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Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #86

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #86
Beautiful Mind (Korean Drama, New)
I am usually a little bit timid about checking out Jang Hyuk's dramas since they tend to have "epic" endings, but I got sucked right in after I watched the first episode of Beautiful Mind. It is definitely on the darker side but extremely intriguing nonetheless. 

38 Task Force (Korean Drama, New) 
Seo In Guk's new OCN drama about tax collection. The subject probably doesn't sound too exciting but the show is more about the art of fraud than taxes so the story has plenty of fun in it.  
Doctors (Korean Drama, New)
Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye's new medical romantic drama. We are still in the backstory stage of the story so don't expect the medical part to start just yet in the first two episodes, but judging by how intriguing the main characters are I am quite hopeful about this one.  
Liu Shan Men (Chinese Drama, New)
A story about the investigative bureau named Liu Shan Men during the Ming Dynasty. The first episode was really fast paced and pulled me right in but the next two episodes were kinda stuck on the palace intrigue. I will probably at least give it another couple episodes before I decide if I will stick with it or not. 
Wanted (Korean Drama, New)
Ahh!!! I can't make up my mind if I should check this one out or not! The story is about a top actress having to perform "missions" given by her son's kidnapper on a reality show. I usually avoid this sort of heart wrenching story at all cost but can I really stay away when it has both Ji Hyun Woo AND Uhm Tae Woong in it?! 
To Be A Better Man (Chinese Drama, Just Finished)
I liked this one even though it really was all about how a couple finally learned to let go of each other. Because of the meandering plot line, I was severely tempted to give it up multiple times but alas I find myself keep following it until it ended sort of abruptly. Overall, I would still recommend this one because the hero was extremely intriguing and all the flaws aside the story had a whole lot of heart to make it a worthy watch. 
Le Interpr├Ęte (Chinese Drama, Finished)
Sigh...I really liked the first 1/3 of this show then it went down hill from there. This one had so much potential and the chemistry between the two leads were great but instead of capitalizing on what was working the show instead spent most of it's time on tiresome petty jealousies. 

Oldies But Goodies:
Love Story in Harvard (Korean Drama, 2004, 16 Episodes)
I thought it would be appropriate to spotlight one of Kim Rae Won's old classic to celebrate his new drama this week. 

Leads: Kim Rae Won, Kim Tae Hee, Lee Jung Jin 
Synopsis: After falling for the same girl while studying in Harvard, our two male leads are devastated when the heroine suddenly cuts off all contact with them and leave with an international medical team. All the leads meet up again back in Seoul no longer as students but as young professionals and the entanglement between them start once again. 

Okay, My synopsis probably sounds a bit blah but how much prettier can you get than this cast. Plus it is a classic so do check it out. 

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