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Monday, June 6, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 14 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 14 Recap by Ninja
A bit loss for words as Yu Tang demands to know why he disappeared without a warning years ago, Wen Kai is surprised to find out the many things Yu Tang has done for him back in their school days. Equally stunned once Wen Kai explained that he had gotten into fights at school to protect her, Yu Tang realizes that Wen Kai had also done many things for her without her knowledge.

Alternating between laughing and arguing as they reminisce together about the past, Yu Tang eventually reluctantly agrees to be patient after Wen Kai assures her that all her questions will be answered once she finishes putting together the puzzle he gave her.

Holding Yu Tang tenderly as she confesses her fear that he would disappear again, Wen Kai promises Yu Tang once again that he will never leave her side and will always be there to support her.

And of course a promise has to be sealed by a kiss...
The whole Department Three gathered together to say farewell to Jia Yin. Wen Kai stuns everyone when he shows up with Jia Yin's ex Johnny and reveals that they are actually good friends. Eyeing Johnny suspiciously even when he declares that he is a changed man thanks to Wen Kai's help, Yu Tang and her co-workers nonetheless decides to give the man a chance once he promises do everything he can to support Jia Yin while they are in Singapore so she can shine as she once did.

True to her past title as the Queen of Sales, Jia Yin soon proves herself by securing two big contracts shortly after she arrives in Singapore and successfully gives her department the number they needed to win their bet with Department One.
Still naively believing Zhi Yu's words that he just wants to be her friend now, our heroine happily helps Zhi Yu pick out a retirement gift for someone at his company and doesn't seem to notice Zhu Yu's stiff expression when she turns his dinner invitation down because she is meeting with Wen Kai that night.

Seething silently after he sends an eager Yu Tang off to meet with Wen Kai, Zhi Yu looks up with surprise when Elsa knocks on his car window and invites him to dinner.
Being his usual charming self with Elsa during dinner, Zhi Yu's mask finally slips a bit when Elsa compliments his impressive skills in forcing all of his dad's old employees into early retirement. Ignoring Zhi Yu's laser beam gaze, Elsa's smile doesn't falter as Zhi Yu quickly changes topic.
While our two second leads are sharing a "friendly" meal, Yu Tang is busy cooking dinner for Wen Kai at her house. Dismayed when Yu Tang excitedly presents her family's famous egg rice dish to him, Wen Kai hesitantly takes a bite notwithstanding his allergy to eggs. Pleasantly surprised after his first bite, Wen Kai asks "This egg is...?" Smiling proudly, Yu Tang explains she has recently remembered that her mother once explained that Wen Kai is allergic to egg whites and that is the reason Mama Zheng always used two brown egg yolks to make her special dish for Wen Kai. So that explain the mystery of why Mama Zheng had insisted on buying brown eggs on the day she died. 
Crisis hit yet again the next morning when Yu Tang and her co-workers find out that due to a factory strike, their soap production is in serious danger. Showing up at Department Three at the first opportunity to gloat over the fact that Yu Tang and her co-workers will have to hand in their resignations if this crisis continues, Manger Cai's annoying triumphant speech is finally cut short when Wen Kai appears.
With no other option but to attempt to convince the famously grumpy factory owner to help them out, Yu Tang and her co-workers are ready to do anything to convince the man despite knowing their chance of success is quite slim.

In the middle of desperately pleading with the factory owner, it takes Yu Tang and her co-workers a few moments to snap out of their shock when Wen Kai suddenly shows up and had the owner explain that as Wen Kai's buddy he is already in the middle of calling all his other friends to make sure Mei Mei's production will not be interrupted.
While Yu Tang's co-workers are overjoyed to have the crisis solved so unexpectedly, Yu Tang herself is not so happy After some prodding from Wen Kai, Yu Tang finally admits that she is angry over Wen Kai's insistence to keep her in the dark when it comes to work. Unable to reveal to Yu Tang the complex corporate intrigue that they are in the middle of, Wen Kai eventually appeases Yu Tang by assuring her that he will start taking her feelings into consideration and will even ask for her help when he needs it.
The show finally reveals the dark hand that has been the source of Department Three's endless troubles. Despite being disappointed that Wen Kai was able to help Department Three overcome yet another crisis, Zhi Yu and his two minions (Manager Cai of Department 1 and Wendy, one of the sectaries) are confident that they have plenty of other schemes to accomplish a hostile takeover of Wen Kai's company shortly.
Apparently fully aware of Zhi Yu's intentions, Wen Kai listens calmly as Elsa confirms that he is indeed the one behind the factory crisis. Amazed at Wen Kai's ability to always be two steps ahead of his foe, Elsa nods slowly as Wen Kai explains that he was hired precisely because there were already danger signs not only within the company but from Zhi Yu's side as well.

I am assuming the two faced figure is suppose to represent Zhi Yu...how appropriate and hilarious. 
Side note: While talking to Elsa, Wen Kai was distracted momentarily when he got a text from Yu Tang and a look of sadness flashed briefly on Elsa's face. 
In the middle of promising his father that they are another step closer to swallowing Wen Kai's company, Zhi Yu looks up in dismay when a flustered Manager Cai rushes in with the news that the man they've been hoping to sign a big contract with had declared that he will not back out of his contract with Wen Kai.

Ninja's Thoughts
Wow, I had thought there might be another side to prince charming but I certainly didn't realize Zhi Yu had been setting up the stage of a hostile takeover for so long. I had assumed Yu Tang might've been the key to Zhi Yu turning evil but based on how long Zhi Yu's two minions have been playing double agents the guy was obviously always been the back stabbing type.

According to the preview it looks like Zhi Yu is going to try to use Elsa against Wen Kai in the next episode...but I am holding out hope that Elsa is going to remain the perfect female second lead to the end. 
I am personally a bit torn about our hero's habit of hiding all his corporate intrigue from Yu Tang but reveals them freely to Elsa. Wen Kai obviously only has eyes for Yu Tang and Elsa is understandably his right hand man at work...still it feels strangely wrong that he keeps so many secrets from Yu Tang especially when he has placed her right in the middle of the mess. Sigh...but then I wonder if Yu Tang would be able to face Zhi Yu so innocently if Wen Kai is honest with her about what Zhi Yu is up to? 

Fortunately, I don't think Yu Tang necessarily is demanding that Wen Kai tells her everything but just wants to feel like she can be a trusted comrade to him as well so maybe our heroine can be satisfied as long as Wen Kai is willing to turn to her for help when the timing is appropriate. 

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