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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Happy Home Episode 31-32 Recap

Happy Home Episode 31-32 Recap by Ninja
Hae Won's Story: Scared of his own mother and not making any progress on getting Hae Won to accept him, a very frustrated Kang Min finally blurts out to his mother about the baby. Horrified that her son has been "trapped" by Hae Won, Madam Lee pays Madam Jang a visit and asks her to get rid of Hae Won for her.

Mi Soon & Mama Bong's Story:
Still fuming over being tricked by Mi Soon, Man Ho decides to take revenge by making sure Mi Soon doesn't win her cooking competition. Somehow managing to feel wronged despite being the one that tore Mi Soon's family apart, Se Ri helps Man Ho dump a large amount of salt into Mi Soon's ingredient then gleefully high fives Man Ho when the judges spit out Mi Soon's dish.
Sitting among the judges, Mama Bong takes one bite of Mi Soon's dish and realizes with everyone else that something has gone terribly wrong. Dismayed as everyone around her spit out the food and complain loudly of how salty it is, Mama Bong cleans her plate and proclaims proudly that she thinks it's tasty.

Taking a belated taste of her own dish, Mi Soon realizes the problem and stops a teary Mama Bong from trying to eat off other people's plate.
Mi Soon's very public failure on her cooking competition has a sever backlash on her restaurant's business as a wave of customers call to cancel their orders.
Notwithstanding the anger and resentment that are bubbling up within her, Mi Soon finds herself unable to forget Mama Bong's teary face. Thinking back to the way Mama Bong shoved the way too salty food into her mouth during the cooking competition, Mi Soon mutters "Because of you, mom, I can't even strike back against those bad people because I feel too sorry towards you."

Sneaking over to Mi Soon's restaurant, Min Jung (married to Daddy Bong's brother) as the Bong family resident double agent sighs "This is like Romeo and Juliet!" when she sees the dish Mi Soon had carefully prepared for Mama Bong's birthday dinner. Moved by Mi Soon's sincerity, Min Jung promises Mi Soon that she will sneak the dish to the dinner table and make sure Mama Bong eats it.
Determined to start living for herself instead of living under her husband's thumb, Mama Bong shocks everyone by abdicating her position as Bong family's chief cook and bottle washer. Amazed and ...terrified when Mama Bong's "little tantrum" seem to have no end in sight, every member of the Bong family decide that throwing a surprise birthday party is the magic trick that will turn Mama Bong back to normal.
Clueless of her family's big plan, the new Mama Bong waits for no one to celebrate her big day but prepares a birthday cake for herself since she figures without Mi Soon around no one else would remember anyway. Dumbfounded when they see Mama Bong walking out with a cake first thing in the morning, the Bong family quickly changes their surprise birthday party to a dinner feast. Perhaps finally realizing that he needs to do something to appease his wife, Daddy Bong personally cooks the feast for his wife. 
Hae Ryung's Story:
His happy afternoon with Hae Ryung and his son rudely interrupted by Madam Lee (ex-mother-in-law), an agitated Ji Gun paces his hospital room with worry after his subordinate tells him that Hae Ryung has already found out about his hand injury via the annoying Madam Lee.

Getting more worried by the second, Ji Gun is about to change out of his hospital clothes to go check on Hae Ryung personally when Hae Ryung suddenly shows up. Putting on a brave expression, Hae Ryung tells Ji Gun "If you feel resentful then yell at me. I will be responsible for Seo Ji Gun."
Amused, Ji Gun smiles and asks "How are you going to take responsibility for me?"
Determined, Hae Ryung eagerly replies "Even though I don't make as much as a doctor, but i will publish a book soon. If that's not enough then I will go work at my dad's restaurant as well. I will take care of you."

Breaking out in a laugh, Ji Gun replies "I agree! Actually, My childhood dream has always been to live as an elegant bum."
Not fooled by Ji Gun's joking manner, Hae Ryung continues "You are lying again. But from now on, I won't feel apologetic even when I see your hand. Nor blame myself."
Knowing full well the guilt Hae Ryung is still carrying despite the brave front she has put on, Ji Gun gently pats her head and assures her "Thank you for not saying sorry. Just because I can't operate anymore doesn't mean I will stop being a doctor. So you don't have to worry about supporting me. Plus, I can still make a full recovery if I keep getting treated."
Waking up with a start to find herself alone on the hospital bed, Hae Ryung searches all over for Ji Gun and finally finds him sitting forlornly by himself. Her heartbreaking as she watches Ji Gun sitting in the dark and staring at his injured hand, a teary Hae Ryung whispers "Lier, You are not fine at all."
Despite Hyun Ki's stubbornness in ignoring all the signs his body is giving him, Hyun Ki's illness eventually becomes so bad that he passes out in the car while driving to meet Hae Ryung for their son's death anniversary.

Clueless that the ambulance carrying Hyun Ki has just passed her by, Hae Ryung simply assumes that her ex-husband has just placed his work above his family yet again.
Stoic as his friend/doctor informs him of the brain tumor that will surly kill him in six months time if he doesn't have an operation, Hyun Ki ignores his friend's concern and insists on paying his son a visit before the day ends. After much pleading with the columbarium's security guard, Hyun Ki is eventually allowed to visit Seo Jin before midnight. Finally allowing himself to admit his fear of dying, Hyun Ki apologies to his son for not being a good father and husband.
Putting on his mask again when he gets home, Hyun Ki's attitude towards his mother softens considerably knowing that his days are numbered. Overjoyed to have Hyun Ki asking for food even in the middle of the night, Madam Jang rushes into the kitchen and uses her very inept cooking skills to prepare a meal for her son.

It was heartbreaking here that Hyun Ki finally gets the courage to ask his mom to make the effort to learn cooking so he can eat more meals cooked by her but the clueless Madam Jang wrecks the chance again by saying she is too busy with work. 
Not an obedient patient at all, Ji Gun decides to check himself out of the hospital and by chance sees Hyun Ki's brain scan. Shocked once he is informed that the VIP with the brain tumor is actually Hyun Ki, Ji Gun pays Hyun Ki a visit to check on Hyun Ki's condition with his own eyes.

Trying desperately to cover up his illness with a snappish attitude, Hyun Ki becomes even more prickly once he realize Ji Gun already knows and has come to convince him to have the operation. Immensely patient throughout his confrontation with Hyun Ki, Ji Gun walks away after shoving a bottle of pain medication into Hyun Ki's hand but pauses when Hyun Ki bitterly warns "If you tell Hae Ryung about my illness then you will die by my hand."
Worried about Ji Gun after he failed to come home, a very understanding Hae Ryung simply texts Ji Gun to let him know that she is glad that he is alright and reminds him of all the hard work his family has put in to plan a surprise party to welcome him home.

In a daze ever since he confirmed with his own eyes how bad Hyun Ki's condition is, Ji Gun just can't bring himself to go home despite knowing Hae Ryung and his family has been waiting for him. Finally dragging himself home, Ji Gun looks around at all the party decorations and remembers Hyun Ki's words "Isn't it better for you if I disappear?" Closing his eyes in frustration, Ji Gun whispers "Lousy jerk..." Ji Gun could be referring to Hyun Ki or himself...or maybe both of them. 
Darting into the bathroom the moment he hears his mother's voice, Hyun Ki turns on the sink to hide his sobs of agony. Blissfully ignorant that her precious son is dying, Madam Jang's eyes light up when she notices a gift box with a pendant in it and mistakenly assumes it must be for her. In reality, the pendant is a birthday gift Hyun Ki has bought for Mama Bong after regretting bitterly that he hasn't been a good son-in-law.
Excited to introduce Ji Gun to her family on Mama Bong's birthday dinner, Hae Ryung eagerly gets up to open the door when a knock sounds...only to step back in dismay when it's Hyun Ki holding a bouquet of roses for her mother.
Arriving right on the heel of Hyun Ki's unexpected appearance, Ji Gun shows up just in time to make the situation even more complicated.

Ninja's Thoughts
Boy, this episode is just heart wrenching. I will admit that the whole brain tumor thing felt a bit contrived but I still cried buckets anyway. The crazy thing is that I felt so bad for Hyun Ki that sympathy even spilled over to Madam Jang. No matter how hateful Madam Jang is, I still can't help but wince at the thought of seeing a mother having to live through the horrifying experience of losing her child.  
It was also heartbreaking to see from the flash back how an once unsophisticated Hyun Ki had nervously proposed to our heroine in front of her family. More and more we see proof that Hyun Ki could've, should've had a happy marriage with Hae Ryung but obviously things are too little too late now. I am actually quite curious if Seo Jin's death was the sole reason that turned Hae Ryung's marriage into a living hell or if things were already bad before but there were still enough good things to make the marriage a happy one overall. In another word, did Hyun Ki become the cold unfeeling robot because of his son's death or did he allow his work and his evil mother to turn him even before the tragedy. 
We didn't get a lot of Mi Soon's story this week but at least we got a few sweet moments between her and Chul Soo. Sigh...I am assuming we will get a romance between the two eventually but for now things are sure moving at a snail's pace. 

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  2. I a calling it. Chul Soo is Mi Soos Brother. I am calling it"

  3. I a calling it. Chul Soo is Mi Soos Brother. I am calling it"