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Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #85

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #85
Better Man (Taiwanese Drama, Daily)
I am starting to follow this one pretty faithfully. The plot is still fairly predicable BUT it's hitting all the right spots for me. I was afraid the story would feel choppy since it has to jump between the three brothers but the director has done a good job thus far in making the story flow. 

Baek Hee Has Returned (Short Series, Just Finished)
I didn't realize this one was a four episode short drama when I checked it out. While it was kinda sad to say goodbye to the fun characters so soon it was extremely nice to have the story moving at a quick pace. A fun and heart warming story that was the perfect length, I would highly recommend this one. 

Synopsis: Dismayed when her mother moved them back to her hometown with a population of 40, eighteen years old Ok Hee vows to leave the island village as soon as she is able. Puzzled but touched when three adjusshi take her under their wings, Ok Hee starts to learn surprising tidbits about her mother from the three men. Coming to the startling realization that she and her mother might not be as different as she thought, Ok Hee also figures out that her biological father must be one of the three men. 
Mirror of the Witch (Korea Drama)
I am happy to report this show has firmly regained my interest now that the two leads are spending a lot more time together. I know the heroine is suppose to be the main focus for a show titled Mirror of the Witch but dang, Yoon Si Yoon is sure stealing the show as the hero. 
To Be A Better Man (Chinese Drama)
After 27 episodes we are finally getting some progress on the hero's romance. Not to say this show hasn't been good up to this point...because it has but I just wish the writer didn't spend so much time on the hero's ex and flash backs. If this was any other show I probably would've abandon it a long time ago but the writer has been extremely successful in creating a hero that you can't help but want to see what he does next. Actually, the writer has been successful not only in creating an intriguing hero I find most of the characters very interesting as well. So, on behalf of great characters I can tolerate a little meandering in term of story. 
Chinese Paladin 5 (Chinese Drama)
The fifth installment in the beloved Chinese Paladin series. I didn't pay much attention to this one when it first aired and completely missed the fact that Joe Cheng is actually playing the male second lead... I am suddenly interested in it now. It doesn't hurt that Joe Cheng's character as a demon prince is utterly swoon worthy of course. 
Lucky Romance (Korean Drama)
This one was also one of the show that I was thinking about abandoning because it simply wasn't holding my attention. HOWEVER, now that the hero is starting to fall for the heroine I am caught again. Before I felt like even though the writer gave the heroine an epic tragic background but I wasn't able to be emotionally invested in the heroine's story. I guess I just needed some patience because I definitely feel the emotional pull by episode 8. 

Oldies But Goodies...Maybe? (Depending on your taste): 
Drama: You Light Up My Star (你照亮我星球)
Aired: 2014
Total Episodes: 20

Synopsis: A Taiwanese drama starring Joe Chen and Janine Chang about two A-lister stars who find themselves trapped in the glamorous fake lives they have created for the public.
Definitely NOT a happy romantic comedy, You Light Up My Star is all about the darkness that threatens to overwhelm those that stands in the seductive limelight of public adoration. 

I was personally too chicken to watch this one from beginning to finish but I did watch enough of it to see that both leads did a good job in portraying their characters...especially considering how dark it was. 

Anyhow, while I am the type who need to be tricked into watching something gut wrenching I figure this one is a worth mention for those that likes dramas that study the inner working of human psyche. 

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  1. I'm watching to be a better man too and there's not enough episodes for me to watch.