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Monday, May 9, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 10 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 10 Recap by Ninja
Despite his latest quibble with Yu Tang, our hero still goes all out and brings in a chef from Japan to personally teach Yu Tang's father how to improve his little restaurant's menu. Sitting at Yu Tang's house, Wen Kai smiles when he gets a text from Yu Tang asking for some work advice. Mighty pleased as he mutters "You finally broke down and contacted me...", Wen Kai's smile quickly turns to a scowl as he reads Yu Tang's next text "I already talked to Zhi Yu and he thought it was a good idea, how about you?" 

While conversing with a client, Wen Kai laughs with mild embarrassment when the client pointedly encourages him to make his perfect secretary Elsa into his life long partner instead. Feeling awkward, Wen Kai apologizes to Elsa for placing her in such an uncomfortable situation then turns away to get back to work. Stopping dead in his track when Elsa suddenly puts her arms around him, Wen Kai listens quietly as Elsa confesses "Instead of being embarrassed when people say those things I have actually been secretly happy. I like you very much." 

Rushing on when Wen Kai tries to say something, Elsa continues "You don't have to say anything. If you like someone, a lot can be discerned just by their touch. I can tell, that your heart doesn't skip a beat for me." 
After assuring Wen Kai she is satisfied that he treats her like family, Elsa suddenly changes topic and asks Wen Kai when he is going to confesse his feelings to Yu Tang. Not too surprised when Wen Kai politely refuses to talk about Yu Tang, Elsa changes tactic and asks Wen Kai to have dinner with her instead. 

Leaving work, Elsa is uncharacteristically forward when she sees Zhi Yu standing in front of her company waiting for Yu Tang. Striking up a conversation with Zhi Yu, Elsa tells him that Yu Tang has a previous dinner engagement that night and asks him for a ride. 
Sitting alone as he waits to have dinner with Elsa, Wen Kai stares at Yu Tang in surprise when she shows up instead. Realizing that they were both tricked by Elsa, Wen Kai bids Yu Tang to sit down. 
Glad to finally have a chance to talk to Wen Kai, Yu Tang asks him point blank "I thought you came to the company to seek revenge on me but...(she lists all the things he has done for her thus far), it seems like you are helping me...protecting me?" Unfortunately, instead of jumping on the perfect chance to confess to Yu Tang, Wen Kai is more focused on the annoying hairband from Zhi Yu and demands "Why are you tying your hair up when I told you that your hair looks better down?!" Immensely frustrated that Wen Kai is still harping on her hairband, Yu Tang yells "Why are you like this?! I am asking you about A so why are you talking about Z?" Equally frustrated, Wen Kai insists "But A and Z are the same thing to me!" 
Fuming, Yu Tang demands "Ji Wen Kai! Today, I wanted to figure out what kind of relationship we have. I wanted to know what you really think! So why are you so focused if my hair is tied up or not?" Pausing as the thought suddenly hit her that Wen Kai is jealous of Zhi Yu, an even more furious Yu Tang throws the hairband on the table and declares "You knew what I was trying to ask but you purposefully avoided my question. Fine. Don't answer. I will not ask you ever again." 
Clueless that the date she worked so hard to set up for our two leads is going very badly, Elsa takes Zhi Yu to her favoirte place by the river and resolutely throws the bracelet Wen Kai gave her into the water. Turning to look at a rather puzzled Zhi Yu, Elsa tells him "No matter how much you like something if it's not meant to be then it's better to let it go while you still can." Clearly not taking the hint Elsa is giving him, Zhi Yu tells her that he doesn't believe giving up is always the best option. 
After a very eventful night for all four of our leads, any awkwardness that might've existed the next morning is chased away by an unexpected crisis. Calling an emergency meeting, a furious President Wang demands to know why he was not informed of the fact that his company's most prized cosmetic technology is being used on a such a cheap product as Mei Mei? Not appeased even when both Zhi Yu and Wen Kai tries to smooth his feathers, President Wang declares that there is no way he would approve the project between the two companies. 
Undaunted by the situation that threatens to wipe away all her hard work, Yu Tang stops Wen Kai and asks "I know up to this point you've been paving the way for me because I am such a newbie but on this matter I would like to solve it on my own." Dryly replying that he had no intention of helping her anyway, Wen Kai nonetheless follows Yu Tang to her department and personally encourages every member of Department Three one by one. 
Fired up by Wen Kai's encouragement and trust in them, every member of Department Three is determined to do all them can to change President Wang's mind...but unfortunately President Wang proves to be one stubborn man. 
Tired and hungry as she is stationed outside of President Wang's favorite spa, Yu Tang is pleasantly surprised to see that someone has brought her a bowl of omelet rice for dinner. Breaking out in a big smile when she finds a sticky note with the words "This is not from that Wang guy (Zhi Yu) so eat it with a thankful heart." on it, Yu Tang looks around happily for Wen Kai but he is determined to stay out of sight.

Waking up with a start after she dozed off, Yu Tang laughs as she finds a cup of coffee AND her favorite squid treat with yet another sticky note waiting for her. In a very obligating mood now, Yu Tang quickly agrees to go to Wen Kai's house the next morning to resume her cleaning when Wen Kai sends her a text to rescind his previous order that she can never show up at his place again. 
Sighing with resignation the next morning when she shows up at Wen Kai's house to find more sticky notes waiting for her, Yu Tang somehow was able to retain her accommodating mood even as Wen Kai finds one of her hair on the ground and tells her that the only way she is allowed to restrain her hair is with the hairband he has left on the kitchen counter for her.

Picking up the familiar looking box, Yu Tang stares at the hairband inside as the puzzle of why Wen Kai had been so grumpy lately finally starts to make sense. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Hoot! Hoot! According to the preview it sure looks like we will finally get a kiss! I have been so spoiled by T-drama recently, I am really not used to leads that haven't at least "accidentally" kissed by the first five episodes so this really feels like "Finally!". 
 Well, this week's episode officially crowns Elsa as the perfect female second lead all around. One can't but applaud Elsa's wisdom in allowing herself to put an end to her crush by confessing her feelings but then also take the extra step in helping the two leads in her own way. 

The interesting thing is that in a lot of ways Elsa and Zhi Yu are very much alike, but instead of choosing to see the writing on the wall Zhi Yu holds onto the belief that he can somehow change Yu Tang's mind. It makes me wonder if Elsa's rather sad family background has forced her to learn the art of letting go while Zhi Yu's privileged upbringing has instilled in him the belief that he can eventually get what he desires if he just works hard at it. I guess neither approach is necessarily right or wrong. In a different drama, Zhi Yu might've been the hero and get the girl in the end...just not in this one though... 

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  1. the penny is slowly dropping for yu tang, this woman is too dense, the clues are all there yet she really cant see whats in front of her lovely face, poor wen kai is still traumatised from their teenage misunderstanding, he is so afraid to confess. yu tang should be brave and tell him that zhu zi doesnt stand a chance and has no place in her heart unlike himself whom she loved, liked respected and thought highly of in their youth.