Alice finally drys her tears and makes the difficult decision that she has to reclaim what she lost while she still can. 
Gaining courage from her new conviction, the first thing Alice does when she walks into the door is to formally apologize to both Xiao Fen and Hao Yi for disappearing 10 years ago. Turning back to Xiao Fen, Alice declares that while she knows she is overstaying her welcome in Xiao Fen's house but she is going to brazenly keep on living there since this is her last chance of reclaiming their friendship. 
Really a softie at heart, Xiao Fen sighs with frustration once she is alone with Hao Yi and accuses her brother of setting everything up. Smiling brightly, Hao Yi gleefully reminds his sister that using his skill of making the situation go the way he wants is after all how he makes his living. Stumping her foot as Hao Yi happily walks away, Xiao Fen yells "How am I suppose to face Shu Lei now?!" 
Woken up in the middle of the night by some sounds, Hao Yi opens his bedroom door just in time to have Alice jump into his arms. Standing in the dark while a scared Alice wraps her arms tightly around him, Hao Yi smiles as he remembers another familiar situation years ago. 
In an extremely good mood to know that he was the first person Alice thought of when she mistakenly thought there was a power outage, Hao Yi asks "So... I am important to you?" Looking into Hao Yi's face with all the innocence of a 17 year old mind, Alice replies with a strong conviction "YES, you are very important to me!" 
Yelling with pleasure the next morning when she see the dining room table filled with breakfast foods all cooked to perfection, Xiao Fen forces herself to pretend disinterest once she finds out Alice was the one who cooked it all. 

Laughing at his sister's obvious pretense, Hao Yi assures Alice that Xiao Fen is simply dying to eat the food and shows her the text he just got from Xiao Fen demanding that he save some food for her.  
Feeling more confident of his place in Alice's heart but frustrated at the same time that he  is apparently back being Alice's "best friend"... a rather familiar title he already struggled with 13 years ago, the 30 year old Hao Yi vows to not make the same mistakes.

Confused when Hao Yi insists on dragging her to a hilltop to see the night view of the city, our very clueless heroine finally picks up that something is afoot when Hao Yi takes her hand in his. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Yeah!!! Thank heaven! I was so scared that our hero would make the same mistake as he did 13 years ago and we would be stuck with watching him torturing himself with his insecurities. Thankfully, the 30 year old Hao Yi is not about play the game of "Guess what I am thinking?" and is ready to just lay his heart out in the open. 

To be fair, I think the young Hao Yi had dropped some VERY obvious hints for our heroine back in their school days but what can you do when that's just the age when self insecurities pretty much drown out everything else.
The writer is sure dangling us a long on this whole mystery of what exactly happen to Alice that made her change so much and had her working so hard to just forget it all. In this hour, Peter had a flash back of when Alice saved him from a bunch of bullies so it makes me wonder if the mystery event was something the bullies did to Alice as a revenge for spoiling their fun. The writer had used the heroine's fear of the dark a few times now so maybe it could be something like locking her in the school locker room? 
Up to this episode I have always felt kinda bad for Peter's one sided crush/friendship with Alice but after this episode it did occur to me that maybe from our heroine's point of view she really doesn't know Peter all that well. Back in the school days, Alice saw Peter as her BFF's admirer and kept his secret because of her strong conviction in keeping her promises. The two's subsequent interactions also all had something to do with Shu Lei so it is quite possible that after Alice became the "Robot Alice" and shut herself off from forming any new relationships, Peter is then stuck as the "guy who likes her ex-best friend and she helped out a few times." in our heroine's mind.  

Oh, well. At least all the signs seems to hint that Shu Lei is already in love with Peter and I am looking forward to see their reversal of roles as the school beauty pulls out all stops to make the school nerd fall back in love with her.  


  1. Sigh. I know I'm probably in the minority, but I do not want Shu Lei to get Peter. He deserves much better. I might the 17-year-old for her petulance (although to me her friends are her friends because she didn't want any rivals), but not for her mean nature now. I can understand being cold if she is still hurt; but I wonder how much she was hurt or how much she was mad that her minion did not do what she asked. She and Xiao Fen seem to be the real ones stuck in time in their relationship with each other and the others.

    1. I agree! It makes me so mad that Shu Lei and Peter's relationship seems to be the reversal version of the ugly duckling romance, especially since Shu Lei was so cruel to Peter and abusive to her most loyal friend. And the whole "I'll know I love him when I see him" is a bunch of crap. (Not that I'm saying the stereotypical ugly duckling romance is okay in general). She didn't say that with nerd Peter, and was only in love with the fan Peter because she imagined him to be really good looking. And she only says that with the current Peter because he is really good looking. Honestly, I'm not that surprised Alice became a robot - rather I'm a bit surprised Alice didn't go through with the suicide route or something with the treatment, abuse, and probable bullying she received during the high school fall out. First Shu Lei decides to emotionally manipulate her to make her to what she wants, and then she does it again AFTER ALICE HAS AMNESIA to make herself look like the good person. Plus, in high school she chooses to let Alice get what she thinks she deserves: letting her get ostracized by everyone, letting the rumors rise about Alice being a terrible friend and stealing her boyfriend and not going to hear what Alice was going to say. And then confirming Alice's doubts that they aren't friends by never showing up to meet her. I also thought when they first met again after 30 years Shu Lei really wanted to make up because she kept telling Hao Yi that Alice isn't the same and they can't go back so she was being mean because she was hurt, but her actions go beyond that now that she's beyond proven she doesn't care that now this Alice is the Alice from before. Sorry for the rant - I am obviously really frustrated that Shu Lei, minioin #1, and Hao Yi (in a way) are so terrible to Alice, but the show paints that as okay.

    2. Cheers to you because I agree with everything you say. After hearing everything about what has happened to Alice now and to be an adult and still hate her like you did in high school? It's the active hatred I don't get, especially since we are privvy to her reasons for being mad at Alice and were shallow at best. She didn't experience any real trauma. While Alice then and now has. There are people I really disliked in high school, but I don't think I'd respond as if the hatred is fresh now since I don't really think about them at all, but Shu Lei seems to have kept that anger fresh. If Peter is not going to get Alice (and it's clear he is NOT the end game her), I'd like him to meet someone else funny and nice--perhaps someone from high school who had liked him but went unnoticed, too.

  2. Thanx for ur recaps - I love reading ur thoughts on each episode! I totally agree, and on the same page about ur theory. I also think that the bullies (from Peters flashback in their high school time) has something to do with her changing so drastically and also the reason why she suddenly transfered to a new school. The show has also dropped some mors hints, like when Alice kept saying she didnt run away 13 years ago and Peter saying that 13 years ago he wasnt strong enough to protect her but now he will. I think the bullies did something to her, as u said, as a revenge for her ruining their fun with tormenting Peter. And that could also be why she doesnt seem close to Peter (before her surgery and amnesia) and treats him with an arms lenght.

    I really like reading ur thoughts on each episode, to know if u or others understood it differently or noticed anything I didnt. Please keep doing that :D