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Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 1-3 Recap/ First Impression

Drama: My Amazing Boyfriend (我的奇妙男友)
Airs: Daily (Monday - Friday)
Episodes: 28

Synopsis: Think My Love From the Star...but with a hero who is NOT an alien but a human who become an immortal by accident. 

Episode 1-3 Overview by Ninja
Heroine: The nation's goddess... of playing second female lead, Tian Jing Zhi finds herself standing on the edge of a tall building. Hesitating as she looks over the ledge, Jing Zhi jumps in surprise when the security guard pokes his head out and yells "Miss Tian! You are here again! You sure come here whenever you are upset. Are you really going to jump this time?
The night had started out full of hope for our heroine as she prepares to propose to her boyfriend in front of all their friends. Instead of ending the night happily in the arms of her new fiancee though, Jing Zhi's lovely proposal becomes nightmare when her boyfriend turns down her proposal and confesses that he is in love with her friend. To make her embarrassment even worse, Jing Zhi's friend rejects her boyfriend right there. 

Amazed when Jing Zhi complains that she has lost all seven of her ex-boyfriends to the same girl, the security guard quickly agrees that Jing Zhi is the most unlucky person he knows and encourages her to jump off the building quickly to end her suffering. Speechless, Jing Zhi yells "You are just like my mom!" and stumps off. 
Hero: Xue Ling Qiao. Bitten by a mountain loin, what everyone thought would be an easy arm wound to take care of becomes worse and worse until our hero lies at the death's door. Desperate to save their only son, Ling Qiao's parents had no choice but to allow the physician to use a daring method of feeding their son poison as the last resort. While the unconventional method did end up saving Ling Qiao's life but trouble follows when they realize that he has not only recovered fully but has turned into a monster whose wounds can heal magically. 
Forced to leave his own home when the villagers start to fear him and persecute his family, Ling Qiao lives as an immortal...until someone attempts to kill him by bleeding him dry and dumping the casket containing his body into the ocean. 
A hundred years passed and the casket is found with Ling Qiao's perfectly preserved body inside. Dragged around the country as a museum show piece, Ling Qiao's dry mummy like body suddenly comes alive when the van the casket was in collided with Jing Zhi's car. 
Realizing he was able to "wake up" thanks to the Jing Zhi's blood, Ling Qiao hesitates and wonders if he should save the dying girl. 
Muttering "I am not sure if this will be good or bad for both of us..." Ling Qiao leans down and kisses Jing Zhi. It looked like kissing but in reality Ling Qiao bites his tongue and feeds Jing Zhi his blood in order to save her.  
Clueless that she should've died from the accident, Jing Zhi is busy trying to figure out how to "fix" her perpetual bad luck...and wondering if she is going crazy from seeing ghost that appear then disappearing at will.

The "ghost" is none other than Jing Zhi who is quickly realizing that the car accident has somehow established a link between himself and Jing Zhi. Theorizing that perhaps Jing Zhi's death could mean his own, Ling Qiao decides that it would be wise to stay close to our heroine to make sure she doesn't kill herself just by her own bad luck.  

Knowing full well that the villain who tried to killed him a hundred year ago might still be around, Ling Qiao becomes even more determined to stick close to Jing Zhi once he finds out that our heroine seems to have unknowingly gotten herself right in the midst of the conspiracy. 
Convinced by a fortune teller that she needs to find someone who can overcome her "bad luck", Jing Zhi decides to find herself a roommate. Incredulous when Ling Qiao shows up at her door and nonchalantly shows her his incredible abilities, Jing Zhi becomes resolved to use what ever means to get rid of the strange creature that has taken up residence at her home. 
Battling on even when garlic and a wooden sword failed to vanquish Ling Qiao, Jing Zhi valiantly tries one last attempt with a bowl of ...water? and falls flat on her face before she gets anywhere close to our hero. 

Finding it rather easy to get use to Ling Qiao's presence once she gives up her vanquishing mission, Jing Zhi is resigned to having a new roommate...especially when he offers to fly her around to take her mind off thinking about her ex. 

Ninja's First Impression
I feel kind of bad that almost everyone (myself included) would inevitably compare this show to My Love From the Star since the similar premise of a superhuman like hero and a celebrity heroine is hardily something we can ignore. However, I do think it is worth giving My Amazing Boyfriend a chance by at least trying to forget that "OTHER" show and allow the story to stand on its own. 

In case you couldn't tell from the overview, My Amazing Boyfriend has a pretty heavy comedic tone to it and it certainly doesn't try to take itself too seriously. 
Things I like so far about this show:

  • It's wacky tone.
  • The hero and the heroine have good chemistry with one another.
  • The show is very pretty to look at.
  • Almost all of the characters (including the secondary characters) have enough background to make them interesting. 
Things I am not so sure about:
  • I know I am being silly...but I can't decide if I find the hero attractive or not. 
  • The heroine really doesn't come off very celebrity like but I think the writer is doing this on purpose. 
  • The mysterious villain.
  • The pacing feel a bit slow at times but I imagine it will be picking up soon as the conspiracy and the romance get going. 
The verdict? I kinda like it! I will be the first admit that I had a really difficult time for the first two episodes to not constantly compare My Amazing Boyfriend to My Love From the Star but I think by episode three I was finally able to do it. 

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  1. "Can't decide if I find the hero attractive or not" - TOTALLY what I am struggling with. *stares and stares indecisively for the millionth time at screen*

  2. Thank you for doing your first impressions of this drama. If I had just heard it was a remake of YFAS I would have just blanked it. I marathoned two weeks worth of episodes: it was funny, the heroine is cute and spunky in all the right ways. There were no stupid holding back of information. Thoroughly enjoyable. It reminded me more of Queen In-Hyun's Man than YFAS. But saying that I didn't finish watching that one.

  3. For me it's more like ahn jae hyun's blood. Hahha.. But i have watch this and strangely attracted with the story..

  4. For me it's more like ahn jae hyun's blood. Hahha.. But i have watch this and strangely attracted with the story..