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Monday, May 2, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 9 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 9 Recap By Ninja
Sigh! Sadly our heroine's drunken declaration of her intention to "eat" Wen Kai doesn't result in a kiss since she passed out right before anything exciting could happen. However, at least we were given a flash back that clues us in to what Wen Kai's other reason might be for taking care of Yu Tang.

Flash Back: Sobbing over the sudden unexpected death of her mother, Yu Tang looks up when Wen Kai appears and complains through her tears "You are finally willing to show yourself..." (So I am assuming this is after the incident at the school office and when Wen Kai ignored Yu Tang after her "He is not worthy to be my friend" speech.)

Tearing up as he listens to the sobbing of a heartbroken Yu Tang in his arms, Wen Kai promises silently "I promised your mother to take care of you, so wait for my return."
Confused and stunned when she wakes up the next morning to find herself on top of Wen Kai, Yu Tang is flustered...especially when she looks down to find Wen Kai looking right at her. Smiling to himself as he watches a thoroughly embarrassed Yu Tang leaving his house, Wen Kai is pleasantly surprised when he opens the bag Yu Tang left him and finds a red toy race car.
Arriving at work to find Zhi Yu already there with breakfast for the whole department, Yu Tang smiles with appreciation. Apparently ready to reveal his feelings for all to see, Zhi Yu shyly explains to Yu Tang's co-workers "I see you guys as friends since all of you are like families to Yu Tang." Unfortunately for Zhi Yu's "sort of" confession, Yu Tang is soon distracted by Wen Kai's texts and his reminder of the night before.
Unlike Yu Tang's co-workers who seem quite happy to see Zhi Yu hanging around, Manager Cai is not pleased at all and actually asks Wen Kai right out if he and Yu Tang has kissed yet. Nodding with a knowing smile when Wen Kai could only stare at her with embarrassment, Manager Cai warns "The soothsayer already told me that you guys will kiss within the month, but you have to be careful of Wang Zhi Yu." 
Seemingly proving Manger Cai's warning, Wen Kai forces himself to be patient when one phone call from Zhi Yu changes Yu Tang's plan to go to his house that evening. Sitting in his house by his lonesome, Wen Kai crunch up a package of instant noodle as he tries to distract himself from thinking about who Yu Tang is with.

The instant noodle's brand sounds a bit like Zhi Yu's name so that's why this particular scene is funny. From this point on whenever Wen Kai says Zhi Yu's name he says Wang Zhi Noodle. 
Valiantly waiting until he can't handle it anymore, Wen Kai first texts then calls Yu Tang to make sure she is home safe. Surprised but glad to know Wen Kai's concern for her, Yu Tang starts to wonder why Wen Kai is acting so out of character. 
Yu Tang's little seed of suspicion that she has been too shy to admit even to herself soon becomes a full on typhoon in her head that refuses to be ignored when Madam Luo (YOURS' CEO's wife) pointedly informs her that Wen Kai is the one that has been secretly paving the way for her.

Stunned to find out that Wen Kai actually complimented her in front of Madam Luo, Yu Tang starts to think of all the ways Wen Kai has shown how deeply he cares about her
Excusing herself momentarily from a lunch gathering all paid for by Zhi Yu to pick up a phone call from Wen Kai, Yu Tang wanted to ask him about his feelings towards her but stops herself at the last minute.

Even more confused when Wen Kai chided her that she should've inform him first before going out to lunch with Zhi Yu, Yu Tang can't figure out why Wen Kai would say such a thing. 
Walking in to the break room to find an obviously distraught Yu Tang, Elsa volunteers to be a listener and promises to keep Yu Tang's secret. Desperate in need of some girl talk to figure out the confusion in her head, Yu Tang asks Elsa "So...if there is this person who always pick on you but then he helps you in secret, compliments you...and even buys your favorite food for you. Not only does he want you to report your schedule to him but he also voluntarily tells you his schedule... What is this guy trying to do?"

Hiding a sad smile, Elsa answers Yu Tang "The answer is already very obvious. This person likes you." Her disbelieving expression turning to awe as she listens to Elsa listing off all the symptoms of liking someone, a rather stunned Yu Tang realizes that she and Wen Kai's fit all of Elsa's descriptions.
Busy cooking a full table of dinner for Yu Tang in his kitchen, Wen Kai's smiling face turns to a scowl when he looks out the window to see Yu Tang showing up in Zhi Yu's car. Trying to control his anger as he watches Zhi Yu awkwardly trying to give Yu Tang a hairband as a gift, Wen Kai turns away from the window as he reminds himself to not come off petty in front of Yu Tang. 
Despite Wen Kai's determination to not let a pesky Wang Zhi Noodle disrupts his dinner with Yu Tang, Wen Kai finally loses his temper when Yu Tang keeps up bringing Zhi Yu's name THEN puts on the hairband right in front of him. 

Clueless that Wen Kai had actually bought a hairband for her as well, Yu Tang loses her own temper when Wen Kai keeps on criticizing her hair. 
Sitting in their respective room wondering the best way to write an apology text to the other person, both of our leads are too filled with self doubt to actually press the send button. Still puzzling over how her hair suddenly became so offensive to Wen Kai, Yu Tang stares at the hairband from Zhi Yu and finally mutters in disbelief "Was he jealous?!" 
Sitting outside of Yu Tang's house bright and early the next morning with a box of breakfast, Wen Kai sneers in frustration when he sees Zhi Yu waiting once again for Yu Tang. 

Politely assuring Zhi Yu he really doesn't have to come pick her up for work, Yu Tang pauses suddenly when she looks up to see Wen Kai driving away.

Ninja's Thoughts
Awe, silly kids. Is it really THAT difficult to admit you like each other? 
Based on the preview for next week it looks like at last Elsa is ready to declare her own feelings...and force Wen Kai to admit his at the same time. 

Poor Elsa, the writer sure has made her the perfect female second lead that you just can't help but hope that she could get her own happy ending as well. I normally would've voted for Zhi Yu but up to this point he still seem rather bland and all around too boring. 
Soooo, I am a little confused. Judging from all the signs it really seems like Wen Kai is fully aware of his feelings towards Yu Tang BUT then the writer keeps giving us little clues that suggests maybe Wen Kai hasn't made up his mind to pursue Yu Tang yet. For example, Wen Kai's best friend had reminded him about the whole high school incident that Yu Tang believes to be the reason that drove them apart but our hero had replied "Some things should stay in the past and be allowed to remain a memory." What does THAT mean?? Is our hero in denial and think that his crush on Yu Tang should just remain a good high school memory??


  1. When Wen Kai came back I don't think his initial plan was to date her. He said he promised her mom to care for her. He came back and has been helping her with her work.He went away to build himself up so he could be in a position to take care of her. That has been his plan since the first episode. He is trying to push her into a successful career. We all know that feelings are not simple, he probably had thought that after all this time he had set aside his feelings for her but after seeing her and spending time with her that has reignited those feelings. He wants her but at the same time is unsure because to his knowledge she didn't like him in high school, he probably took her speech at face value and her actions towards him were not the nicest. If he was aware of her feelings I don't think he would be so hesitant. Although if they do decide to date it would seem strange that he's pushing his girlfriends career forward so much. It may cause bad rumors in the company.

  2. Does anyone know the name of the song played during the drama at 28:00? The english subtitles shows up as"It is not dubious or heartskips, chocolate or mood. Weave a scarf, give a cake, blushing and laughing in secret."

  3. for what i got after watching this episode, i think Wen Kai words "Some things should stay in the past and be allowed to remain a memory." is oppositely about Yu Tang's hurting words that she spoke to her long time ago..
    I think that sentence is wanna tell us that Wen Kai is not mind about that hurting words again, when Yu Tang said that he is not worth as her friend. That's what i think though haha..