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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 9 Recap

Love at Seventeen Episode 9 Recap by Ninja
We back track a bit from the big confession moment we left off at the end of Episode 8.

Having convinced Alice and the store manager that instead of wasting time having Alice hand out endless fliers it would be much productive to have Alice come up with a promotional event instead, Hao Yi successfully frees up Alice's day then promptly whisk her away on an outing.

At first excited to be on a boat, Alice's happiness wanes a bit when she is overtaken by seasickness. Hit by a wave of awareness when Alice throws herself into his arms complaining of dizziness, Hao Yi stiffens as Alice reaches for his hand for comfort. Chiding Alice for casually holding a man's hand, Hao Yi sighs as Alice completely misses his point and accuses him of being a cheapskate.

Shaking his head slightly when he looks down to find Alice asleep with her head on his lap, Hao Yi mutters "How great it must be. Forget when you want, sleep where you want...totally oblivious." Shielding Alice from the sun with his hand, in a voice over we hear Hao Yi tells her "Alice, this moment is like a dream to me. We are only able to be so close because you've become 17 again. If this dream will end and you will turn back to be 30, can you please not leave me behind again?" 
Back to where we left off last episode: Making up his mind to not get stuck in the "friend zone" again, Hao Yi takes Alice to a perfect confession spot that night and tries to slowly ease Alice to the idea that they could be more than friends. Looking at a completely confused Alice who can't seem to fathom anything beyond being best friends, Hao Yi finally grabs her hand and declares "I don't want to be your friend. I want to be the most special person in your heart because that's who you are to me." 

Her eyes widening in shock, Alice mutters "He Hao Yi..." Unfortunately for our hero (and us), his big moment ended rather abruptly when his phone starts to ring and Alice's next word is "Your phone is ringing." 

Resigned that the perfect moment is lost, Hao Yi answers his phone and is immediately alarmed when Shu Lei's panicked voice comes through. 
Quite skilled in using his impressive physique to pave the way to any potential contracts for work, Peter's plan to charm a wife of an important CEO backfires when the CEO mistakenly assumes that Peter is having an affair with his wife. 

Calling Hao Yi for help when she sees Peter being surrounded by a bunch of men, Shu Lei tries to help but ends up having to be rescued by Peter. 
Surrounded again by the CEO's men even after they tried to run away, Peter pushes Shu Lei to the side and prepares for a difficult fight. Arriving in time to join the fight, Hao Yi manages to take some pressure off Peter but both boys are still greatly outnumbered. 
Thanks to some quick thinking on Shu Lei's part, the CEO eventually realizes that his wife is actually cheating on him with one of his own man and turns his fury away from Peter. Protesting loudly when Shu Lei muses that Hao Yi and Peter are not what they used to be compare to their high school days, our two male leads insist that they could've easily beaten all those men. 

Still in their macho mood, both Hao Yi and Peter try to assure Alice that they are not hurt but Alice's insists on helping Peter with a wound on his arm. Smiling brightly at Peter as she does her nurse duty, our clueless heroine is again ignorant of the jealousy that is eating both Hao Yi and Shu Lei as they watch her every move. 
Noticing Hao Yi's obvious sour mood the whole way home, Alice pesters Hao Yi to tell her what's wrong. All the frustration finally exploding when Alice grabs his hand again, Hao Yi backs Alice to the counter and asks "Today, you held my hand but you also held Peter's hand. I told you before that a man's hand cannot be held casually, did you forget?" Sincerely puzzled, Alice tries to assure Hao Yi that even though both he and Peter are her friends, Hao Yi is still the special one. 

Giving up on trying to get through Alice on this whole friend thing, Hao Yi decides maybe it's time to stop talking and starts to lean down for a kiss. 
His mouth literally inches away from Alice's, Hao Yi closes his eyes in defeat as the memory of his last ugly confrontation with the 30 year old Alice comes rushing to his mind and he finds himself shaken by doubts. 
Left alone after Hao Yi unexpectedly takes off to "clear his head", Alice's night actually ended up being surprisingly jubilant once Xiao Fen finds her yelping in pain with face cleanser in her eyes and takes pity on her. Pleasantly surprise by the fact that Xiao Fen has actually kept all the momentous of their friendship even after all these years, Alice is soon laughing with Xiao Fen as they reminisce about their high school days together. 

Well, that's a surprise that Xiao Fen cared enough about Alice to keep her stuff for so long. Maybe there will be more clues later on that prove Alice's two BFFs weren't such jerks after all. 
Nervously presenting Hao Yi with the promotion proposal she had worked on all night the next morning, Alice throws her arms around Hao Yi with joy when he compliments her on a job well done. Having decided the night before that it would be taking advantage of Alice's innocent trust if he tries to push their relationship to the next level, Hao Yi stiffens up visibly the moment Alice touches him. Forcing himself to put on an easy manner, Hao Yi quickly makes an excuse to Alice and runs off to work.   
Alice's hard work pays off and her proposal is accepted by Shu Lei despite some necessary changes that had to be made due to Alice's 17 years old way of thinking. Changing a photo shoot for their advertisement at the last moment to accommodate Alice's new proposal, Shu Lei summons Xiao Fen to be their "student" model. 
Tipped off by a picture that Alice had put on her proposal that Xiao Fen must be on friendly terms with Alice behind her back, Shu Lei "interrogates" her BFF while Xiao Fen vehemently profess her undying love for her. Too focus on talking to Shu Lei, Xiao Fen accidentally trips but is saved in a rather dramatic way by Hao Yi's assistant, Jun Xiong. Convinced that the man unconscious on the floor must be her prince charming, Xiao Fen insists on jumping on the ambulance so she would be the first one her true love sees when he wakes up. 
With Xiao Fen gone, Shu Lei tries to convince the photographer to use her instead...but she just looked like a thirty year old playing dressed up. His eyes lighting up when he spots Alice and Peter, the photographer excitedly has the two pose as two young lovers on a date. 

Fuming silently by the wayside as the photographer keeps putting Peter in various lovey dovey poses with Alice, Shu Lei glances over at Hao Yi and asks "Hey, aren't you angry?" Pretending disinterest, Hao Yi retorts back "The one that should be angry is you." 
Huffy, Shu Lei protests "Why should I be angry. I am super calm okay?" 
Already nervous when she had to hold Peter's hand during the photo shoot in front of Hao Yi, Alice becomes even more distracted once she sees him leaving. Going on a search for Hao Yi after she is done with the shoot, Alice is somewhat reassured to see Hao Yi being his usual friendly self towards her...that is until Hao Yi instinctively yanks his arms away when she tries to grab his arm. Bursting with questions over Hao Yi's strange actions, Alice is back to pressing Hao Yi for reasons why he is acting this way but the only answer our heroine got was Hao Yi's cryptic reply "If I tell you want I want then it's using your trust and innocence. Some things when mixed with trust, then they become impure." 

Overhearing much of the conversation between our two leads while standing a short distance away, Shu Lei shakes her head as she mutters "Silly Hao Yi" and decides it's time to have a talk with Alice. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Sigh...I don't even know what to say. I am starting to wonder if Alice didn't just lose more than her memory. It just seems completely unrealistic that our heroine would be SO clueless even after everything Hao Yi had said and done. I know Alice is suppose to be an innocent 17 year old...but seriously? No 17 year old is THAT clueless especially one who had spent plenty of time talking to her BFF about boys. 

Maybe I was imagining things but Alice didn't seem to be this slow on the uptake back when she was really 17...or was she? 
At least as oppose to our leads' frustrating merry-go-round, Shu Lei and Peter are making some visible progress. I was pretty determined to dislike Shu Lei for at least a few more episodes but I am starting to find her rather endearing as she fights her growing attraction to the school nerd. 

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