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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Happy Homes Episode 29-30 Recap

Happy Homes Episode 29-30 Recap by Ninja
Hae Won's Story: Not making any headway with Hae Won no matter what he tries, Kang Min decides to build on his success with Hae Won's family by hiring chefs to lay out an elaborate dinner for his future in-laws. Coming home after walking aimlessly to wrap her head around the shocking discovery that her baby girl is pregnant, Mama Bong explodes in anger the moment she spots Kang Min in her own house and promptly pushes his face into a bowl of pasta.

No less stunned then his wife once he finds out about Hae Won's pregnancy, Daddy Bong order the more than willing Kang Min to marry his daughter but Hae Won vehemently refuses.

Horrified that her precious son is not only insisting on marrying a nobody but that particular nobody is Hae Ryung's little sister, Madam Lee storms into Hae Won's work determined to give Hae Won a tongue lashing. Having seen with her own eyes Madam Lee's mode of operation when she tried to used the same method to get Hae Ryung away from Ji Gun, Hae Won is not about to allow herself to be bullied. Stunned when a sassy Hae Won declares publicly that her precious son is utterly useless in her eyes, Madam Lee becomes even more speechless once Hae Won asks her to keep Kang Min from following her around.
Greatly impressed to see his mom suffering an epic defeat in Hae Won's hand, Kang Min tries to follow Hae Won's example...and ends up showing up at Hae Won's door with a suitcase after getting kicked out of the house by Madam Lee.
Mi Soon's Story: The battle between Mi Soon and the Bong family rages on as Mi Soon begins to attract Daddy Bong's old customers to her. Her turn to be the jealous wife now that Mi Soon has become the unattainable for Man Hoo, Se Ri rushes out when she gets a text from her friend asking why Man Ho is with his ex. Arriving just in time to see Man Ho admiring Mi Soon's beauty while she is being interview by a tv station, Se Ri starts to argue loudly with Man Ho. 

Completely focused on venting her anger, Se Ri doesn't notice Man Ho's attempt to point out the black marker drawings all over her face. Finally realizing something is amiss after Man Ho runs away in shame for standing beside her, Se Ri gasps in horror once Mi Soon takes pity on her and hands her a mirror. 
Furious once she figures out that Jin Hwa must be the one that drew on her face, Se Ri spanks Jin Hwa in anger. Shocked as she comes out of her room to find her two granddaughters in tears, Mama Bong explodes in anger and spanks Se Ri as well. Frustrated that Mama Bong is determined to dislike her, Se Ri starts to protest but is stopped when Man Ho covers her mouth. 
Happy but also burdened by his father's sudden change of attitude towards him, Man Ho panics when he accidentally mess up the broth Daddy Bong has left him in charge of. Not wanting to disappoint his father, Man Ho turns to Mi Soon for help and is pleasantly surprised to find Mi Soon's attitude towards him to be rather friendly. 
Lost in his own imagination that Mi Soon still has feelings for him, Man Ho excitedly meets her for a lunch date only to be severely disappointed when Mi Soon's attitude suddenly reverts back to disgust. Storming out of the house once again when she gets a text from Mi Soon showing Man Ho having a cozy meal with her, Se Ri arrives in time to see Man Ho standing in nothing but his underwear. Proving that he is forever ruled by his foolish pride, Man Ho falls into Mi Soon's trap the moment she reminds him that she was the one that bought everything he is wearing and demands for him to take them all off right there. Sneering as she looks at Man Ho and Se Ri's faces, Mi Soon warns that if either of they make her daughters cry again then she will not let them off so easily the next time. 
Hae Ryung's Story: Seemingly uncaring even as his mother has started the ball rolling on his next marriage, Hyun Ki's detachment crumbles the moment he sees Hae Ryung smiling happily with Ji Gun's son. Unable to stop himself, Hyun Ki angers Hae Ryung by demanding to know if she is trying to replace their son with the little boy. Reminding Hyun Ki that they are strangers now, Hae Ryung walks away as Hyun Ki watches hopelessly. 
Already embarrassed when she had to resort to lying to cover up for Hyun Ki's absence during what was suppose to be his engagement meeting, Madam Jang is humiliated when her son shows up right in the middle of her pretending to have a conversation with him on the phone. Blaming Hae Ryung for Hyun Ki's unwillingness to just obediently marry whoever she chose for him, Madam Jang becomes more furious the more she relives the humiliation she suffered. 
Making up his mind that the best thing he could do for Hae Ryung is to disappear from her life...soon, Ji Gun is trying desperately to make as many happy memories for Hae Ryung as he can with the little amount of time left. 

Clueless that helping her regain the skill of driving is one of Ji Gun's goal to accomplish before he leaves, Hae Ryung happily dreams about the day she would be able to drive Ji Gun around normally. 

Heading to Hae Ryung's house bright and early to vent her anger, Madam Jang orders her driver to follow Hae Ryung's car when she spots Hae Ryung practicing driving with Ji Gun. Knowing full well how scared Hae Ryung is of driving ever since her son died, Madam Jang had her driver purposefully taunts Hae Ryung with her car. 
Panicking with each near run ins with Madam Jang's car, Hae Ryung mistakenly steps on the gas peddle and ends up crushing the car. Shield Hae Ryung from the impact at the last second with his own body, Ji Gun is hurt severely while Hae Ryung walks away from the crush unharmed. 

Regaining consciousness for the briefest moment on the ambulance, Ji Gun's first thought is of Hae Ryung and passes out again in relief once Hae Ryung tearfully assures him that she is okay. 
Arriving on the scene of the accident moments after the crush because he had been tipped off by Young Eun that his mother was heading to Hae Ryung's house, Hyun Ki looks at Hae Ryung with pain as she relives her worst nightmare of losing yet another person she loves. Literally shaking in fear at the thought that Ji Gun would die, Hae Ryung is too overwhelmed with guilt to even walk into the hospital. Dragging a struggling Hae Ryung all the way to where Ji Gun's hospital room is at, Hyun Ki leaves after telling Hae Ryung to simply check for herself how Ji Gun is faring. 
Gearing up her courage especially after receiving an obviously false text from Ji Gun assuring her that he is not hurt one bit, Hae Ryung finally walks into Ji Gun's hospital room and tearfully confesses how utterly terrified at the thought of losing him. Apologizing to Hae Ryung for scaring her, Ji Gun tells Hae Ryung the thought of losing her also made him want to die as well. 
Confronted by Hyun Ki about her presence at the scene of the accident, Madam Jang coldly complains about Hae Ryung's foolishness of attempting to drive with her phobia. Forcing herself to pretend disinterest even after hearing Ji Gun's severe injuries, Madam Jang's mask finally slips a bit when Hyun Ki asks "I still have no right to be greedy for her. I had wanted to beg her to come back. Tell her I love her and ask her to be by my side again. I had thought I might be able to feel the happiness that I once experienced while Seo Jin was alive.

Nodding in agreement when Madam Jang points out that Hae Ryung's heart has already moved on, Hyun Ki continues "I know, I know that. But I wanted to beg one last time. But I can't even do that now. I can't let my own happiness cause that woman's death again." 
Sending a totally reassured Hae Ryung off to work the next morning in his hospital gown, Ji Gun's smile wanes the moment Hae Ryung is out of sight as he looks at his bandaged right hand. Not surprised when he turns around to find Hyun Ki standing not too far away, Ji Gun freely admits that he has already found out about the nerve damage to his hand. Intrigued by Ji Gun's cavalier attitude, Hyun Ki asks "You seem be rather at ease for a surgeon who can't hold an operating knife again?" 
Laughing dryly, Ji Gun explains "The place I hate the most in the whole world is to stand in front of an operating table. Instead of helping a patient, I feel like I am dying myself." Continuing after seeing Ji Gun's mildly surprised expression, Ji Gun continues "You don't have to worry that I will use this as an exchange for forgiveness. I will leave...but please give me some time." 

Having seen Hae Ryung's desperation firsthand while Ji Gun was unconscious, Hyun Ki tells Ji Gun to stay put for the time being because losing Ji Gun at this point might push Hae Ryung back into the hell she barely just left. 
Kept in the dark about the true extent of Ji Gun's injury, Hae Ryung divides her time between work and keeping Ji Gun company at the hospital. Bringing Ji Gun's son with her after work, the threesome are in the middle of having a cozy time reading comic books together in Ji Gun's hospital room when Madam Lee shows up unexpectedly. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Well, let's hope Hae Ryung will take a lesson from her little sister and gain some fighting power against Madam Lee...who really has no business meddling in Ji Gun's affair anyway. 
One VERY important thing I didn't find a place for in the recap is all the clues pointing to Hyun Ki having some sort of illness. It looks Hyun Ki is starting to lose control of his hand and having blurry vision? I am not too sure about the blurry vision but it was something big enough that had him zoning out for a few very awkward moments while he was in the middle of a store promotion event. I am pretty lacking when it comes to medical stuff so I have no clue what Hyun Ki might have but whatever it is this is certainly a big plot twist. 
I am not too worry about our heroine going back to Hyun Ki since the writer has been pretty clear that Hae Ryung doesn't have romantic feelings for him anymore, but I am almost hoping this plot twist might give Young Eun a chance. I know, I know. I am not suppose to like her...but it's so difficult to not feel bad for Young Eun who really seem to be the only one that understands Hyun Ki. 
Besides the siblings' story I am actually starting to be quite interested to see how their parents' marriage is going to evolve from this point on. Stretched to the breaking point after everything that has happened, Mama Bong is finally releasing all those pant up anger against Daddy Bong. I almost feel a bit bad for Daddy Bong since he obviously has plenty on his plate at this point but I also think it's time he learn the lesson of not messing with his wife. 
Mama Bong is hands down my favorite person at this point. I was completely won over by Mama Bong when she made clear to Hae Won that while she is still angry at her but she is going to do everything possible to support her little girl. If it wasn't for Ji Gun and Chul Soo, I probably would be voting for all the girls to ditch the guys and live together as one big happy family. 


  1. Thank you so much for your recaps. This episode was interesting as it seems that Hae Won is to make a man out of Kang Min. Hyun ki has a neurological illness - the signs are there, Hae Ryung has to face her fear so does Ji Gun has to confront no longer being a surgeon. Plus mama bong who has been mom of the year has reached her limit with what's happening around her - looking forward to that. Its time Sambong learns to appreciate his wife.

    1. I totally agree. Go Mama Bong!