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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 10 Recap

Love at Seventeen Episode 10 Recap by Ninja
Taken aside by Shu Lei to be reminded that "a boy's hand can't be held casually", our poor confused heroine comes to the conclusion that she must've done something wrong towards Hao Yi...even if she still can't fathom what's so bad about holding hands.

Convinced now that Hao Yi must be angry at her because of something she did, Alice knocks on Hao Yi's bedroom door and tries to use the trick Shu Lei taught her to get Hao Yi to forgive her. Amused that Alice is using his twin sister's old trick of "flatter then praise", Hao Yi assures Alice that he is fine and even uses a stuffed animal to sing her a little cheering chant... without ever opening the door between them.
Still on the plan of supporting Alice from afar, Hao Yi decides to stay away from Alice's very first public appearance for her company's promotional event and sends his assistant instead to watch over her.

Pleasantly surprised when he comes out of his room to find breakfast and an old style handheld recorder besides it, Hao Yi imagines Alice sitting right in front of him as he listens to her voice on the recorder. Wincing as he listens to Alice's determined cheery voice apologizing for treating him like she would treat her girl best friends and promising that she will not bother him nor hold his hand anymore, Hao Yi finally realizes that he is making the very same mistake he had vowed not to make. Racing out the door, Hao Yi promises himself that he will not let doubts or the fear of consequences to hold him back again.
Meanwhile, Alice is doing a surprisingly good job introducing her company's promotion as she tells a large crowd the story of how she met her two best friends. (The story helped to explain a lot about the dynamic of the three girls. It makes a whole lot more sense now why Xiao Fen always took Shu Lei's side...and why Alice never had a problem with it. Alice had always been the newcomer since Shu Lei and Xiao Fen were already best friends when she got to know them. Shu Lei were the one that invited Alice to join their two person club so it probably seemed natural that Shu Lei could kick Alice out as well.)

Noticing Hao Yi's arrival during the end of her speech, Alice starts to thank Hao Yi as her "special friend" but stops abruptly when Hao Yi loudly refuted "I am not your friend."
Hurt by Hao Yi's denial, Alice is about to turn away when Hao Yi jumps on the stage and grabs her hand "I am not your good friend, because you said as friends you won't hold my hand anymore...but I don't want to let you go anymore. Alice, let's date.
Taking Alice away from the cheering crowd, Hao Yi smiles as he looks at Alice's uneasy expression and tells her "Okay, ask me what you want." Looking down with uncertainty Alice asks "He Hao Yi...do you know what it means to be in a relationship?"

Looking up in surprise when Hao Yi freely admits "Of course I know. It means I like you." Alice listens with awe as Hao Yi continues "I liked you since I was 17 but I was too immature then and used various dumb methods to figure out who you liked instead of just asking you."

Cupping Alice's face with his hands, Hao Yi declares "Alice, don't get me wrong again. When I say I like you, it is the confession that I owe you since I was 17."
His bright smile turning to one of concern when he notices Alice's face is very warm to the touch, Hao Yi mutters "Why are you so hot, did you get a heatstroke?" and puts his forehead to hers.

Completely flustered by Hao Yi's closeness, Alice runs away after throwing down an excuse of going to buy some drinks for everyone. Realizing what happened as he looks at Alice's escaping figure, Hao Yi shakes his head and chides himself "I guess that was too intense for a 17 year old girl. He Hao Yi! Let's take this slowly!"
Keeping a close eye on Peter ever since Hao Yi's very public confession, Shu Lei drags a very grumpy Peter to the swimming pool. In no mood to go swimming, Peter turns to leave but stops when Shu Lei says "You like Alice enough to admit it freely even to me so if you could've confessed to her you would've done it a long time ago but you didn't. This means the obstacle between you and Alice cannot be He Hao Yi. Even though I don't know what that obstacle is and it doesn't concern me but if you heart keeps having distractions then that will bother me as well."  I wonder what Shu Lei means by that last sentence? 

The flash back Peter had right after Shu Lei's words also had an interesting timing. Shu Lei had used the word obstacle then we are given a flash back of Alice saving Peter from the school bullies. Excepts this time we are given an added detail of Peter warning Alice that the school bullies will surely target her from this point on. Soooo, is the memory Alice wants to forget involves Peter and that's why he doesn't feel like she would ever accept him? 

Overjoyed that his boss has finally found his true love, Hao Yi's assistant surprises Alice with a company party THEN surprises his own boss by playing an old familiar song for the two love birds to dance to. Pieces of her memory awakened by the familiar way Hao Yi holds out his hand to invite her to dance, Alice hesitates as her hand almost touches Hao Yi's...then finally runs away after whispering "I am sorry." Ouch, our poor hero. That's like reliving his nightmare. 
Catching up to Alice after she runs out, Hao Yi finds himself speechless when Alice demands "Before I lost my memory, the person I like probably wasn't you right?" Disappointed when Hao Yi's silence confirms her suspicion, Alice refutes Hao Yi's assurance that they could just forget the past and protests "I do feel something special towards you...but I don't even know how to describe that feeling. Sometimes I want to get close to you but sometimes I find myself becoming leery that you will suddenly start to ignore me. What if I have someone important to me before I lost my memory? What if I agreed to be with you and then that person suddenly comes back?"

Giving Alice a tired smile as his answer, Hao Yi replies "From the very first time I met you, I have been chasing after you. If I hesitates then you will disappear. If I am just a moment too late, then you even forget who I am. It's been 13 years. I am tired of trying to catch up. You don't have to run anymore, I am no longer going to chase after you."
Having watched Hao Yi's big confession then the two love birds' subsequent parting later that night, Shu Lei keeps the depressed Peter company through it all. Shaking off his melancholy mood with a laugh, Peter turns to Shu Lei and asks "If you really like me so much then I am okay with dating you." Not pleased at all to hear Peter's words, a very huffy Shu Lei declares that she will never be a "back up" for Peter and stress the fact that Peter will always be the school nerd in her eyes.
Feeling quite desolate as she walks home alone after a day of sensing Hao Yi's presence everywhere but never seeing him, Alice chides herself "Alice you dummy. If he likes you then you should just accept him. You rejected him and now you spend all day being tormented over it."

Following Alice the whole way while she is busy complaining to herself, Hao Yi sighs in resignation when a sudden rain sends Alice off running for home and he is back to chasing after her ...again.
Tipped toeing home, Hao Yi's resolution to stay out of Alice's sight melts away the moment he finds Alice unconscious on the ground. Taking care of Alice the whole night to cool her fever down, Hao Yi finds himself softening again as a delirious Alice grabs his hand and pleas with him to stay. Content to feel Hao Yi's hand around hers, Alice closes her eyes trustingly.
We have a small time jump here which I am assuming will be covered in the next episode. 
Her eyes lighting up when she spots Hao Yi, Alice runs with all her might to catch up with him. Breaking out in a big smile when she eventually catches Hao Yi's attention, Alice yells "He Hao Yi, I finally remember who I liked when I was 17!"

Ninja's Thoughts
Ha! According to the previews it looks like we will be getting TWO kisses next week. Initiated by our female leads no less! 
So a few more clues given out in this episode. I don't know about you guys but I am still pretty confused. It seems certain by now that the mysterious incident that Alice wanted to forget before her amnesia had something to do with the school bullies. The incident caused Alice to transfer school and is most likely also the reason that Peter has been unable to confess his feelings. 

I was hoping maybe I was starting to figure the mystery out but then the conversation between Peter and Shu Lei made me confused again. Standing with Shu Lei as they watch their co-workers congratulate our two leads for becoming a couple (this is after the big confession but before Alice rejected him), Peter tells Shu Lei confidently "If Alice regains her memory then I can promise you that there is no way she would be with He Hao Yi." Peter's confidence seems to suggest that Hao Yi is somehow part of that mystery past that if Alice ever regains her memory then she would never allow herself to be with him. So confused! Hao Yi obviously has no clue what happened to Alice so how can he be part of it? 
After this week's episode I find myself really softening towards our hero. In the past I had always thought Hao Yi deserved the hardship he got from Alice because he turned his back on her during their high school days, but our hero's outburst during Alice's rejection allowed me to see him as the poor guy who has been paying for a mistake he made during his youth for the last 13 years. 

I am assuming the little flash back we got of Hao Yi collecting the lucky five leaf clover was back in his university days so that means not only has our hero remembered Alice all this time but he has been actively searching out the clovers for her. Sigh...how can my little heart not melt... 

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