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Monday, May 23, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 12 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 12 Recap by Ninja
His heart heavy after realizing Mama Zhong passed away while out buying groceries to make a special meal for him, Wen Kai thinks back to his last conversation with Yu Tang's mother. Clueless about Mama Zhong's illness, Wen Kai listens quietly as she worries about Yu Tang's perfectionist personality and asks Wen Kai to take care of Yu Tang for her. Overjoyed when she finally exacts a promise from Wen Kai, Mama Zhong eagerly invites Wen Kai over for dinner and promises to make her special omelet for him. 

Putting aside her own melancholy feeling after spending the day thinking about her mother, Yu Tang calls Wen Kai to check on him. Bidding Yu Tang goodnight after assuring her that nothing is wrong, Wen Kai hangs up the phone and sighs "Silly girl. You are obviously sad but you are still taking the time to worry about other people." Meanwhile, not fool by Wen Kai's answer, Yu Tang sits in her room and mutters "Ji Wen Kai. You are hiding words again aren't you? What is it? Can't you tell me?" 
Surprised when she walks out of a restaurant after having dinner with her best friend to find Wen Kai waiting for her, Yu Tang looks at her new boyfriend with a bemused expression when her BFF happily brings up the fact that Wen Kai supposedly had a crush on her during their school days. Laughing as Wen Kai vehemently promises that he has never liked her friend, Yu Tang assures Wen Kai that she believes him. 

In a great mood as she strolls with Wen Kai, Yu Tang confesses she had been worrying that her happiness lately seemed unreal but after a talk with her best friend she decides to simply be thankful for what she has right now. 
Bubbling with gratitude for everything Wen Kai had done for her, Yu Tang sincerely thank Wen Kai for allowing her to meet him again after ten years. Cupping Yu Tang's face after she plants a kiss on him, Wen Kai whispers in reply "I am very thankful to you too, that I can meet you again." then leans in for a very tender kiss. 
Sitting at home that night, Wen Kai stares at Yu Tang's picture on his phone and says "I promised Mama Zhong that when I have the ability I will protect you and take care of you. Now that I have the ability. Zhong Yu Tang. Don't worry, I will always be right next to you." 
Having worked tirelessly to make Mei Mei soap a success, every member of Department Three is puzzled when their sales number remains dismal especially after a number of stores start to cancel their previously agreed orders. Shocked when Wen Kai informed them that another company has outright copied all of Mei Mei's contract terms, Yu Tang and her co-workers quickly realize they must have a mole within the company. 
Interestingly, while Yu Tang is busy discussing with her co-workers who in the company (outside of Department Three) might be the mole, Wen Kai turns his gaze on the surveillance camera with a thoughtful expression. 
Mildly surprised when Wen Kai simply cheered Department Three on to overcome their latest obstacle without doing anything more, Elsa asks "Aren't you going to help them this time?" Confident that Yu Tang and her co-workers will be able to surprise him with their out of box thinking, Wen Kai seems more intrigued by who the mole possibly could be. 
Proving their resiliency even after yet another set back, Yu Tang and her co-workers quickly come up with another promotion plan when Yu Tang suggests that they could pretend to be ordinary shoppers who likes Mei Mei to increase the public's awareness of the soap. Their mind settled once they figured out a battle plan, Yu Tang's co-workers turn their attention on Yu Tang's accidental slip where she almost said Wen Kai's name. Knowing full well who Yu Tang is dating, Manager Cai jumps to Yu Tang's defense and distracts her subordinates while she sends Yu Tang off to Wen Kai's office. 
Rushing into Wen Kai's office while calling his name in a familiar manner, Yu Tang blushes when she sees Elsa there as well and becomes even more embarrassed when Elsa congratulates her on their new relationship status. 

Her thoughts completely on work, Yu Tang looks at Wen Kai with puzzlement when she finds out that he had summoned her just to ask her out for coffee. Missing ALL of the clues Wen Kai tries to give her, Yu Tang firmly turns the coffee invitation down and reminds Wen Kai to keep their private life and work separate. 

Amused by the whole interaction as she watches from the sideline, Elsa asks Wen Kai with laughter in her voice once Yu Tang leaves "So what is having coffee suppose to stand for?" Frustrated and amused at the same time, Wen Kai sighs "If only she is half as quick as you!" then admits that having coffee was suppose to be their code word for going home together after work. 

Yu Tang does eventually remember belatedly her own code word she had set up with Wen Kai but by then Wen Kai already has a dinner appointment with an owner of a manufacture plant. 
Quite impressed by Wen Kai's personable manner, the famously unyielding manufacturing plant owner, A Hui quickly declares Wen Kai to be his friend over a round of drinks. I am assuming this is a set up for later episodes so that's why I made a special mention of it. 

Meanwhile, left on her lonesome, Yu Tang is having dinner with her best friend Heidi and is busy assuring her BFF that Elsa is not the kind of woman to steal someone's boyfriend. Frustrated at Yu Tang's apparent naivete, Heidi insists that Yu Tang calls Wen Kai for a check up and is somewhat satisfied when Wen Kai is obviously out on business dinner. 
Pulling out every trick in the bag, Yu Tang and her co-workers put their battle plan into action and is pleased to see some small success. 

However, things hit a snag when in the middle of doing a practice filming for their new promotional video Yu Tang's co-worker accidentally puts the video on the web. 
Hanging their head in shame when the whole department is called into Wen Kai's office, Yu Tang and her co-worker listen with resignation as Wen Kai coldly criticizes their overconfidence in thinking they could fool the public into believing a guy with a bad makeup and even worse English could really be an actual Mei Mei customer from over overseas. 

Ready to accept whatever punishment, Yu Tang and her co-workers look up in surprise when Wen Kai's severe tone suddenly changed as he smilingly tells them "But you guys lucked out this time. Check your phone." 

As it turned out, instead of being taken as a false advertisement the video has gone viral with almost everyone thinking of it as a cleaver spoof. Their promotional video a roaring success, Department Three is soon busily trying to keep up with the overwhelming demand for their soap. 
Eager to celebrate their success, the whole Department Three agrees to go on an outing together and eyes Yu Tang with suspicion when she hesitantly informs them that she probably can't go. Blushing as all of her co-workers demand to know if she is going on a date with a certain mysterious boyfriend, Yu Tang protests that she is simply needed at home to help out with the restaurant. 

Definitely not helping out at home on a sunny Saturday afternoon but strolling around with Wen Kai instead, Yu Tang pleads for his understanding again when Wen Kai expresses her puzzlement at her desire to hide their relationship from her co-workers. Reluctantly agreeing to Yu Tang's request that they keep their relationship low key until she can prove herself fully at work, Wen Kai goes off to buy an ice cream for Yu Tang...and runs right into Yu Tang's co-workers. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Well...looks like I was completely wrong last week. I thought for sure Zhi Yu's dad would be the source of Department Three's trouble but all the clues seem to be pointing to a mole inside the company. 
I was also pretty surprised that Zhi Yu was no where to be seen in this episode. Is it realistic for the male second lead to be so...so...slow in creating trouble for our hero?? Oh, well. I am not missing Zhi Yu by any means, I am always one for more sweet scenes. 
To be honest I am feeling a bit of apprehension about where the plot is heading. We still have eight episodes to go but no major conflict seem to be insight ...but then there are plenty of hints from both of our leads that there might come a time when our hero's promise to protect the heroine will be challenged. 
So what is coming?? Elsa seems to have moved on, Zhi Yu doesn't look like the type to hang around once Yu Tang can clearly express her disinterest and it would be kinda tiresome for the writer to keep using work as the conflict point...so what's left? 


  1. 1. He promised her mom something which will compromise the dating scheme later because he can't quite fulfill it while he's dating.

    2. Noble idiocy. The brown eggs incident will come to light.

    3. Mei Mei's success is somehow hindered by their dating. So for example Zhi Yu's Dad wants her to marry him in exchange for a boost.

    4. He loses his position as CEO and there is a power flip.

    5. She's so successful, she leaves the company/is offered a grand opportunity and Wen Kai can't stop her.

    There still is also the exposure of their relationship out in the open to the entire company/bullying. Also, if desperate, the person who ran Yu Tang's mother over. And also Wen Kai's parents/family.

    But they seem to be playing for slice of life, so it might be smaller movements and things instead.

  2. I was really enjoying the series, but the blackface and anti-black sentiment ("mei mei makes the skin white!") grossed me out tbh...

  3. I agree. I too, enjoyed the series until the negative connotation of painting the skin black. If they wanted to include someone of color, they could have hired an African American actor or person of African decent to play a more lighter point of the soap being universally used; regardless of the skin type. It was highly offensive and disrespectful of my culture,