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Monday, June 20, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 16 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 16 Recap by Ninja
Wanting to help Wen Kai anyway she can, Yu Tang goes back to work as his secretary while the rest of Department Three are forging on to take over all the workload that has been left behind by Department One's mass resignation.

Despite the impressive success all of Yu Tang's old co-workers are having with convincing Department One's "abandoned clients" to stay with the company, things are not looking good for Wen Kai especially with the increasing pressure from Zhi Yu's side.

Gleefully reminding Yu Tang that seeing her by Wen Kai's side is just giving him more incentive to take over the company sooner, Zhi Yu walks off and leaves Yu Tang stealing concern glances at a stoic Wen Kai.

Unable to do anything to help Wen Kai other than to offer him emotional support, Yu Tang tells him "I know there are a lot on your mind...and perhaps I can't help you but I want you to know that I am always here to listen when you are ready."

Gathering courage at Yu Tang's words, Wen Kai starts to hesitantly tells Yu Tang about the reason Mama Zhong went to buy eggs on the day she died. Surprised when Yu Tang cuts him off and admits that she already guessed the truth, a much relieved Wen Kai listens quietly as Yu Tang assures him that even without buying those eggs, her mother would've died anyway. Impressed by Yu Tang's positive attitude that she needs to live a happy life for her mother, Wen Kai laments "You have matured so much...unlike me. I promised Mama Zhong to take care of you but here I am letting you worry about me."

Protesting at Wen Kai's words, Yu Tang affirms all the hard work Wen Kai has done for the last ten years and declares that she has faith that his shoulder will always be there for her to lean on.
Feeling certain that his complete success is not far off in the future, Zhi Yu tricks Yu Tang into meeting with him by using her concern for Wen Kai and forcefully declares that he can give her everything Wen Kai could. Already frustrated by Zhi Yu and Elsa's attempt to convince her to jump ship to Zhi Yu's company, Yu Tang becomes even more offended when Zhi Yu threatens to make Wen Kai's life harder if she doesn't leave him.

Piping up to add her support to Zhi Yu's words, Elsa reminds Yu Tang of the missing funds Wen Kai is still refusing to explain and points out that Wen Kai has always been the kind of person to hide everything...especially towards Yu Tang.
Asking for a private moment with Elsa after she vehemently refuses Zhi Yu's offer/threat, Yu Tang asks Elsa if she is really sure about her decision to work for Zhi Yu. Showing no hesitation at all, Elsa tells Yu Tang that she does not regret her decision and asks in return "If you really care that much about Ji Wen Kai, then have you thought about what you can do for him? Are you willing to sacrifice for him?"
The seed of doubt planted by her meeting with Zhi Yu and Elsa quickly blooms within Yu Tang as a few more things happen the next day to make her wonder if her presence by Wen Kai's side is no longer a help but an obstacle to him.

The first thing that shook Yu Tang is the return of Jia Yin from overseas and a mysterious envelope that she brought from her ex to Wen Kai. We are not shown what happened but it looks Jia Yin probably said something that contributed to Yu Tang's subsequent decision.

The second thing that shook Yu Tang is her talk with Madam Luo (the CEO wife that was Yu Tang's first big contract) where she was encouraged to not just sit back but figure out what she can do to help Wen Kai overcome this crisis.
The third thing is what finally broke the camel's back and convinced Yu Tang that she can't just be a bystander anymore.

Finally piecing together the puzzle Wen Kai gave her, a shocked Yu Tang stares at the long forgotten picture of herself at an amusement park.
In a flash back we see a 19 year old Yu Tang waiting eagerly for Wen Kai at an amusement park, hoping against hope that Wen Kai would show up for their promised outing despite his angry outburst a short while ago.

Finally giving up when Wen Kai still hasn't shown up by nightfall, a teary Yu Tang is about to leave in disappoint but is stopped by someone in a lion costume. Agreeing amicably to the lion's silent request to take a selphy together, a very confused Yu Tang watches the lion runs away after snatching the selphy picture from her hand.
Overwhelmed by the realization that the person in the lion costume must've been Wen Kai himself, Yu Tang is moved once again by everything Wen Kai has done for her but at the same time she is even more afflicted by the question of what exactly she can do to help him.
Making up her mind after a sleepless night, Yu Tang informs Wen Kai and her stunned co-workers of her decision to resign. Trying hard to not cry, Yu Tang looks at Wen Kai and explains "I believe in you so that's why I am not going to go work for Wang Zhi Yu. I hope with my resignation it will give you some breathing room and also allow you to fight him without worrying about me. I don't want to give Wang Zhi Yu any opportunity to use me against you." 

Having already guessed that Yu Tang is leaving because of pressures from Zhi Yu, Wen Kai asks "Does he want you to leave the company ...or me?" 

When Yu Tang answers his question by promising that she will not forget everything they've experienced together and pleads for him to not stop her, Wen Kai replies with a wry smile "You still don't trust me do you?" Sighing as he looks around at all the averted eyes in the the room, Wen Kai continues "I understand now. While all of you trust that I didn't embezzle the funds but you don't have the confidence that I could win against Wang Zhi Yu's shady methods. That's alright. No matter who stays or leaves, in my heart I will be grateful."  
Walking home alone dejectedly, Yu Tang's already raw emotion becomes even more fragile when she sees Wen Kai waiting for her. Both of them teary as they have suddenly become two familiar strangers, Yu Tang nods after Wen Kai pleads "I only ask you to promise me one thing. When you are sad and want to cry...come find me." Swallowing back the tears the threatens to come, Yu Tang makes her own request "I know this is kind of irresponsible of me but would you spend tomorrow with me?" Forcing himself to not touch Yu Tang no matter how much he wants to, Wen Kai smiles at Yu Tang's words and agrees to her request. 
Breaking into a sob the moment she walks in to her house, Yu Tang wakes up the next morning with puffy red eyes. Forcing a smile, Yu Tang looks at herself in the mirror and whispers "Don't cry anymore ok? You have to present Ji Wen Kai with a pretty and smiling you today." 

Ninja's Thoughts
Ahh...last episode next week! This show hasn't been the most addicting T-drama but I still have grown to love the two leads nonetheless, so I am sad to see it end so fast. While I am happy that T-drama has been getting a whole lot better lately on the art of keeping their shows short and sweet, (something I am really hoping C-drama will learn soon) it is somewhat kind of disappointing to say goodbye to endearing leads this fast. Oh, well. Let's hope the ending is everything we hope it to be! 

Judging by the pretty revealing previews for next week, I am assuming Yu Tang is now finally in on whatever big plan Wen Kai has up on his sleeve and this whole bitter separation is all a show to trick Zhi Yu...but then that doesn't quite explain the sob feast...so who knows. 
I probably won't bet money on this but I still holds that Elsa hasn't betrayed Wen Kai and has put herself in the enemy camp as a double agent. On the surface Elsa has plenty of emotional reasons to be bitter about her unrequited love, but as the perfect second lead who actually encouraged the hero to confess to the girl he likes I just don't think Elsa would become evil AFTER she had personally gotten the two leads together. 

As for our two faced villain Zhi Yu... I just hope we get plenty of time to see him crushed by Wen Kai next week. 


  1. this show has just turned for the worse.
    Noble idiots >_>

  2. Dear Ninja, thank you for the recaps. I always enjoy your writing :)

    I have a question, I hope you wouldn't mind to answer it when you have spare time. Is it common for T-dramas to cut down their initial intended number of episodes? I noticed this with Bromance and now this. Why does this happen?

    Anyway, once again thanks a lot for writing these awesome recaps <3 :D