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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Happy Home Episode 27-28 Recap

Happy Home Episode 27-28 Recap by Ninja
Hae Won's Story:
After being puked on (twice) then forced to spend the night with a drunken stranger, Man Ho is ready to get rid of Kang Min the moment he wakes up...that is until he realizes Kang Min is from a rich family.

United with his uncle, Man Ho tells his confused family and horrified sister that he fully supports Kang Min to be Hae Won's other half.

Encouraged by Man Ho's words, Kang Min blurts out "I will take responsibility for my baby!" Shocked, Mama Bong lets out a sigh of relief when Hae Won's aunt mistakenly assumes Kang Min must be using the word "baby" as a term of endearment.
Furious when she gets to work to find out that Kang Min had cancelled her China work transfer, Hae Won confronts Kang Min angrily. Sneering when Kang Min seems genuinely puzzled why she wouldn't be thanking the heavens to hear a popular guy like him declare "I will marry you...if it really comes to that." Hae Won disdainfully asks "Without your money, would those women still flock to you?"
While Hae Won is busy being frustrated with her baby's father, her carefully guarded secret has finally been discovered by Mama Bong.
Mi Soon's Story:
Eager to prove himself to his father and all the restaurant staffs, Man Ho shamelessly decides to steal Mi Soon's lunch box idea she has been working on for her restaurant. Pleasantly surprised by his son's great idea, Daddy Bong happily tells Man Ho to put together a proposal to show him.
Feeling more threatened with each passing day to have Mi Soon so close by, Se Ri becomes even more determined to marry Man Ho as soon as possible when she discovers that Mi Soon's daughters and even Mama Bong are constantly interacting with Mi Soon.
Strutting around with Daddy Bong's full support, Mi Soon gleefully shows off her wedding invitation without knowing Mi Soon's daughters are right within ear shot. Taking her sobbing little sister to her mother, Jin Hwa tearfully apologizes to Mi Soon for failing to protect her sister from the cruel truth.

Sobbing along with her two daughters, Mi Soon looks at Chul Soo gratefully when he manages to make her youngest daughter smile by presenting her with a cute cartoon vegetable carving.
Accidentally finding out from her employee that Man Ho has not only stolen her lunch box idea but has also shameless used her menu ideas and names, it doesn't take much for Mi Soon to figure out what Man Ho's next action will be. Knowing full well that Man Ho will be desperate to steal more information from her in order to perpetuate his lies, Mi Soon sets up a sting operation with Chul soo to catch Man Ho right in the act.

Rushing to Mi Soon's restaurant after he gets a text from Mi Soon promising to show him prof why Man Ho is undeserving of her daughters, Daddy Bong walks in to see his son kneeling on the ground. Expressionless as he quickly figures out where his son's "creative" ideas had came from, Daddy Bong takes Man Ho away without another word. Fully expecting to be beaten with an inch of his life, Man Ho is stunned when Daddy Bong not only tells him not to never kneel to anyone again but once again reinforce the idea that Man Ho is going to take over the family restaurant. 
Her heart breaking despite the fact that she should be the one celebrating the success of her sting operation, Mi Soon sits alone in her bedroom as she tries to drown out the pain with alcohol. Giving Mi Soon the space she needs when she asked to drink alone, Chul Soo nonetheless tries to comfort her in his own way by singing to her from the dining room. Melt... okay, fine. Noona romance, bring it on! 
Hae Ryung's Story:
Dragged through the painful memory of losing his son once again as he uncover the shocking truth of Ji Gun's shameful secret, Hyun Ki sobs as he rewatch the home videos that prove he once had a happy home.
Unable to get in contact with Ji Gun, Hyun Ki waits outside of Ji Gun's house for him but ends up seeing Hae Ryung instead. Staring at Hae Ryung with a mixed expression as she laughs cozily with Ji Gun's son, Hyun Ki waits patiently as Hae Ryung sends Yong Woo off then walks towards him without a smile.
Sitting together at a cafe in an awkward but strangely comfortable atmosphere, Hae Ryung congratulates Ji Gun on getting married. Mildly surprised when Ji Gun replies that he is not married yet and it's not for certain he will, Hae Ryung nods amicably. Smiling forlornly when Hae Ryung explains Ji Gun probably hasn't returned Hyun Ki's phone call because he has an operation that morning, Hyun Ki remarks "You know his schedule so well."
Making an excuse that he needs to get back to work, Hyun Ki starts to walk away but turns back and stares at Hae Ryung with a pained expression as he watches her happily picking up a phone call from Ji Gun.
In the end, Hyun Ki didn't have to track down Ji Gun after all. Realizing that Hynn Ki has found out his secret when his old co-worker calls him to let him know that Hyun Ki has been digging around about his son's death, Ji Gun arranges a meeting with Hyun Ki voluntarily.

Laughing bitterly when Ji Gun kneels down the moment he arrives, Hyun Ki asks "The proud Seo Ji Gun is on his knees? Do you think this is something that can be forgiven?"
Pleadingly, Ji Gun replies "No, is not for forgiveness but a request. Please don't tell that woman."
Losing control after hearing Ji Gun's plea, Hyun Ki punches Ji Gun and demands "Yes, it's true that maybe Seo Jin (his son) would've died anyway even without you. But Hae Ryung, the woman that has been living in hell for the last five years. You should've at least been able to avoid her. Someone like you, you should've not let her fall in love with you."

Standing up to face Hyun Ki, Ji Gun replies "You don't know how much I wanted to run away... How much I wanted to to hide every time I see her. But what can I do when I just can't? I will use my whole life to compensate her...can't you just pretend to not know for once?"
Not moved at all by Ji Gun's pleading, Hyun Ki warns "This is your last chance. Leave the country before Hae Ryung finds out." 
Shocked when Ji Gun shows up at her door with a story of standing up for justice, Hae Ryung yelps "Again?! You fought with high school kids again? If you can't fight then you should call the police!" Ha!

Puzzled when Ji Gun suddenly pulls her into a fierce embrace while she is putting medicine on him, Hae Ryung doesn't notice the hint of desperation in his voice as he starts to list off the many things they have not done yet as a couple. 
Her heart filled with warmth as she walks out of the kitchen to find Ji Gun asleep on the floor, Hae Ryung lays down and reaches out her hand towards his face as she softly whispers "Thank you for showing up when I miss you. Thank you for loving me. Seo Ji Gun, thank you for waiting until my heart fell for you as well. Also...I love you."
Waking up in the middle of the night to see Hae Ryung sleeping beside him, Ji Gun's also reaches his hand out towards Hae Ryung but instead of whispering a bright hopeful confession like she did, Ji Gun's is full of sadness as he says "I am sorry for daring to show up in front of you. I am sorry for being so brazen to fall in love with you. I am sorry for being greedy when it comes to you. I am very sorry...but even then...I love you." 
Rushing out of work when he gets an urgent phone call from Hae Ryung with his heart in his throat, Ji Gun laughs with relief once Hae Ryung happily declares that they are late for their animation movie. 

Treasuring every moment he has with Hae Ryung, Ji Gun spends the whole movie looking at her. His mind filled with his father urging that he should just take Hae Ryung to some place where no one knows them, Ji Gun finally asks Hae Ryung as they drive away from the movie theater "Can't we go somewhere no one knows us? Just the two of us?" Clueless of Ji Gun's fears, Hae Ryung only looks at him with confusion. 
Following an obviously distracted Ji Gun on a walk, Hae Ryung finally asks "Are you not going to tell me? There is definitely something but every time you see me then you will hide it and not say anything. Am I so untrustworthy? See, there's that look again. Here I am wondering if it's alright to be so happy but your eyes would get that sad look sometimes."

Laughing when Ji Gun tells her that he has committed a lot of wrongs against her, Hae Ryung assures him "Last night I made a list of everything you have done for me and I had to flip a lot of pages. I don't know when I would be able to completely pay you back so before I have done that I will forgive you no matter what you have done in the past." Awe, those words going to come back to bite her...

Ninja's Thoughts
Boy, it was really difficult to not sway towards Hyun Ki after watching this episode. Hyun Ki was a very flawed husband for Hae Ryung and really not a good fit for her considering the fact that he simply can't protect his own wife from his evil mother but there is no doubt that he really does love Hae Ryung. 
Still, no matter how bad I felt for our second male lead one look at the pained expression on Lee Sang Woo has me running back to our hero. While I generally don't like my main leads playing the noble idiot card I do feel like in Ji Gun's case it would actually make sense since he knows full well that there is little chance Hae Ryung would be able to stand the sight of him once she finds out the truth. 

By the way, I was quite impressed that Hyun Ki was willing to admit that his son probably would've died anyway even if Ji Gun did everything right. I think our heroine will come to to same conclusion eventually, but like Hyun Ki pointed out, that still doesn't mean it wasn't cruel for Ji Gun to allow Hae Ryung to fall in love with him when he clearly knows what her son means to her. 
ps. Chul Soo is so cute with Mi Soo and her daughters! 

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  1. It's not just that Hyunki didn't protect Haeryung from his mother, it's that he was evil to her too. So, I can't like him and his sudden concern for her.