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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 11 Recap

Love at Seventeen Episode 11 Recap by Ninja
Back tracking a bit from the end of episode 10 where Alice chased after Hao Yi.

Bumping into Peter by accident at the company, Shu Lei is visibly flustered when Peter asks "Have you thought about why I have begin to care less about Alice after I met you again?" Shaken when Peter suggests that he would be willing to take a step towards her if she could get over her pride to be the first one to show her interest, Shu Lei calls Peter's name to stop him from leaving but ultimately loses her courage under his expectant gaze.

Despite Peter's advise that she should wait until her memory comes back before she thinks about starting a relationship, Alice can't stop herself from thinking about Hao Yi all day. Knowing full well that she is the one that pushed Hao Yi away but finding herself missing him terribly Alice's eyes light up once she notices Hao Yi standing not too far away from her. Yelping in dismay when Hao Yi looks down at his watch then takes off running down the street, Alice chases after him while yelling his name. Finally the one running after Hao Yi instead of the other way around, the somewhat familiar scene triggers a wave of memories to come back to Alice. Smiling brightly when she finally catches up to Hao Yi, Alice yells "I remember who the 17 year old me liked!" 
Surprised to see Alice and to hear her declaration that he is the one she liked 13 years ago, Hao Yi wordlessly holds out the pudding cup he had ran all the way to buy. 

Ahh, that's so sweet. If you remember, Alice's favorite pudding cups were sold by a street vendor that only sells them for a short time each day so that why Hao Yi was running around. 
Despite Alice's firm conviction that he is the one she liked back in their school days, Hao Yi is not buying any of it. Frustrated when Hao Yi insists that Alice did not show any signs of liking him at all, Alice mutters to herself "Hao Yi is a dummy! I should've done this when I was 17!" 

Marching towards Hao Yi with a determined expression, Alice grabs his head and plants a kiss right on his lips. Shyly pulling away from a stunned Hao Yi, Alice says "This is what I owed you back when I was 17." 
Not about to let Alice walk off after the bomb she just dropped, Hao Yi makes his own claim "You also owe the thirty year old me" as he pulls her into his arms and plant a kiss much more befitting for their age. 
Laughing together as they reminisce of the various memories Alice remembers, Hao Yi once again tries to figure out who Shu Lei's mysterious Peter was and why Alice had turned down his invitation to dance on that fateful night. STILL determined to keep Peter's secret, Alice refuses to answer Hao Yi's first question but looks at Hao Yi with puzzlement when he asks if she had turned him down that night for Cheng Qi Tai (a popular boy at school, the one Alice was caught in the tent with, also the bully that was picking on Peter). 

Realizing that Alice has only remembered the good memories without any of the bad ones, Hao Yi decides that perhaps keeping Alice happy is the most important thing. 
Their relationship confirmed, our two leads enjoy their first breakfast together as a couple...among other things...
Muttering grumpily when the sounds of his twin sister stumbling out of her bedroom forces him to end the kiss, Hao Yi resorts to making a "heart toast" for his lady. 

Eyeing Hao Yi and Alice suspiciously the moment she spots the jelly made heart shape on the toast, Xiao Fen yells "I knew it!" once her brother freely admits that he and Alice are a couple now. 
Encouraged by Hao Yi that it's time for her to start making friends, Alice asks her confused old co-workers a bunch of question in an attempt to get to know them. At first stunned by the dramatic change of their "company robot", Alice's co-workers eventually realize that she is sincere and quickly show their willingness to befriend her. 
Moving down her list of people she has to reacquaint herself with, Alice meets with Peter and asks in her trademark straight forward manner how he has gone from the school nerd to ...not. A bit torn to see Alice back to her old friendly self especially after hearing her describe her relationship with Hao Yi as fated to be, Peter is nonetheless amused by Alice's question and admits that he had worked extremely hard because he wanted "to forget, to prove to someone and to support someone." 

Completely clueless that someone Peter is referring to is herself, Alice mistakenly assumes Peter must've worked so hard to prove himself to Shu Lei. 
Accidentally noticing the drawings Peter had doddle in Alice's notebook while talking to her, Hao Yi finally connects the dots and realizes that Peter is the very same Peter that was Shu Lei's secret admirer 13 years ago. 

Not surprised at all when Hao Yi confronts him about his high school secret identity, Peter doesn't bother to explain himself but asks Hao Yi instead "You are not going to leave Alice again this time are you?" 
Sneering when Hao Yi replied that Alice was the one that left them, Peter demands "You three left Alice first. Did you think Alice should've just waited for you guys to come around? Out of three of you, not a single one cared about Alice but instead blamed her for leaving. Do you know what she had to go through back then?" Closing his eyes in despair as Peter ruthlessly recounts the isolation Alice went through and the real truth behind that fateful day when Alice was trying to save her best friend from Cheng Qi Tai, Hao Yi can only offer the feeble promise that he will not let Alice get hurt this time around. 

Suddenly changing topic, Peter asks Hao Yi to keep his secret identity from his sister and Shu Lei. Guessing right away what Peter is up to, Hao Yi warns "I know what you are trying to do. But you better think it through carefully because this won't necessarily make Alice happy. Don't go overboard." 
Left alone after Hao Yi leaves, Peter mutters to himself "You guys have no clue of the real reason Alice transferred. You guys thought she transferred because of the loneliness from the isolation..." 
Switching to a flash back we see that after Alice saves Peter from being bullied by Cheng Qi Tai she quickly becomes the universal enemy of all of the girls at the school. Scared as she is pushed into a bathroom stall as buckets of water are dumped on her, Alice calls out to Shu Lei for help. Screaming for Shu Lei to save her, a hopeless Alice is pushed back into the stall as more water is dumped on her. It looked like Shu Lei was listening to music with earbuds but there seemed no doubt that she saw Alice's panicked stricken face. 

Dismayed when he sees a drenched Alice sitting on the stairway by herself, Peter offers to go explain everything to her friends but Alice insists on explaining herself. 
His heart aching after finding out the truth about that fateful night and the pain Alice went through, Hao Yi forces himself to act normal in front of Alice but couldn't help but vent some of his frustration out at his twin sister. Surprised when her usual whining cease to work on her brother, Xiao Fen looks at an equally puzzled Alice for answers. 
Falling for Peter more and more with each encounter, Shu Lei is finally ready to throw her queenly pride away to admit her feelings. Smiling in self derision when Shu Lei tells him that she had searched a number of pubs to have an "accidental" meeting with him, Peter says "Didn't it take you along time to come to me? You must've thought I can't like someone like him! But then you also thought wait, I am getting curious about him." Sighing, Peter continues "If we really date then you would find out that I am a really possessive person. I don't want my woman to have too many men around her. I want her to only look at me, to only think of me. But I think these are too difficult for a queen so it's best for you to leave." 

Not deterred by Peter's words, Shu Lei leans over him and declares "As long as I haven't said the word leave then you can't say it first."
Closing the distance between them, Shu Lei seals her edict with a kiss.

Ninja's Thoughts
I am so confused... I am still enjoying the show but it's getting hard to overlook some of the inconsistencies in the plot. For example, why is Alice still asking Hao Yi at this point why her two best friends didn't come see her at the hospital when she had the operation? I thought Shu Lei had explained everything pretty clearly that their friendship ended when Alice tried to "steal" her boyfriend 13 years ago. So if Alice believed Shu Lei's words then she should also believe that she had for some strange reason tried to steal Cheng Qi Tai from her best friend...which meant it was weird for her act all confused when Hao Yi brought up the guy's name. 

Of course what's even more strange is Alice's matter-of-fact acceptance of Shu Lei's words when she really should know herself well enough to know that she would never like Cheng Qi Tai in the first place. 
The whole thing with Shu Lei ignoring Alice's plea for help is also kinda odd. I am afraid the writer is going to use the earbuds to let Shu Lei off the hook by wanting us to believe that Shu Lei somehow didn't realize Alice was being bullied. But come on! In the flash back Alice was screaming Shu Lei's name and I just don't buy that she had the music on so loud to the point that she could block out all the commotion. 

Oh, well. At least I am easily distracted by all the kisses in this episode to not think too much about the plot holes. 
As much as I find Shu Lei's brand of friendship quite lacking I am having a hard time not liking her character and can't help but be a bit worried about what Peter is planning to do. While I do think both Shu Lei and Xiao Fen need to understand how much they hurt Alice in the past but whatever Peter have in mind is probably not the way to do it. 

Then again, judging by Peter's habit of taking care of Shu Lei whenever she needed him I think it will be pretty difficult for him to follow through with his plan. 

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  1. I am glad I am not the only one who is confused. At this point I am just watching to see if they can untangle this mess. Thank you for the recaps, I enjoy reading your take on dramas.