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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy Home Episode 33-34 Recap

Happy Home Episode 33-34 by Ninja
Mi Soon's Story:
Her live tv competition sabotaged by Man Ho and Se Ri, Mi Soon's once popular restaurant is now devoid of customers and is in danger of losing some of her new hired employees. Despite her resentment towards Man Ho, Mi Soon's heart aches for Mama Bong because of her continual show of love towards her.

Pleasantly surprised when her sister-in-law secretly gives her the birthday dish Mi Soon had made for her, Mama Bong smiles through her tears as she tastes Mi Soon's hard work. By the way, the dish Mi Soon made was her competition dish that Man Ho spoiled with salt. It was a way for Mi Soon to thank Mama Bong for supporting her even when everyone else was spitting out her food. 
Not about to let Man Ho and Se Ri off the hook for what they did to her, Mi Soon convinces the two that the TV station's camera had caught them right in the act of dumping salt into her ingredients. Terrified that Mi Soon would really release the video footage to the public, Man Ho and Se Ri try to get on Mi Soon's good side but become angry when Mi Soon demands that in exchange for her silence they need to help her get custody of her daughters AND push their wedding back. Not so much concerned about the girls but severely offended that they would have to push back their wedding date, Man Ho and Se Ri loudly reject Mi Soon's demand...at least for now.
Never one to sit back and accept defeat, Mi Soon has been secretly working on a new menu to revive her business and is just showing Chul Soo her newly developed dish when a teary Mama Bong suddenly shows up. All her resolution to keep her distance melting the moment she sees Mama Bong's desolate expression, Mi Soon throws her arms around Mama Bong and assures her that she is always welcome at her place.
Hae Won's Story:
Resigned when she becomes the topic of the rumor mill at her company, Hae Won bravely admits to her co-workers that she is indeed pregnant BUT the baby is her's alone and no one else's.

Upset that Kang Min is sticking to her like clue thus making it obvious who her baby's father is, Hae Won angrily tells Kang Min to stay away from her. Still determined to get Hae Won to accept him, Kang Min convinces Hae Won's co-workers to pretend to shun her in hopes that a lonely Hae Won would then turn to him for comfort. Unfortunately, Kang Min's little plan back fires and Hae Won blames him even more for her troubles.
Getting some evil advice from Madam Jang, Madam Lee calls Hae Won out for a meeting and does the dreaded act of offering her money in exchange of Hae Won leaving her son alone. Coldly informing Madam Lee that she has no interest in her son at all, Hae Won nonetheless relents after Madam Lee uses a combination of threat and cajoling to convince Hae Won that the best way to get rid of Kang Min is too accept the money.
Dazed as she walks out of Kang Min's house with an envelope of money in hand, Hae Won mutters bitterly as tears start to flow "I guess my baby really have an impressive father."
Hae Ryung...actually more like Hyun Ki's Story this week:
Back tracking a tiny bit we see that Ji Gun arrives at the party just in time to see Hyun Ki nervously rehearsing how he is going to wish Mama Bong a happy birthday.

Not too surprised when his birthday wish is coldly received by Hae Ryung's parents, Hyun Ki tries to apologize to Daddy Bong yet again for everything he did and didn't do.
Actually more worried about Hyun Ki's condition than the fact that his first official introduction to Hae Ryung's family has just been spoiled by Hyun Ki's unexpected appearance, Ji Gun excuses himself from the party to chase after Hyun Ki.

Not in any mood to listen to Ji Gun's urging for him to check himself into the hospital, Hyun Ki warns Ji Gun to not mess with a man who is about to die and speeds off in his car despite Ji Gun's direct warning that he shouldn't drive.
Feeling apologetic and thankful towards Ji Gun for the gracious manner he dealt with Hyun Ki's unwelcome intrusion to what was suppose to be an important meeting for him, Hae Ryung still has no clue that her boyfriend is much more concerned about her ex than she knows. Ha! That was not suppose to sound suggestive, but I will leave that sentence as it is. 
Dismayed when his boss suddenly informs him that he has arranged a meeting with Daddy Bong to "take care" of the trouble his son has created, an apprehensive Hyun Ki follows President Lee to Daddy Bong's restaurant. As expected, things doesn't go well at all between the two fathers especially after President Lee insults Hae Ryung and Hae Won right in front of Daddy Bong then offers to pay money to settle the "unpleasant embarrassment."

Furious to have his precious daughters insulted in front of him, Daddy Bong grabs President Lee's collar in anger. Shaking with fear, President Lee looks at his trusty employee for help but Hyun Ki merely declares "This is why you should watch what you say. Nothing happened between my ex wife and Seo Ji Gun before my divorce. Moreover, why would my always straight laced sister-in-law plan something unsavory towards your son who frequents nightclubs more than his work?" Both completely stunned by Hyun Ki's words, President Lee and Daddy Bong look at Hyun Ki in shock.
As expected, Hyun Ki's very uncharacteristic outburst came at a high price and he was promptly fired the moment he got back to his office by President Lee. Quite uncaring that his long career as President Lee's hunting dog has come to an abrupt end, a dazed Hyun Ki stumbles along the sidewalk while remembering the last time he saw his son alive.

In a flash back we see that Hyun Ki actually saw Seo Jin (his son) walking to school that fateful morning and instead of giving his son a ride to school he had chose to ignore Seo Jin's excited yell of "Dad!" in order to make sure President Lee is not kept waiting.

Lost in his memory, Hyun Ki imagines seeing his poor son laying broken on the crosswalk and cries as he caress the empty ground. As one of of the cars that are stuck in traffic because of Hyun Ki's refusal to move from the crosswalk, Ji Gun immediately gets out of the car to go to Hyun Ki's aid once he spots the familiar figure.
Impatient that Ji Gun insists on following him around, Hyun Ki tells Ji Gun that the real person who killed Seo Jin was himself and not Ji Gun who was only trying to save a patient. Surprised by Hyun Ki's confession, Ji Gun reminds Hyun Ki that the best way to pay for his sin was to live on and suffer in remorse everyday...like himself.
Thanks to Madam Jang who used her influence to force the school to fire Hae Ryung, our heroine is able to accept Daddy Bong's request for her help at the family restaurant earlier than she expected. Showing up bright and early with a pair of new sneaker as a gift for Hae Ryung's first day of work, Ji Gun extracts a promise from a very happy Hae Ryung that he will be able to eat plenty of Chinese food from this point on.
Eagerly greeting all of the staff as Daddy Bong introduces her, Hae Ryung's excitement turns to horror when Hyun Ki shows up unexpectedly once again. Ignoring Hae Ryung's demand that he leaves immediately, Hyun Ki walks up to stand beside a silent Daddy Bong and introduces himself as the restaurant's new manager.

In a flash back we see that Hyun Ki had met privately with Daddy Bong and begged to have a chance to live without regret for once. Moved that Hyun Ki was willing to lose his job to speak up for his daughters, Daddy Bong eventually agrees to let Hyun Ki start working at the restaurant on the condition that he fully understand that both Hae Ryung and her family will not accept him again.
Content to just be close to Hae Ryung despite her obvious desire to get rid of him, Hyun Ki assures Hae Ryung that he will leave and never appear in front of her soon enough.

Unable to fathom why on earth her father would allow Hyun Ki to work at the restaurant, Hae Ryung is stunned when Daddy Bong reveals that Hyun Ki had been fired from his job for speaking up for Hae Won and herself.
In spite of Hyun Ki's hope that his mother would be kept in the dark about his new job at the Bong family restaurant as long as possible, Hyun Ki's little secret is revealed when Madam Lee pays his mother a visit.

Assuming that her son has thrown away his future for Hae Ryung, a furious Madam Jang storms into the Bong family restaurant just in time to see an equally furious Mama Bong beating on her precious son to get him to leave.

His vision blurring from the debilitating headache that has been showing up with increasing frequency, Hyun Ki stands by hopelessly as his mother gets into a full on cat fight with Mama Bong. Trying all her might to stop the fight between the two mothers, Hae Ryung yells repeatedly for Hyun Ki to help but finally notices that something is wrong with Hyun Ki when he stumbles out of the door.
Tasked by the hospital to convince Hyun Ki to get treatment soon, Ji Gun has been searching for Hyun Ki until he learns from Hae Ryung that her ex has become her co-worker. Arriving just in time to see Hyun Ki stumbling out holding his head in pain, Ji Gun quickly puts Hyun Ki in his car to gives him a shot to relief his pain.

Helping an exhausted Hyun Ki back to his house, Ji Gun tells Hyun Ki that he needs to stop working at the restaurant.  Looking up at Ji Gun, Hyun Ki asks "Are you saying that as a doctor or as Bong Hae Ryung's boyfriend?" Sneering a bit when Ji Gun replies "Both." Hyun Ki says "A doctor can't take care of every patient in this world. You are being a bit extreme right now. If you keep being like this then I will get greedy for you (ha, just kidding.) ...before I die. Instead of dying with regret before I close my eyes it would be better to be a bad person...like you."

Angry that Hyun Ki is selfishly satisfying his dying wish without considering what trauma his death will leave on Hae Ryung and her family, Ji Gun asks "How are you going take responsibility for the pain, the guilt and the longing that woman and her family is going to feel when you are gone?" Unmoved by Ji Gun's words, Hyun Ki replies "No matter what, it would be better than being loathed right now wouldn't it? You too, just stay by that woman's side like you are now. All I am going to do is to look at her, to see her angry, to see her laugh and to see the way she nags." Obviously speaking from personal experience, Ji Gun replies "Don't you already know, that in it self is already the biggest greed?"
Waiting for Ji Gun in front of his house with dinner in hand, Hae Ryung doesn't give any indication that she knows Ji Gun is lying when he tells her that he has been out visiting a friend. Putting on a bright smile to hide the fact that she had seen with her own eyes Ji Gun driving off with Hyun Ki that afternoon, Hae Ryung turns down Ji Gun's offer to take her home and instead assures him that she wants a chance to enjoy the night by herself.
Putting together the various clues that point to the fact that something is terribly wrong with Hyun Ki, Hae Ryung looks down at the medicine bottle Hyun Ki had accidentally dropped that afternoon and resolutely walks into a pharmacy.
Walking up the once familiar path to her old house as the pharmacist's answer "This is a pain medication that is only prescribe by the hospital for those with severe illness." rings in her ears, Hae Ryung looks up stoically as Hyun Ki rushes out of his house to meet her. Forcing his voice to be light as he bends down to pick up the white medicine bottle Hae Ryung dropped on the ground, Hyun Ki says "This is my headache medicine. You could've just return it to me tomorrow. You didn't have to come."

Her eyes reddening as she watches Hyun Ki having a difficult time doing the simplest task of picking up his medication bottle, Hae Ryun asks "Are you...going to die?"

Ninja's Thoughts
Anyone else feel like we have suddenly changed main characters? I actually didn't mind watching two episodes that were all about Hyun Ki but I am not so sure about this unlikely bromance that suddenly have me wondering if Hae Ryung should just leave our two male leads alone. I especially thought it was hilarious when Ji Gun was following Hyun Ki in his car. Isn't that suppose to be something the hero does for the heroine??
Joking aside, while I kinda miss the romantic scenes between Hae Ryung and Ji Gun, I do find myself moved by the strange "friendship" the two male leads have formed. Ji Gun and Hyun Ki have plenty of reasons to be enemies but instead, because of their love for the same woman the two men have this strange bond where they each became the one that understood the other the best.

Ji Gun's little speech to rebuke Hyun Ki for his selfish need to stay by Hae Ryung is obviously a self indictment as well and ironically Hyun Ki probably has also come to understand fully of Ji Gun's self indulgence to love a woman despite knowing that love might bring more harm than good.
One of my favorite thing about this show is the character set up for Mama and Daddy Bong. With plenty of human flaws, Mama and Daddy Bong are nonetheless awesome because of their great ability to love. Up to this point, I have always assumed Daddy Bong liked Hyun Ki because he was so brag worthy as a son-in-law and has never once considered the possibility that Daddy Bong actually loves Hyun Ki like a son. I was already impressed with Mama Bong for loving Mi Soon like her own daughter but how much greater Daddy Bong's love must be to still love the man who hurt his own daughter so badly? 

ps. We also find out from this week's episode that Daddy Bong has no intention of leaving the restaurant to Man Ho so that's why he asked Hae Ryung to come back to help him. Interestingly, Man Ho himself actually doesn't have much issue with Hae Ryung inheriting the restaurant but Se Ri obviously takes great issue with it. 

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  1. I've actually only watched through episode 28, but was curious about these episodes after seeing bits (w/o English subs), so I caved in and came here to see what was going on. Thanks for the recaps.