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Monday, May 30, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 13

Refresh Man Episode 13 by Ninja
In spite of our two leads' valiant effort to keep their romance under wraps, they are caught red handed when the whole Department 2 catches them right in the middle of a date. 

Eager to hear how Yu Tang's romance with Wen Kai came about, all of Yu Tang's co-workers yelp in excitement when she accidentally let it slip that they have already kissed. Looking at everyone's expectant faces, Wen Kai finally takes one for the team and reveals that he has known Yu Tang for a long long time. 
Surprised to find out that Yu Tang is actually high school classmates with Wen Kai, Yu Tang's co-workers give a collective dreamy sigh when Wen Kai further admits that he has only ever had eyes for Yu Tang ever since their school days
Resigned to the fact that her whole department is in on her secret, Yu Tang nonetheless still insists that she and Wen Kai keep their romance undercover from the rest of the company for as long as possible. 

Surprisingly calm when he sees Yu Tang distressing over a text from Zhi Yu asking for a chance to confess his feelings to her in person, Wen Kai simply makes sure Yu Tang is wearing HIS hairband and encourages her to face the unavoidable. 
Coming back to the country triumphantly after his very fruitful trip overseas with his father, Zhi Yu preens under Wen Kai's speculative gaze as he admits that he has officially taken over his father's company. 

Zhi Yu gives a long and self aggrandizing speech about his ascension to power. This is also our (at least mine) first indication that Zhi Yu is not as harmless as he looks. 
Hoping that his recent good fortune in his professional life would carry into his love life as well, Zhi Yu's heart falls when he notices that Yu Tang is not using the hairband he gave her. 

Already prepared when his big confession is answered by an apologetic rejection from Yu Tang, Zhi Yu gives a sad smile as Yu Tang admits that she is indeed dating Wen Kai. Not hiding his disappointment but still putting on a smile, Zhi Yu promises Yu Tang to keep her new romance a secret and even gives her a standing job offer if she ever wants to change company. A bit confused by Zhi Yu's job offer and apparent desire to keep being "friends" even after her rejection, Yu Tang agrees to Zhi Yu's request to help him pick out a retirement gift for someone he knows in a couple days. 
Called back to the company urgently when Wen Kai suddenly summons Department One and Three for a joint meeting, Yu Tang and her co-workers are shocked once Wen Kai reveals that a member of Department One was caught on the surveillance camera stealing Department Three's document then sending the information to their company's competitor. 

Knowing full well that Team leader Jia (of Department One) was the real one behind the information leek, Wen Kai stays silent as he watches the man blames everything on his subordinate. Puzzled by Wen Kai's silence but trusting his judgement nonetheless, everyone at the Department Three decides to not worry about the matter but focus on their task at hand. 
Forced to admit Team Leader Jia's jeering prediction that their Mei Mei soap sale has already peaked is indeed happening, Yu Tang and her co-workers seem to be stuck in their dilemma. Turning to Jia Yin in amazement when she announces her recent private meeting with Wen Kai where he gave her the task of going overseas to open new markets for Mei Mei, everyone collectively agrees that Jia Yin is indeed the best candidate for this important mission. 

I am assuming Wen Kai had something to do with Jia Yin's ex also getting sent to Singapore by his work so she could take her baby there with her mind at ease. At least I am hoping he did...or else this whole thing would be too unrealistic. 
Accompanying Yu Tang the next morning to her mother's grave for Mama Zhong's birthday, Wen Kai comforts a crying Yu Tang as he himself remembers back to his last meeting with Mama Zhong. 

Taking Wen Kai to the location where she found her mother unconscious, Yu Tang slowly recounts the shock and the guilt she has felt all these years wondering if she could've saved her mother if she had simply insisted on going to buy those brown eggs for Mama Zhong. 
The words bubbling up inside him as he looks at Yu Tang's heartbroken expression, Wen Kai starts to tell Yu Tang about that fateful day and explain why her mother was going out to buy those dang brown eggs, but had to give up when Yu Tang asks him to not talk about the incident anymore. Interesting...I wonder if Yu Tang actually already suspected the truth. 

Breaking in a teary smile as Wen Kai promises to stay by her side, Yu Tang suddenly changes the subject and asks "I actually have one thing that has been weighing on me for a long time... Why did you disappear ten years ago?" 

Ninja's Thoughts 
Wow, I guess that's the end to the harmless prince charming?! Up to this point Zhi Yu has been your perfect second male lead who really seemed like the type that would either give up gracefully OR keeps loving the heroine from afar just to make sure she is happy. But what's this? It is starting to look like our prince charming is not so...charming after all but one who is quite skilled at destroying everything standing in his path of obtaining what he wants?? 

It's intriguing that the writer seem to be setting Elsa up as someone who will see through Zhi Yu's mask so maybe we might get a romance there...or is Elsa just going to get rid of Zhi Yu for our leads? 
The pacing of the story for the last two weeks feel a bit slower and the plot is starting to recycle between Yu Tang's department in crisis then it being solved thanks to some behind the scene help from Wen Kai but still, I guess I am just easy to please because I don't seem to mind too much as long as the writer throws enough cute scenes of our two leads to keep me smiling. 

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