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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Oh Hae Young Episode 5-6 Favorite Scenes

Ninja's Episode 5-6 Favorite Moments
Moment #1
Feeling quite reckless after entering into a dare with her boss (hero's sister) to throw herself at a man, Hae Young's eyes light up when she sees Do Kyung. Tossing her purse to the side, Hae Young takes off at a full run towards Do Kyung and throws herself at him. Having already seen this whole situation in a premonition, our hero debated within himself if he should just ignore Hae Young but thankfully decides at the last minute to catch her instead. I really liked this moment because you could see from both of our leads' expression that the embrace made them feel something. 

Immensely proud of herself, Hae Young starts to strut away...until her boss points out the lone bra insert that somehow popped out while Hae Young was throwing herself at Do Kyung. 
The memory of Hae Young's embarrassment as she slinks back to pick up her bra insert fresh on his mind, Do Kyung breaks out into spontaneous laughter in middle of trying to sleep. Knowing full well why Do Kyung is laughing, Hae Young yells from her bed "Darn it! Stop laughing!" then mutters to herself "Well, this is the first time I've heard you laughing." 

Moment #2
I am not sure why but I really liked how Hae Young yelled at Do Kyung after she found out "pretty" Hae Young is actually the hero's ex-girlfriend. Feeling like a fool that Do Kyung had kept quiet even after she went on and on about how jealous she was of "pretty" Hae Young, our heroine yells at Do Kyung for dragging her away by her wrist in front of his ex-girlfriend "Am I some sort of disposable object for you two's love? Is my wrist an object for you to use so she will be jealous?!" Calming down suddenly, Hae Young leans close to Do Kyung and suggests "Do you want me to tell her we slept together? Do you want to make her go crazy with jealousy?" Do Kyung sounded so frustrated while he was talking to Hae Young here...but why does he looks like he just want to grab Hae Young and plant a kiss on her?? 

Moment #3
I usually find Soo Kyung's (hero's older sister) part either hilarious or just kinda odd but I love this particular scene where she is chasing after Do Kyung's best friend with a baseball bat and our hero just looks on with "Hmm... interesting." sort of expression. 

Moment #4
This scene is my absolute favorite. I was laughing so hard that I was pounding the table through the whole thing.
After an extremely frustrating night of being ignored while "pretty" Hae Young got all the attention during a company dinner, Hae Young is overjoyed when she sees Do Kyung and mistakenly assumes that he had come as her fake boyfriend to make his ex jealous. 

Shaking his head slightly with a "Oh, not this again" expression as he watches Hae Young running towards him, Do Kyung has no choice but to catch Hae Young in his arms...then obediently spins around twice at Hae Young's desperate pleading. 
I also love the hilarious expression on the two leads' co-workers. 

Moment #5
I find the heroine's parents hilarious and heart warming so I really like the scene where Do Kyung mistakenly assumes Mama Oh is Hae Young and just walks through the connecting door. What is even more funny is Mama Oh's reaction of joy once she realizes that her daughter is "cohabiting" with a very eligible bachelor. 

Moment #6
This one is not so much a favorite moment but more like a scene where my heart just ache for the heroine. Clueless that Do Kyung has a habit of running the recording machine when he is not home, Hae Young sobs out her confession that she likes Do Kyung during a particularly lonely day. Of course thanks to the dramagods, Do Kyung just happens to hear the recording...while Hae Young is standing a short distance away. OUCH! 
Already wishing the earth would just swallow her up, Hae Young's frustration finally explodes when "pretty" Hae Young chooses that very moment to pay Do Kyung a visit. Throwing a rock right through Do Kyung's window, Hae Young looks up at a shocked Do Kyung with her tear filled face for a silent moment before she takes off to spend the night at her best friend's house. 
What started out as a really bad night does end up well though. Despite being already settled for the night at her friend's house, Hae Young runs out of the door beaming with happiness when she gets a text from Do Kyung that says "Come home and sleep. I won't say anything." Riding home on her bicycle with a huge smile on her face, Hae Young doesn't notice Do Kyung waiting for her on the balcony until it was too late. Still radiating happiness as her eyes meet Do Kyung's, Hae Young quickly wipes her smile away as she mutters "Drat! I came in too happy!" 

Moment #7
This was kinda underhanded of our hero but I found it touching nonetheless. Having promised Hae Young that he won't record his house noise anymore, Do Kyung is about to erase all his sound files but then decided at the last moment to listen to ALL of the past recording with Hae Young in it instead. Listening for hours as the recording shows every facet of Hae Young's life, Do Kyung finds himself wincing and smiling with each sound.  
Unable to sit by and ignore everything he has learned about Hae Young through the recording, Do Kyung finds himself doing small but very meaningful gestures for our heroine that night. 

Such as: 1. Showing himself when the pizza delivery man comes because he learned from the recording that Hae Young always pretend that she is married when the delivery men comes so they don't think she live alone.
2. Moving the chest of drawer away from the door because Hae Young had complained about it in the recording. 
3. Finally, getting a lamp for Hae Young to put by her nightstand so she doesn't bump into her table every night. 

Sigh, so sweet. While Do Kyung might still allow himself to be emotionally affected by his ex-girlfriend it's obvious by how much he thinks about Hae Young that he has fallen in love with her already. 


  1. I love this drama sooo much!!!!!!!
    And Eric is so darn sexy!!!!!!

  2. I like this drama too.. Actually watch it because of eric but i find myself like lead oh hae young so much.. She is so adorable that i find myself wondering why people around her can't notice her more? 😏

  3. I like this drama too.. Actually watch it because of eric but i find myself like lead oh hae young so much.. She is so adorable that i find myself wondering why people around her can't notice her more? 😏