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Monday, June 13, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 15 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 15 Recap by Ninja
Disappointed that their latest plot to block Department Three's unexpected success was so easily taken cared of by Wen Kai, Zhi Yu and his minions are nonetheless confident that they have plenty of cards in their hand to defeat Wen Kai eventually. Gleefully leading a whole crowd of employees to confront Wen Kai with pictures of himself and Yu Tang, Manager Jia (of Department One/ also double agent for Zhi Yu) accuses Wen Kai of playing favoritism because of his private relationship with Yu Tang then calls into question of Wen Kai's ability to solve the brand new crisis of the fake Mei Mei soap scandal. 

Calmly admitting publicly that he is indeed dating Yu Tang, Wen Kai promises that he will not allow his personal matter to interfere with his work and also declares his willingness to resign if he somehow fails to solve this new crisis. 

Quite used to dealing with crisis now, Department Three quickly proves themselves by presenting Wen Kai with a plan they have already been working on to allow their customer to differentiate their genuine Mei Mei from the fake ones. 

Excited to get a nod of approval from Wen Kai, Yu Tang and her co-workers are puzzled when instead of giving them the go ahead Wen Kai asks them to give him three days before doing a public announcement to assure their customers. Receiving a confirmation from Wen Kai that he knows full well how much chaos and bad publicity will result from waiting three days, Yu Tang and her co-workers decide to trust Wen Kai and give him their full support. 
Patient as he waits for the chance to defeat Wen Kai once and for all, Zhi Yu hides his displeasure as he watches Wen Kai show off his relationship with Yu Tang right in front of him during a business meeting. 
Thoughtful as he watches Wen Kai's casually dismisses Elsa in order to spend time with Yu Tang, Zhi Yu smells an opportunity as he stares at Elsa's forlorn expression. 

Mildly surprised when she walks out to find Zhi Yu waiting for her to drive her home, Elsa's already unhappy expression becomes even darker as Zhi Yu asks "I really don't understand why Wen Kai couldn't even spare a moment to drive you home. You have done so much for him...this current situation...you really don't think it's unfair?"  
The news of Yu Tang's relationship with Wen Kai spread like wide fire throughout the company and as expected Yu Tang quickly becomes the target as the greedy woman that latched onto a rich CEO.  
Handling all the snide remarks and the stares of disgust with a surprisingly positive attitude, Yu Tang assures Wen Kai that she will not leave him no matter what. 

While our two leads are busy having a bonding moment, Elsa has finally made up her mind to betray Wen Kai and hands Zhi Yu a top secret document after being assured that she can jump ship to Zhi Yu's company at anytime. 
The three days of waiting period Wen Kai asked for is finally over and the whole Department Three cheers with excitement as their plan worked without a hitch and the consumers respond with positive affirmation for their effective comeback to the crisis. 

Showing his impressive ability to plan ahead once again, Wen Kai manages to purchase a manufacturing plant and successfully convince the grumpy A Hui to work for his company exclusively. Pleasantly surprised by Wen Kai yet again, Yu Tang and her co-workers are in the middle of celebrating when Wen Kai is suddenly called back to the company by an unexpected emergency meeting. 
Arriving at the meeting room to find Zhi Yu with a group of stock holders demanding to know why Wen Kai has taken out a large amount of money from the company without accounting for where it went, Wen Kai calmly announce his purchase of their very own manufacturing company that will only produce their cosmetic products. Dismayed to see all the stock holders' angry questions switching to praises, Zhi Yu manages to turn things back to his favor when he gets a timely text from Elsa and informs the stock holder that the purchase of the manufacturing plant only accounts for 1/3 of the missing funds. 

Backed to the corner once again, Wen Kai refuses to explain himself but insists that he would only reveal the facts once the CEO gets back to the company. Impatient, the stock holders keep pressing for answers but eventually relents when Zhi Yu steps in and allows Wen Kai more time on the condition that he will not be able to move the company funds until the CEO gets back. 
Having proved her determination to betray Wen Kai completely with her timely text, Elsa quickly resigns along with all of the double agents that have long since sworn their allegiance to Zhi Yu. Feeling on top of the world as he drinks a toast with the key employees he has stolen from Wen Kai's side, Zhi Yu assures Elsa that her superb abilities will be greatly rewarded at her new job. 
Stunned by the abrupt resignations of the company's best talents, a concerned Yu Tang rushes to Wen Kai's office to offer him her support. Finally connecting Zhi Yu to the troubles that have beset her work when she notices the two faced wooden figure, Yu Tang listens with amazement as Wen Kai slowly explains all the early signs of Zhi Yu's big ambition. 

Surprised but not too hurt to find out that Zhi Yu has always been a wolf in sheep's clothing, Yu Tang is however extremely hurt by Elsa's decision to betray Wen Kai. Pausing the briefest second when Yu Tang asks him about Elsa, Wen Kai merely replies "Elsa has always been a very smart girl. She will be fine where ever she is."  
Never one to miss an opportunity to gloat, Manager Jia pays Department Three a visit again but this time not as a co-worker but as an employee from a rival company. Shocked as Manager Jia informs them that they will all be fired once Zhi Yu buys the company, Yu Tang and her co-workers stares at Manager Jia in disbelief as he swaggers away. 

Doing his own triumphant swaggering in Wen Kai's office, Zhi Yu tells a silent Wen Kai that he should start packing soon since the buy out will soon be a done deal.  
Searching every where for Wen Kai, Yu Tang finally tracks him down at the rooftop. Taking Wen Kai's hand with a determined expression, Yu Tang tells him that she wants to be his secretary at his time of need. Breaking out into a smile as he stares at Yu Tang's extremely serious expression, Wen Kai finally relents and agrees to her request. 

Not to be left out, Yu Tang's co-workers arrives at that very moment and declares that they will also support Wen Kai no matter what. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Hmm...I didn't quite expect Elsa to go as far as jumping ship to Zhi Yu's company. The show has given us plenty of indication that Elsa might still harbor some lingering feelings towards Wen Kai but I still don't think she would really betray him. In fact I think there are plenty of hints that Elsa and Wen Kai are letting Zhi Yu dig his own grave. Up to this point Zhi Yu has always been several steps ahead of Zhi Yu and of course Elsa knows this better than anyone so if she has really betrayed Wen Kai then there is no way Zhi Yu would be so confident because he would've found out right away that his every move was under Wen Kai's predication. 
I was pretty surprised to find out that Zhi Yu actually believes himself to be completely sincere towards Yu Tang. I had wonder for a bit if maybe Zhi Yu was only interested in Yu Tang for his big take over plan but it seems like he really does like Yu Tang...even if his definition of like is the creepy controlling kind. 
So anyone else was wailing in despair when our heroine felt the need to declare "What reason would ever make me leave you?!" AFTER the two leads has already promised that they will always stay together? Isn't that the equivalent of daring the drama god to come up with a reason to separate our two leads?! Oh, well. I guess that was the writer's way of foreshadowing since according to the preview that is precisely what's going to happen in the next episode. 


  1. kyaaahh!!!
    thankyou for recapping. really appreciates you.
    I'm liking this drama since saw Ep 9 preview on my Ig, and immediately download all the episodes. you're the first and fastest person to give me a sneak peak into ep 15. thankyouuu. will patiently waiting the vid+sub :D

  2. i don't think Elsa really betray Wen Kai.

  3. i don't think Elsa really betray Wen Kai.