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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Better Man Episode 1-6 First Impression

Taiwanese Drama: Better Man (我的極品男友)
Airs: Daily 
Leads: Yin Yo Wei, Huang Teng Hao, Jolin Chien

Synopsis: Extremely attentive to their grandmother, the three brothers would be perfect grandsons if they would just be willing to settle down with a girl. Quite skilled in averting every attempt their grandmother tries to marry them off, the three brothers' calm and predicable lives suddenly veer off into unfamiliar territory when three very different women show up.

General Plot Overview
The story will obviously follow the three brothers' romance so the plot should be pretty evenly divided...even if the show will take turn focusing on different brothers. By the way, the brothers all work in their family's company, but the company has various different arms so each of the male leads is actually in quite different fields. (Oldest brother is in food. 2nd oldest, in the entertainment field. The youngest is in building supplies.) 
Oldest brother: 40 year old Yang Zhen Wei. We haven't seen a whole lot of progress on this couple yet but the 22 year old female lead (Yi Xin) has already confessed her long time crush to Zhen Wei...and was promptly turned down. 

Seven years ago, Zhen Wei had saved the then 15 year old Yi Xin from drowning and since then Yi Xin has been harboring a crush on Zhen Wei despite knowing that he probably only sees her as a little sister. Forever the mature one that can be counted on to do the right thing, Zhen Wei's gentle manner attracts plenty of girls but he seems to be harboring a heart ache over a past love. 

Zhen We will obviously eventually falls for the very young but passionate Yi Xin. However, as one who is used to hiding everything he feels, it will be a long road before Zhen Wei can overcome his hang up on the big age difference.  
2nd Oldest: 33 year old Yang Zhen Hao. A rather stoic person who doesn't seem to bend no matter what, Zhen Hao meets his love interest Yi An (who is actually Yi Xin's older sister) while running a fitness camp. Treating his duty as a trainer very seriously, Zhen Hao's strictness caused Yi An to suffer greatly due to her severe lack of ability in physical sports. Surprised once he finds out that Yi An is the good Samaritan that his grandmother has been searching high and low for, Zhen Hao tries to be nicer to Yi An. Impressed by Yi Xin's willingness to work hard despite her lack of talent, Zhen Hao finds himself starting to do things he has never done before just to help her. 
At first offended when Zhen Hao resorted to kissing her under water with the lame reason that he was merely trying to help her pass the physical training test, Yi An eventually acknowledges that Zhen Hao is not the kind of man to lie. Discovering Zhen Hao's considerate side the more he tries to be nice to her in his own awkward manner, Yi An's awful first impression of Zhen Hao slowly starts to change for the better.  

This particular couple is one the show is focusing on right now so their romance is is a lot further along then the other two couples. 
Youngest Brother: Yang Zhen Kai, 28 years old. A perfectionist who demands exactness at work Zhen Kai's love interest is his secretary, the 29 year old You Zhen that his father as assigned to him as a guide in his new position as the CEO. 

Getting off the wrong foot right from the start when You Zhen mistakenly thought Zhen Kai is the elevator pervert that groped her, things between the two becomes even worse once Zhen Kai comes to the false conclusion that You Zhen is having an affair with a much older man. 

By the end of episode 6, You Zhen was so frustrated with Zhen Kai that she handed in her resignation but I am assuming she will eventually go back to work.

Ninja's First Impression
The first three episodes were sort of slow because there were so many characters to set up. To be fair, the show cut down a lot of confusion by focusing on the second brother's story first so the audience had time to get to know the other leads later. By episode 6 the relationship between the three couples are more or less set up and it is definitely getting a lot more interesting. 

As I have said before in the Friday Drama Round Up, I don't think Better Man is trying to blaze any new path in the T-daily field so the plot is certainly quite predicable BUT sometimes predicable story has the charm of its own and I am really hoping this show will end up being just that. 
I do feel like the male leads' characters are a bit of a pigeon hole stereotypes but thus far the paring of different personalities has been well done which also makes the contrast of the brothers' romance that much more intriguing. 

Anyhow, as a T-daily first impression goes, Better Man is looking quite promising and I am putting this one on my watch list for now. 

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  1. Hi Ninja, as you mentioned this drama in last friday's round up I managed to watch it on Viki. Enjoying it so far, I believe Hao is starting to really be impress with Yi An personality deminure, ethos and he is very aware of her, he is a no nonsense kinda guy, but is slowly gonna change his stoic mannerism because of her. Kai is full of prejudice and thinks he is right all the time, morally he hates being accused of being a pervert yet he is quick to judge You Zhen of being a mistress, he is fastinated and frustrated by her since she flipped him from the elevator, subsequently finding out that she had mini op, yet unwilling to let by gones be by gones and not able trust in his father choice of secretary for him no believing his brothers assurance that Yz is amzing person. i can see that the eldest brother will have that clingy bratty female work colleague as an obstacle to his love with Yi Xi. Grandma is great so glad she is a good match maker and can see that ordinary girls are perfect for her grandsons and not harping on about rich girls, loved it that he willing to accept especially like that she finds excuses to help each of her grandsons further interact with each of the potential other half. love the brotherly love of all three brothers and how the eldest always pacify grandma first and the youngest can see right through her scheming match making ways and tries hard to resist. Middle brother is more considerate and flexible in doing grandma's bidding, loving his romance journey so far. underwater lip lock great stuff, acting as protector/hero even better, understanding and gentle even though his outer facade is tough man. hope it stays good hope you continue to reflect on it too .

  2. I just discovered this show and have really enjoyed it so far. True, this T drama probably won't be ground breaking but every couple has sizzling chemistry. The grandma is so loveable. It's a lot of fun too watch so I'm looking forward to this drama!

  3. I just discovered this show and have really enjoyed it so far. True, this T drama probably won't be ground breaking but every couple has sizzling chemistry. The grandma is so loveable. It's a lot of fun too watch so I'm looking forward to this drama!