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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Better Man Episode 7-10 Recap

Better Man Episode 7-10 Recap by Ninja
Yang Zhen Wei (Oldest Son)
We find out quite a bit more about Zhen Wei's ex-girlfriend Yu Wei in episode 7. The girl that obviously harbors a crush on Zhen Wei at his work turns out to be Yu Wei's younger sister.

Bringing a bouquet of Yu Wei's favorite sun flowers to her resting place on her birthday, the clueless Zhen Wei agrees readily when Yu Chen (Yu Wei's sister) suggests that her sister told her in a dream that she wants Zhen Wei to take care of Yu Chen. Yu Chen's expression darkens a bit when Zhen Wei assures her that she will always be his special little sister but smiles brightly again once she exacts a promise that Zhen Wei will always miss and love her sister. It is clear from the two's conversation that despite knowing full well that her sister's fervent wish is for Zhen Wei to be happy, Yu Chen would really rather Zhen Wei live a lonely life missing her sister...and by her side. 

Thanks to Grandma Yang's help, Yi Xin gets her dream job of working along side her long time crush Zhen Wei. Eager for any chance to be helpful to her crush, Yi Xin tries to take down a framed unfinished puzzle on the wall but ends up dropping it on the floor. Rushing out to see his cherished puzzle in pieces, the perpetually gentle Zhen Wei yells at Yi Xin for the first time.

Already dejected, Yi Xin becomes even more devastated when Yu Chen informs her that the puzzle was a symbol of love between Zhen Wei and her sister.
Staring at the puzzle pieces in front of him, Zhen Wei listens quietly as his younger brother tells him that it's time to stop mourning Yu Wei's passing and find a new romance. Assuring Zhen Hao that he has gotten used to being single in the last eight years, Zhen Wei doesn't seemed to be moved by his brother's urging.
Living in fear that her crush will dislike her now, Yi Xin begs for Zhen Wei's forgiveness the very first chance she sees him. Breaking into a smile as he looks down at Yi Xin who is kneeling at his feet, Zhen Wei pats Yi Xin's head good naturally and apologizes to her for being too harsh towards her the other day.
Happy to just be near her crush, Yi Xin's little heart trembles with excitement over every opportunity she has to be close to Zhen Wei.

While Zhen Wei knows that Yi Xin has a crush on him but he continues to treat her like a little girl so I think he is assuming Yi Xin will eventually lose interest in him. 
Zhen Hao's Story:
Landing himself in the police station after he punches the jerk that was bothering Yi An, Zhen Hao doesn't seem to care even when the guy threatens to sue.
Not worried about his potential legal problem at all, Zhen Hao is instead more focused on Yi An's timid personality that makes her a prey to unsavory characters. Dragging her to a crowded street, Zhen Hao yells out his own self introduction in an attempt to demonstrate to Yi An how she can be more vocal. Utterly embarrassed as she looks around at all the smiling onlookers, Yi An promptly runs away.
Fearful that Zhen Hao would really be dragged to the court for helping her, Yi An readily agrees to the guy's demand that she resign from her job at the hospital. Having already "persuaded" the guy to drop the suit and a promise to not bother Yi An anymore, Zhen Hao is utterly frustrated once he realize Yi An had allowed herself to be tricked into resigning from her job.

Accidentally twisting her ankle while Zhen Hao is in the process of dragging her to the hospital to cancel her resignation, Yi An finally gets a chance to convince Zhen Hao that she would rather just go find another job.
Surprised when Zhen Hao offers her a job to start working as the training camp's nurse, Yi An shudders in dismay as she thinks back to the ways Zhen Hao had tortured trained her and had all but made up her mind to refuse the job until Grandma Yang suddenly shows up at her door.

Her heart softening the moment Grandma Yang begs her to accept the job because she desperately need someone to observe Zhen Hao up close so she could figure out what kind of women her grandson would like, Yi An eventually relents.
While happy to hear Yi An's acceptance of his job offer, warning bell starts to ring the moment she mentions his grandmother's visit. In a very serious tone, Zhen Hao tells Yi An that no matter how much his grandmother might want to hook them up there is no chance he would like her. Still believing Grandma Yang only needs her help to figure out what kind of women Zhen Hao likes, Yi An confidently assures Zhen Hao that she understands him perfectly.
Reminded by Grandma Yang of her promise to help, Yi An pesters Zhen Hao's co-worker to tell her Zhen Wei's preference on women...and gets caught doing it.

Furious that Yi An is digging into his private affair after he had made it clear that no romance is possible between them, Zhen Hao confronts Yi An immediately. First shocked then hurt when Zhen Hao starts accusing her of being conniving, a teary Yi An finally gathers enough courage to yell out that she was only trying to do a favor for Grandma Yang. Actually pleased by Yi An's outburst, Zhen Hao asks "Now, isn't it better to loudly explain yourself than to hold everything in?"
Immensely patient with his grandmother's little tricks despite his disinterest in dating, Zhen Hao good naturedly agrees when Grandmother Yang asks him to take Yi An along to pick out a tie for his brother.

Taking notice of Yi An's interest in one particular tie, Zhen Hao urges Yi An to buy it since it is not easy to come across something one likes.
Assuming Yi An is buying the tie for someone she likes even though she protests otherwise, Zhen Hao kindly teaches Yi An how to tie a tie so the gift would be more meaningful when she gives it.

Yi An bought the tie for a school sunbae that is living overseas at this time. I think it would be safe to assume that Yi An is harboring a small crush on the sunbae and the guy will probably become a competitor to Zhen Hao...which will totally serve him right for the way he keeps warning Yi An off.

Thanks to more nudges from Grandma Yang, Zhen Hao ends up driving Yi An home one night and ended up saving an elderly woman collapsed in the middle of the road. Impressed by Yi An's confident demeanor when she switched into her nurse mode, Zhen Hao tells Yi An later that night "This is the second time I saw the nurse Wu Yi An. She is very professional, very confident, very different from the normal you. My wish is for this brave Wu Yi An to always be around instead of just showing herself under certain circumstances."
While I am not so sure about dating a guy who is this forceful in real life, I do love that Zhen Hao is pushing Yi An to be more vocal about her real desires. My favorite scene thus far is when Grandma Yang was pushing Yi An to stay for dinner and a reluctant Yi An turns to look at Zhen Hao. Receiving an encouraging nod, Yi An firmly turns the dinner invitation down by saying she doesn't want to disappoint her father who is waiting to eat with her at home. Turning to look at Zhen Hao again, Yi An is rewarded with a nod of approval.
Zhen Kai's Story:
Regretting his rash actions immensely the moment his father angrily demands that he has to convince You Zhen to come back to work no matter what, Zhen Kai can't quite get himself to gravel in front of You Zhen just yet and instead tells her that she will need to wait for his father to find time to sign her resignation.

Hiding her intense dislike for Zhen Kai behind a polite smile since she is about to quit anyway, You Zhen hesitantly decide to trust Zhen Kai's words.
Faced with increasing pressure to not disappoint his parents, Zhen Kai finally decides to swallow his pride and shows up at You Zhen's house personally to convince her to come back. After a brief embarrassing moment at the door, Zhen Kai tries to broach the subject of You Zhen coming back to work but ended up getting chased out of You Zhen's house when he gets in another argument with her.
Having personally picked You Zhen to be his son's right hand man, President Yang is not about to lose You Zhen no matter what and meets with You Zhen personally to convince her to stay. Certain that she can never get along with Zhen Kai, You Zhen nonetheless relents once President Yang tells her that if she still can't work with Zhen Kai in six months' time then he will move her back to her old position.
One thing worth mentioning here is that there seem to be some birth secret concerning Zhen Kai. Both Mama and Daddy Yang seem to have a higher expectation of Zhen Kai than their other sons. Mama Yang had made a big deal out of bestowing a "very important pen" to Zhen Kai now that he is the company's CEO. Zhen Kai didn't think to doubt Mama Yang's nervous nod when he asked if his two brothers also received similar pens but it is obvious that Mama Yang was lying.

My personal guess is that Zhen Kai's biological parents were actually the one that started the company and something happened so that Zhen Kai ended up being raised by the Yang family. It looks like the Yang family has always wanted to return the company to its rightful owner and that would explain why instead of letting their two very capable older sons take over the company, Daddy and Mama Yang has placed that responsibility on Zhen Kai instead. 
Clueless that his father has already reached an agreement with You Zhen, Zhen Kai throws his pride away and shows his determination by following You Zhen while she is out on a run. Moved that Zhen Kai would be willing to chase after her even bare footed, You Zhen agrees to go back to work.

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