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Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #83

Friday Drama Round Up #83 by Ninja
Better Man (Taiwanese Drama, Daily, New)
The new T-daily with lots of familiar male leads but mostly new female actresses. Better Man is not a drama trying to reinvent the wheel but follows the well used T-daily formula of following multiple characters' romance. So while a story about how three very different brothers' each finding their true love might be kind of stale but sometimes predictability has its charm. 

To Be A Better Man (Chinese Drama, New) 
I was blown away by the first episode of To Be A Better Man. The cinematography, the character set up and the pacing of the story was just crazy good for a C-drama. While episode 2-5 wasn't quite able to follow up the awesomeness of the first episode, I am still impressed enough with it to at least keep watching for now. 

Synopsis: Our hero only has three goals when he came back to China from living in the US: 1. Bring the ashes of his best friend back home. 2. Take his best friend's daughter to her mother. 3. Find a quiet place to hang himself on a tree with a rope. The first goal was pretty easy but the other two wasn't so easy especially after our hero meets his ex-girlfriend again. 
Happiness Meets Rainbow (Chinese Drama, New) 
I checked out the first two episodes and I found it to be ...not bad. The first two episodes really didn't get me too excited about it but overall I thought it was passable.  The heroine is the hard working candy type who will end up being caught in a tug of war between three male leads. 
Oh Hae Young Again (Korean Drama)
A conversation between me and Mama Ninja this week:
Mama Ninja "Do you think the hero will die?"
Me "I don't know! But I am too addicted to it to stop watching even if he is." 
By the way, I am betting that he lives. 

Episode 10 was a bit slower than the other episodes BUT the kisses really helped to keep my eyes glued to the screen so I am not complaining. 
Lucky Romance (Korean Drama)
For some strange reason I feel like I should be totally in love with this show...but I am just not quite feeling it. I am tempted to drop this one but I probably will at least give it another week. 
The Interpreter (Chinese Drama)
One of my favorite shows right now. Out of curiosity I checked out the novel The Interpreter is based on and was pretty disappointed to find it not only very different from the show's plot but that the story itself was fairy mediocre. I was really hoping the main characters would be even more intriguing in the novel but nope, the drama writer actually did a much better job. 

Oldies but Goodies
Flower Boy Ramen Shop (2011, K-Drama, 16 Episodes) 
I was thinking about shows filled with eye candies this week and Flower Boy Ramen Shop was one the first ones to came to mind. 
Jung Il Woo plays the hero who ends up having a cute noona romance with the heroine...in surprise! a ramen shop. 

I remember the show to be cute with surprisingly amount of heart in it. For a show that has quite a few characters in it, the writer did a very good job in focusing the story on our two leads but also paid enough attention to all the cute boys to make us swoon over them. 


  1. Hi Ninja, love all your friday round ups, unfortunately not all the shows you menion are available for me to view in England just yet.

    I'm wondering if you've watched

    1. Far away love (its not bad considering Park jae Jin is dubbed in it, still get the feels, of course it has the annoying brat who thinks she's entitled to her GeGe, but the heroines friendships are truely awesome) .

    Finished watching My amazing boyfriend, truly upset over the ending( it was so open ended) although 2nd season in the works, so hopefully get answers next year!

    Liking Les Interepe, the second lead is so annoying, he isn't even truly awesome even though the show try to show that he is great while trying to save that amn and his son.The 2nd female XiaoHua is a selfish all sef consuming person, for someone supposedly intelligent, she is blinkered over her one sided feelings for the Doc, can't wait to see her even more vexed that the hero that she sidelined as only little brother is in love with our heroine, and find out that her true love is still hung over his crush/relationship because of our fear skilled heroine.

    4. Truly like Mirror of the witch its dark, but you get that light and true hearts will win over evilshadows and darkness of black magic.

    5. just began watching beautiful Gong Shim, its enjoyable but not memorable.

    finished watching whirlwind girl, it was great to watch but again the ending is so frustrating i need a definite conclusion. liking all 3 males, but have soft spot for RuoBai, hope he gets the girl.

    I tried the entertainer but coulding get past the first 15minutes it wasn't gripping me to watch it.

    Began watch school beauty's body guard, initially thought it kinda wacky in an interesting slapstick comedy way, yet the story was so, so, have not watched it all yet may go back to it. (unless you've watched it all and can give a brief recap of what happened in the last episode.

    I'm looking forward to Doctors airing soon.

  2. Thankyou for ur round up. Im enjoying Betterman which is quite under the radar cause its a daily drama and the 80episodes attached to it didnt encourage. But i love seeing Tender huang paired again with his co star from If God loves (hokkien drama). Definitely staying tune for that couple.

    Il also oay attention to C drama better man based on your reflection.

    So far im an avid fan oh Again Miss Oh / Another Oh Hae young. I too think Eric's character Do Kyung will survive. Only praying the writers dont mess up the ending like cheese in the trap. Im traditional, i need good endings in my dramas. Bad or open ending sucks.

    Regarding Interpreter i did not like the novel version too. So far i like the changes made in this drama adaptation. Hopefully the middle bits of the drama wont be too angsty and draggy due to the step brother's interference.