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Monday, May 16, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 11 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 11 Recap by Ninja
Breaking out in a small smile when he was finally able to see Yu Tang wear the hairband he got her instead of the offending present from Zhi Yu, Wen Kai quickly hides his satisfaction the moment Yu Tang looks over. 
Pleased by Wen Kai's gift, Yu Tang's good mood is short livid however, since our hero insists on hiding all of his good intention by putting up his annoying bossy facade...such as giving Yu Tang a sticky note with a reminder that "the cleaning lady must text when she safely arrives home."

Things have gone from bad to desperate for Department Three with President Wang getting ready to leave the country on a two week anniversary vacation with his wife. Calling all hands on deck, every member of Department Three stations themselves at President Wang's favorite spa in order to give Yu Tang one last chance to talk to him. Thanks to all of her co-workers valiant effort in literally throwing themselves at President Wang's security guards so she can barge into the men's shower room, Yu Tang finally convinces President Wang to have dinner with her.
Exasperated by Yu Tang's relentless spirit but impressed by it at the same time, President Wang calls his son over to the restaurant and freely declares that he would be pleased to have Yu Tang as his daughter-in-law.

His confidence bolstered up by his father's words, Zhi Yu decides to confess to Yu Tang that very night when he takes her home. Eager to assure Yu Tang that he is sincere about his confession when she awkwardly suggests that President Wang was only joking about wanting her to be his daughter-in-law, Zhi Yu reaches for her hand...
only to be rudely but oh! so beautifully interrupted when Wen Kai suddenly shows up and drags Yu Tang off with a mere "I need to talk to her right now!"
Getting angrier by the second as she is dragged off by Wen Kai, Yu Tang forcefully pulls her hand away and yells at Wen Kai for doing whatever he wants without even asking her. Furious when Wen Kai suddenly grabs her chin in his hand, Yu Tang is about to yell some more but she is silenced quite effectively when our hero plants a kiss on her.
Dazed by the kiss, Yu Tang can only mutter a confused "Ehe?" when Wen Kai whispers "All of above." Staring at Yu Tang intently, Wen Kai explains "Didn't you ask me if my intention towards you was for revenge? Or to take care of you? Or to protect you? My answer is all of above because I like you."
Her eyes fluttering close as Wen Kai leans in for another kiss, Yu Tang suddenly jerks back and says "I think...we should both cool down a bit." Uncharacteristically flustered, Wen Kai quickly agrees and proceeds to walk off to the wrong direction towards home. Equally disoriented, Yu Tang realizes belatedly that she too is heading off to the wrong direction and turns around to smile at an equally sheepish Wen Kai.
Beset with doubt once she gets home wondering if she hurt Wen Kai's pride, Yu Tang stares at her silent phone with dismay. Forced to admit that she was the one that pushed Wen Kai away first, Yu Tang decides to take the initiative to text Wen Kai and asks if she should go over the next morning to clean his house.

Smiling with pleasure as he stares Yu Tang's text, Wen Kai is about to reply but is interrupted when he receives a text from Elsa informing about his client's plan to go to Russia.
Russia is where President Wang is going as well. Judging by Wen Kai's expression and a few more hints dropped later it looks like President Wang might have a backup plan for his company despite his promise to Yu Tang that he will think about the joint venture with her company. 
Jumping out of bed after a sleepless night of waiting for Wen Kai's return text that never came, a very uncertain Yu Tang starts to head for Wen Kai's house but is pleasantly surprised when our hero shows up to take her to breakfast instead.

Dismayed when Wen Kai tells her over breakfast that he doesn't want her to come clean his house anymore, Yu Tang protests and asks for a reason. Not mincing words, Wen Kai replies "Because I want you to be my girlfriend." Looking at Yu Tang's stunned expression after his announcement of "I am the general and you are the solider so you have to listen me. You are my girlfriend now.", Wen Kai suddenly wonders if maybe he is coming off too heavy handed.

Feeling obligated she should protest somehow, Yu Tang mutters to herself "but how should I reject him when I too feel..." Assured by Yu Tang's very audible self mutterings, a smiling Wen Kai reminds our embarrassed heroine that she has said what she was thinking out loud then declares once again "We are now a couple who is dating each other with the most sincere intentions. If possible, my wish is for us to be together forever."
Mildly abashed when Elsa takes one look at the red race car on his shelf and guessed it was from Yu Tang, Wen Kai thank his secretary for giving him the courage to finally admit his feelings. Excusing herself after offering Wen Kai her heartfelt congratulation, Elsa allows herself a moment of pain as she closes the office door.
Overjoyed when she receives a text from Zhi Yu informing her that he has chased his father all the way to Russia and successfully convinced him to put their project back on track, Yu Tang's excitement wanes a bit when Zhi Yu promises to finish their interrupted conversation the moment he gets back into the country.

Despite being thrilled by the news that their crisis has been averted, Yu Tang's co-workers are much more intrigued by her sudden blooming countenance and wants to know what...or whom is the cause of her good mood.
Volunteering to cook for Wen Kai herself to celebrate their first day as a couple, Yu Tang accidentally cuts herself with a knife and has the pleasure of watching Wen Kai fussing all over her while declaring "Good thing the wound is not too bad or I won't let you go into the kitchen for the rest of our lives."

Still trying to get used to her newly acquired status of having a boyfriend, Yu Tang pleas with Wen Kai to keep their relationship low key especially in front of their co-workers. At first reluctant but eventually relenting once Yu Tang brings up the amount of speculation that would follow her due to their difference in status, Wen Kai agrees to go along with Yu Tang's wish...with the caveat that they would tell her family soon.
All the nuts and bots of their "relationship engagement" settled for the time being, Wen Kai leans in for more kisses...and this time our heroine has no thoughts of stopping him.
Jerked awake the next morning by her younger brother yelling for her help, Yu Tang stumbles downstairs to find her family's little restaurant packed to full capacity.
Amazed when her father tells her that Wen Kai had paid handsomely for a chef to come all the way from Italy to teach him how to cook, Yu Tang turns to Wen Kai with amazement and thank him sincerely for everything he has done for her. Yelling with excitement when he spies Wen Kai's hand on his sister's, Yu Tang's little brother turns to an equally pleased Daddy Zhong and says "I knew it! I knew Wen Kai is my older sister's boyfriend!"
With misty eyes, Daddy Zhong tells Wen Kai that he has always been Mama Zhong's favorite so she would be very happy about the two of them dating. The celebrating mood turning to one of sadness as everyone's thoughts turn to the long deceased Mama Zhong, Wen Kai looks up in dismay when he finds out that Yu Tang's mother had passed away while she was out on a trip to buy brown eggs. Thinking back to the memory of Mama Zhong promising to make him a special omelet with brown eggs after she plead with him to patch things up with Yu Tang, Wen Kai thinks to himself "It's because of me." 

Ninja's Thoughts
Awe, poor Zhi Yu. As much as I really think he should've caught the hint that Yu Tang is just not into him, I do feel pretty bad that his confession was cut off so abruptly. Of course it's going to be that much worse once he gets home from Russia to find out Yu Tang has already become someone else's girlfriend while he was gone. 
I was pretty surprised by how quickly our two leads confirmed their relationship. Now, it was awesome to have our hero finally say what he feels for once but I really thought it would take at least another episode or two before they would become a couple.  

I also LOVE the change of attitude in Wen Kai now that Yu Tang is his girlfriend. It's like he can finally allow himself to do and say all the things he've wanted to for so long once he no longer has to use a disgruntled mask to hide his feelings. 

My favorite scene in this episode: Indecisive as she holds a bag of carrot and a bag of green peppers in each hand, Yu Tang asks Wen Kai "Which one would you choose?" Skipping over both choices, Wen Kai taps Yu Tang on the forehead and replies "I choose this one." 

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  2. But wait. Is there going to noble idiocy now? Is he going to feel guilt because he believes that the mom's death is his fault? Is that what is going to be used to break up this couple? They are together and it's only ep 11. I would love it if they were a couple that fought together to ring team #3 back to the top, but I have always been disappointed when I wish for such a thing.

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