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Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #84

Beautiful Gong Shim (Korean Drama)
This one is about half done. I keep saying this one is not catching my attention...but I keep watching it for some reason. 

To Be A Better Man (Chinese Drama)
Sigh...this one has so much potential but I am about to give up on it if the plot doesn't start to move past the flash backs. Not to say the story hasn't been interesting up to this point but parts of the story feels very repetitive. Moreover, if the heroine is who I think it is then it was extremely odd that she disappeared for like 10 episodes before she resurfaced again. Still, I am hoping the story between the two leads will actually begin soon so I will probably at least give it another week. 
Yes, Mr. Fashion (Chinese Drama, New)
I have only checked out the first episode of this new C-drama so I can't say much about it yet other than I really hope the heroine will get a whole lot less annoying soon. 

Synopsis: Determined to find out the truth of his mother's death, our hero decides to work at his family's company incognito after his father's passing. Pretending to be a normal poor young professional, our hero meets our truly poor AND rather naive heroine. Our two drastically different leads up living together due to some unexpected circumstance and of course the romance will follow from there. 
Better Man (Taiwanese Daily)
This one has finished setting up and it's starting to get interesting. Check it out if you are in the mood for a T-daily. 
Baek Hee Has Returned (Korean Drama, New)
This one is a charming new show about a girl's rediscovery of what her mother is really like...and the identity of her biological father. 

Synopsis: Dismayed when her mother moved them back to her hometown with a population of 40, eighteen years old Ok Hee vows to leave the island village as soon as she is able. Puzzled but touched when three adjusshi take her under their wings, Ok Hee starts to learn surprising tidbits about her mother from the three men. Coming to the startling realization that she and her mother might not be as different as she thought, Ok Hee also figures out that her biological father must be one of the three men. 

I checked out the first two episodes and was pleasantly surprised by the wacky but heart warming humor. 
Mirror of the Witch (Korean Drama)
I am on the fence about this one. the story is good but the writer spends 90% of the time on the parts of the story I am only mildly interested about while leaving very little amount of time for the awesome leads. Every time I starts to lose interest in the show then the director draws me right back in with 10 seconds of the two leads that immediately has me declaring "I love this show!" 

On a hopeful note, it looks like the two leads are finally going to have more chance to be together so maybe our hero and heroine will get more time from this point on. 

Ninja's Oldies but Goodies
Go, Single Lady or My Pig Lady (上流俗女, Taiwanese Drama, 14 Episodes)

Mike He and Ady An's romantic comedy about a rich boy falling for an equally rich but definitely not refined heroine. 

Synopsis: The only daughter of a wealthy pig farmer, our heroine is looked down upon by the elite upper class. Uncaring of what others think of her, our heroine insists on living her down to earth lifestyle but finally admits that she might need help to be more...feminine after she declares in front of the whole town that she will find herself a boyfriend. 
This is where our hero enters in. As a down on his luck second generation chabeol who really has not much going for him other than his skill of living the high life on his father's money, our hero has no choice but to take a job as the heroine's teacher to become a refined lady. Faced with a difficult task of refining a woman who is well known for flipping tables when she gets angry during her countless blind dates, our hero nonetheless starts to realize that maybe a life without all the finer stuff money can buy might not be so bad after all. 
This one definitely kinda had a My Fair Lady feel to it but of course with a whole lot of girl power added to it as well. The show really was pretty predicable but if memory serves me right, I still found it to be a fun and an easy watch. Plus, it was kinda fun to see Mike He paired up with Ady An. 

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  1. I started My Pig Lady but never finished it as the ending felt boring.