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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Happy Home Episode 35-36 Recap

Happy Home Episode 35-36 Recap by Ninja
Mi Soon's Story:
We finally find out this week how Mi Soon was able to open her restaurant when a tearful Mi Soon thank Mama Bong for transferring a large amount of money to her account and apologizes for using it to wage battles against Mama Bong's husband and son. Smiling, Mama Bong admit that while she was indeed shocked by the manner Mi Soon reappeared, she is nonetheless glad to have her near. 

Knowing full well how displeased Se Ri would be, Man Ho still buckles under his fear of having his video published for all to see and agrees to Mi Soon's demand to not only push his wedding back but to also help her see her daughters more. Getting more and more disillusioned with Man Ho, Se Ri sneaks out late one night to go clubbing and almost got caught early next morning by Man Ho. 

According to the previews for next week it looks like maybe the baby might not be Man Ho's ...things are going to get rowdy... 
Not about to stand by and watch Mi Soon working hard by herself to save the restaurant, Chul Soo surprises Mi Soon with a ready to go contract with a supermarket to start selling prepackaged Chinese meals. Immensely grateful for what Chul Soo has done, Mi Soon once again expresses the sentiment that Chul Soo is her lucky star. Staring at Mi Soon, Chul Soo replies cryptically "You need to make money quickly. Only then can I do my own things with a peace of mind." Puzzled, Mi Soon asks "What do you need to to do?" but Chul Soo avoids the question and quickly changes the topic. 
Thanks to Chul Soo's hard work things are starting to go smoothly again for Mi Soon's restaurant but as always, new trouble shows up at Mi Soon's door again. Seething once he found out that Mama Bong had emptied a saving account that he had put under her name, Daddy Bong becomes even more infuriated once he figures out that money was given to his ex-daughter-in-law. Feeling severely betrayed by...well, everyone, Daddy Bong storms into Mi Soon's restaurant to demand an explanation of how she managed to open a restaurant when she left his house empty handed. 
Hae Won's Story: 
Shamed and frustrated after accepting the "break up" money from Madam Lee, Hae Won shows Kang Min the check in order to convince him that she has "sold" her baby's father off. Immensely offended as he stares at the paltry amount on the check, Kang Min hilariously complains "This is crazy! Do you know how much my family is worth?! I am the sole heir so why would I only be worth this much?!" 
Smiling at Hae Won's incredulous expression, Kang Min assures her that he has been around enough money hungry women to know that Hae Won is not one of them and that she simply did the wisest thing to get rid of his mother. Putting his hands around Hae Won's shoulders, Kang Min says to their baby "Your mother is so smart!" 
Moved by Kang Min's trust in her, Hae Won tells him that while she still doesn't have any confidence in marrying him yet but she is willing to take the first step by dating. Overjoyed, Kang Min promptly plants a kiss on Hae Won. 
One of my favorite scene this week is when Hae Won takes a little revenge on Madam Lee by suggesting in front of reporters that she should donate a large amount of money to a worthy cause. Eager to show off, President Lee doesn't notice his wife's stiff smile and promptly agrees.  Feeling rather proud of Hae Won for one upping his own mother, Kang Min smiles at her with approval. 
How hilarious is that Kang Min is impressed by the fact that Hae Won can go head to head with his mother since he himself can't. 
Hae Ryung's Story:
Surprised to be confronted by Hae Ryung about his illness, Hyun Ki admits that he is indeed dying and wants to use his last remaining days with people he cares about. Shocked by Hyun Ki's admittance and angry at herself for crying over the news, Hae Ryung firmly tells Hyun Ki to stay away from her and her family. 

Coming out of the house just in time to see Hae Ryung turning to leave, a furious Madam Jang attacks Hae Ryung while accusing her of ruining her son. Too angry to notice or care that Hae Ryung is not fighting back at all, Madam Jang is eventually stunned out of her haze of fury when her son tearfully begs her to stop. 
Arriving in time to see Madam Jang's hands still grabbing Hae Ryung's hair, Ji Gun loses his temper and warns Madam Jang "This woman is no longer your daughter in law. She is the woman I am going to marry so don't think you can treat her according to your will anymore." 

Frustrated with Hae Ryung as well for not fighting back, a still angry Ji Gun yells at Hae Ryung "I thought you have gotten better so why did you still stand there like a dummy?!" Equally angry at Ji Gun for hiding Hyun Ki's illness from her, Hae Ryung yells back that she would've loved to fight back as well...but she of all people knows the pain of losing a child so how could she not feel sympathy towards another woman who is about to lose her only son. 
His frustration melting into heartache at Hae Ryung's angry outburst, Ji Gun stands by hopelessly as he follows Hae Ryung into the house and can do nothing but watch her sob in anguish. 

His heart still aching for all the pain Hae Ryung is going through, Ji Gun sits by Hae Ryung's bedside and tells her sleeping figure "This won't do anymore. I am going to have to be the bad guy. If I am going to be punished then I will accept it all. From now on, I am not going to feel sorry towards you nor am I going to pity that person (Hyun Ki). I am not going to think of anything else. I will only look at you, only think of protecting you." 
Apparently no one to dally around once he makes a decision, Ji Gun soon surprises Hae Ryung by opening his medical practice right in her family's neighborhood. 
Ignoring Ji Gun's repeated warning that he should just accept his impending death and leave Hae Ryung alone, Hyun Ki freely admits to a crying Hae Ryung that he is not above to use their past happy memories to get her to come to him..which was why he sang their son's favorite song that night. Near breaking point to be forced to relive the painful memories of their past, Hae Ryung yells "What do you want from me?! What do you want from me?!" 
Waiting for Hae Ryung to finish with her restaurant's employee dinner, Ji Gun stares at the ring box in his hand with nervous excitement while he stand in his um...interesting? creative? spook alley? proposal ready office. 
Unfortunately, Ji Gun's grandiose proposal plan was for naught because while Hae Ryung did eventually show up she also brought an unconscious Hyun Ki with her. Obviously worried about Hyun Ki's well being but trying hard to harden her heart, Hae Ryung stiffens in surprise when Hyun Ki grabs her hand and asks her to spend the next three months with him. 
Walking in at the perfect moment to hear Hyun Ki's request, Ji Gun is speechless once Hyun Ki dryly reminds him that not so long ago Ji Gun was the one who was brazenly declaring his love for Hae Ryung while she was still his wife. 
Back to munching on ice as she sits in the darkness at home, Hae Ryung suddenly remembers Ji Gun's comforting words "Just leave everything to me now." Desperately in need of Ji Gun's reassuring presence, Hae Ryung rushes over to Ji Gun's house but ends up missing Ji Gun because he is also on the way to her house. 

Missing each other terribly as they each wait for the other person, fate finally took pity on our two leads again and Hae Ryung looks up to see Ji Gun standing in front of her. Taking out the ring that has been burning a hole in his pocket, Ji Gun admits to Hae Ryung that he had been planning to propose to her that night. Opening the ring box, Ji Gun drops the ring by accident but luckily Hae Ryung catches it in time and promptly puts it on herself.  
A kiss to seal a successful proposal. 
Pleasantly surprised to realize that Ji Gun is the doctor at their neighborhood's brand new practice, Mama Bong eagerly invites Ji Gun over for dinner but doesn't bother to tell her husband. Feeling no qualms that she has called over every member of the family except Daddy Bong to meet Ji Gun, Mama Bong officially accepts Ji Gun as her future son-in-law. 
Still reeling from his new discovery that Mama Bong has taken "his" money and given it to Mi Soon, a drunk Daddy Bong becomes even more furious when he sees Ji Gun walking out of his house with all of the Bong family members already referring to him as a son-in-law. Interrupting his family's happy mood, Daddy Bong grabs Hyun Ki's hand and loudly declares that Hyun Ki is the only son-in-law he will admit. 
FINALLY picking up the obvious clues that something is wrong with her son after she eavesdrops on Hyun Ki's conversation with his doctor friend, a still doubting Madam Jang is forced to admit the shocking truth when she confirms with her own eyes at the columbarium that Hyun Ki had reserved the space right next to her grandson's. 

Walking aimlessly in the rain as she thinks back to the simple things Hyun Ki had asked of her as a son...and how she had failed him every single time, the always proud Madam Jang collapses to the ground and screams in angish. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Sigh...I really thought I would be happy to see the great Madam Jang stripped all of her pride but I ended up crying when it finally happened. As much as Madam Jang has been an easy character to despise, but like Hae Ryung pointed out to Ji Gun, it is impossible to not feel pity for a woman who has just been pushed into hell. What makes Madam Jang's situation even more tragic of course is that her son has repeatedly tried to reach out to her but instead of giving him the love he desperately wants she has been the source of his misery. 
If my heart ached for the unlikely candidate of Madam Jang this week then it was severely disappointed by how Daddy Bong acted towards Mi Soon and his wife. I have been a staunch supporter up to this point that as flawed as Daddy Bong is, his shortcomings are made insignificant by his ability to love those around him. However, I was pretty disappointed by Daddy Bong's "woe is me" attitude this week. From his stubborn wish that Mama Bong would magically go back to being the mousy obedient wife to his ridiculous sense of betrayal that the slave like daughter-in-law who he threw out without a cent would dare to take his money to wage a battle against him. What seem even more absurd is Daddy Bong's willingness to hurt his own daughter out of consideration for Hyun Ki. I can understand Daddy Bong's affection for Hyun Ki but no father worth his salt would put another man's mental welfare in front of his own daughter's well being. 
Onto the difficult and very tangled relationship between our three leads. I find Hae Ryung's inner struggle towards Hyun Ki's impending death quite realistic and understandable. As much as Hae Ryung logically knows that she should not care a wit about what happens to her ex, but as we have already established, our heroine is a very soft hearted person so it would be out of character for her to be emotionally unmoved by Hyun Ki. He is after all a man she once loved... might still love to some extent and the father of her child. Moreover, this is a guess but I am assuming his illness had freed Hyun Ki from his perpetual mask and this newly released Hyun Ki is probably the person Hae Ryung fell in love with. So, all things considered I think it would be nigh impossible fore Hae Ryung's heart to not be thrown into chaos right now. 
I am not too worried about Hae Ryung falling back in love with Hyun Ki though. As much as Hae Ryung is Hyun Ki's saving grace all along but Hyun Ki has become Hae Ryung's nightmare...to the point I don't think even their once sweet memories could salvage. While the writer has shown us that our heroine obviously still care about her ex but we also get plenty of hints that when Hyun Ki is around Hae Ryung is in danger of turning back into that desperate damsel Ji Gun had worked so hard to rescue. To Hae Ryung, Hyun Ki has always been a taker and that hasn't changed one bit since he is STILL asking her to save him. 
This whole messy dynamic was shown quite skillfully by the writer in the scene of Hae Ryung reverting back to crunching on ice chips after Hyun Ki asks her to spend the next three months with him. Feeling that familiar sense of desperation, Hae Ryung had grabbed onto a beacon of hope when she suddenly remembers Ji Gun's words of "Just leave everything to me." Romantic love aside (which I do believe exists between the two leads), Ji Gun is Hae Ryung saving grace and THAT is someone Hyun Ki has never been for her. 

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ps. I will be on vacation for the next two weeks. I have no clue how reliable my internet access will be so while I will still try to stick to my recap schedule the posts will be a lot more concise...which judging by how verbose I was in this particular one that might be a good thing all around. 

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  1. Thanks for the recaps. I agree with just about everything you stated in your thoughts especially - "Romantic love aside (which I do believe exists between the two leads)", I got that vibe as well especially from Lee Sang Woo with that kiss, we will see for sure in a couple of months after the show as its a known fact that the actress is a very shy and private person. He is a private person as well so before the end of the year anything is possible.

    Other - from the preview it appears that Seri is going to get caught with the baby mix up/scandal. I do not want Mi Soon to go back to Man Ho but she could continue her ties with her daughter and mom because they were her family, adopt her for all I care. If she is to have a relationship or start one - not Chul Soo, I hope its with a man that knows how to appreciate and sincerely love her because she was not appreciated by Sam Bong or Man Ho nor loved by Man Ho.

    Have a good vacation.