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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Les Interprètes Episode 5-10 Second Impression

Les Interprètes or The Interpreter Episode 5-10 Summary
Determined to not be kicked out of the interpreter program no matter how much Jia Yang (hero) picks on her, Qiao Fei shows up uninvited at an international conference and promptly makes a huge mistake that all but ensures that her name will be on the elimination list. 

Unable to deny all of Qiao Fei's hard work and the fact that she is indeed one of the best in the class, Jia Yang tries to get Qiao Fei to accept a job from his friend instead of wasting time with the program. Having learned the hard way to see past Jia Yang's harsh words and frustrating actions to find his good intentions, Qiao Fei turns the job offer down and insists again that she will hold on to the very last second. 

A frequent customer at the wine restaurant Qiao Fei works at, Jia Yang ended up passing out after a night of drinking with his friend. Dismayed when she walks in to see Jia Yang unconscious and abandoned by his drunk friend, Qiao Fei has no choice but to sneak Jia Yang past her roommate and into her room for the night. 
Somehow rolling off Qiao Fei's bed and landing right next to her on the floor sometime during the night, Jia Yang wakes up to find himself staring at an equally stunned Qiao Fei. 
Showing up bright and early at Qiao Fei's house in search of his lost buddy, Jia Yang's friend and Qiao Fei's roommate laugh suggestively when they realize our two leads spent the whole night together. (Qiao Fei's roommate/BFF Jia Yi is actually dating Qiao Fei's exboyfriend right now but it looks like she will end up with Jia Yang's friend instead in the end. BTW, Jia Yi still doesn't know her boyfriend is Qiao Fe's ex yet.) 

Still convinced as ever that Qiao Fei should be let go even after being taken in by her, Jia Yang ruthlessly tells Qiao Fei to type up a text with the names of those he suggests for the next elimination round ...with her name on it. 
Sitting on pins and needles as all the trainers walk in to announces the names of those who has to leave, Qiao Fei closes her eyes in anguish when her name was the last to be read. Snapping her eyes open in disbelief when Jia Yang continues after a pause "will stay on, on the condition of probation," Qiao Fei tears up with relief as she is informed that since there is a shortage of trainees she has made the cut off. Ha, the hero sure enjoys torturing Qiao Fei... 

Jia Yang was actually the one who saved Qiao Fei from being cut. Qiao Fei's points were almost in the negative after her "big mistake" at the internal conference but Jia Yang met with his boss and took responsibility for not preparing Qiao Fei properly before the event. 
Having ordered Qiao Fei to work overtime to prepare for an upcoming assignment, Jia Yang is at first puzzled when he walks into the office to find Qiao Fei gone then furious once he realizes Jia Yang is at a night club. Qiao Fei had went to the club as a favor for her best friend by pretending to be Jia Yi's manager. 

Literally running out of the office and speeding all the way to the night club, Jia Yang is in no mood to be polite as he stares down a lecherous old man before whisking Qiao Fei away. 
Looking at Qiao Fei's reveling clothes with distaste, Jia Yang ended up taking her to a hotel and ordering her to work through the night AFTER she changed in a new set of clothes. (Qiao Fei lost her house key so she couldn't go home and change...not sure why they couldn't go back to work after she bought her new clothes but I am sure hotel is always the logical choice when you are with the hero.) 
Eating breakfast with Jia Yang the next morning in the hotel dining room, Qiao Fei is in quite an amicable mood towards our hero...that is until he throws money on the table to "buy" her time for the night before. Staring at Jia Yang in disbelief as he accuses her of selling her body for money, Qiao Fei storms off after yelling at Jia Yang for being on his high horse and never taking the time to consider that other people might have hardships he doesn't understand. 
Our heroine's anger probably would've lasted a lot longer if it wasn't for an incident that happened while she was out drinking with her BFF. Waking up in the morning after a night of drinking, Qiao Fei is horrified when her BFF Jia Yi informs her that she had single handily trashed Jia Yang's very expensive car the night before. (It was actually Jia Yi that did it but since Qiao Fei doesn't remember anything her BFF apparently didn't feel any qualms of blaming the whole thing on her.) 

Feeling the pricks of her conscious when she sees Jia Yang standing by his broken car mirror, Qiao Fei feels even worse when Jia Yang voluntarily apologizes to her for making rash judgments without knowing her circumstance. 
While among the battles of will between of two leads, Jia Yang almost always comes out on top but without our hero realizing it Qiao Fei is changing him little by little. 

Remembering the breakfast Qiao Fei tried to get him to eat a short while ago (which he gave away), Jia Yang finds himself standing in front of the same street vendor and taking his very first bite of street food. Influenced by Qiao Fei's constant complaint that he is too severe towards his trainees, Jia Yang starts to wonder if he doesn't have to be so harsh all the time. Already surprised when Jia Yang shows up at work with breakfast for everyone, Jia Yang's co-works becomes even more amazed when they see him smiling as he talks to Qiao Fei unlike his usual grumpy self. 
Not pleased at all to see the influence Qiao Fei has on Jia Yang, the hero's secret crush Xiao Hua firmly tells the hero he should not let others change his teaching style so easily. 

It looks like Xiao Hua probably knows Jia Yang's feeling towards her but since she is in love with Jia Yang's brother (Jia Ming, also the heroine's ex) she puts him firmly in the little brother category... but apparently she is also not ready to have him noticing other girls yet. 
By chance, Qiao Fei finds out Jia Yang's secret crush when she sees Xiao Hua throwing a picture Jia Yang had given her away. Returning Jia Yang's treasured picture of himself with Xiao Hua years ago to him, Qiao Fei ignores Jia Yang's rather stern warning that she should mind her own business and insists on helping Jia Yang to get the girl. 
Literally dragging Jia Yang all the way to Xiao Hua's house so he can confess with a bouquet of roses, Qiao Fei's good intention turns out badly when Xiao Hua's new boyfriend proposes to her right in front of Jia Yang. 

Xiao Hua is still in love with the hero's brother but is trying to force herself to accept the guy her father has chosen for her because Jia Ming has repeatedly rejected her. 
Eager to help Jia Yang even if her impromptu confession plan didn't go so well, Qiao Fei works through the night to write up a notebook of relationship tips for Jia Yang. Ignoring Jia Yang's look of disdain when she gave him the notebook, Qiao Fei promises that she will do everything in her power to help him. 

Laughing with glee as he reads Qiao Fei's relationship tips, Jia Yang quickly hides the notebook AND the street food he has been munching on when his mother comes into his room to urge him to go on marriage meets again. 
Seeing first hand several times how desperately Qiao Fei seems to be lacking on money, Jia Yang introduces a lucrative gig from his friend to Qiao Fei. A bit nervous to be a tour guide to a small group of French VIPs, Qiao Fei breathes a sigh of relief when Jia Yang shows up unexpectedly "to make sure that she doesn't mess things up." 

The tour trip was bumpy right off the start when one of the tourist disappeared and ended up in the hospital. Butting heads the whole time when it comes to the issue of how to deal with the patient, Qiao Fei can't understand Jia Yang's unemotional way of handling problems while Jia Yang accuses Qiao Fei of letting her emotions do all the decision making. Eventually, Jia Yang cool reasoning saved the patient's life while Qiao Fei was able to get Jia Yang to relent and allow the man to finish his tour when he would've rather send the guy back to France on the first plane out. 
Knocking on Jia Yang's hotel room door to pass on a drink invitation from one of their tour member, Qiao Fei squeals in shock when Jia Yang opens the door half naked revealing a woman standing by the bed waiting for him. Sending the woman out and dragging a flustered Qiao Fei into his room, Jia Yang impatiently tells a struggling Qiao Fei that she misunderstood the whole situation. 
Bursting out in laughter when Jia Yang turns his back to show her the tattoo he was thinking about getting, Jia Yang laughs even harder when Jia Yang huffily tells her that he was only doing it because she had advised him to be more whimsical in his actions so he was trying to fulfill a childhood wish . 

The tattoo was suppose to be "Serve the country with the utmost loyalty" based on the Yue Fei legend.  
Rather comfortable with Jia Yang after everything she has been through with him, Qiao Fei smiles happily when Jia Yang finally admits that they are friends "You have already seen me at my worst several times when I was drunk. So if we are not friends I will have to kill you."  
Flying home late at night after sending their French tourist off, Qiao Fei is once again left stranded when she lost her keys. Resigned when Jia Yang insists on checking her into a hotel, Qiao Fei waits until Jia Yang leaves then sneaks back to the receptionist desk and asks for a refund. 

Unfortunately, Qiao Fei's cleaver getaway was caught by Jia Yang when he got suspicious and came back to the hotel to check on her.
I love that our hero is completely unaware that he cares too much for Qiao Fei's well being, while Qiao Fei is also used to him meddling in her affair. 
Dragging Qiao Fei out of the internet cafe she was planning to spend the night at, Jia Yang takes her to his new company apartment and leaves her there while he goes back to his family home for the night. 
Putting on a rob as she steps out of the shower, Qiao Fei opens the apartment door assuming Jia Yang had forgotten something when the door bell rang but it turns out to be Xiao Hua instead. 

Episode 5-10 Ninja's Second Impression:
I am liking this one more and more. Especially since it's so easy to just watch one episode after another. The problem of uninteresting secondary characters that I mentioned in my first impression hasn't improve much, but I find them minor annoyances thus far. 

This one still has about 30 episodes left so as always the curse of C-drama where the plot takes a nose dive about half through is still there but for now I am enjoying the hero's beginning signs of jealousy and his clueless of his own feelings immensely. 
I like the hero's character much more than the heroine's in this one but there is enough spunk in Qiao Fei that her sometimes brainless forward charge into messy situations is forgivable once I figure in the amount of times I am impressed by her determination to remain positive under the worst situation. 
I didn't find a good place to put this in the summary but we did find out a little bit about the heroine's relationship with Ji Yang's brother, Ji Ming. A playboy through and through, Ji Ming have only ever taken one woman seriously and that's Qiao Fei of course. Based on Ji Ming's words, Qiao Fei apparently left him after asking his mother for a large sum of money. Qiao Fei doesn't bother to explain herself but merely stress that things were not what Ji Ming thinks and she has only ever considered him a good friend. 

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  1. I started watching this based on your previous write-up and I am only at 10. But the closing credits song has me worried - man the DRAMA that is coming looks way too much for me.

  2. This is as good as it gets with this drama. It starts to look like they switched writers in the last 3/4 of the drama. The writer made Qiao Fei simplistic, unaccepting of reason and one dimensional. She becomes idealistic on how to have a successful and supporting relationship. Her idea are far from reality and closer to story book fables.