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Monday, June 27, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 17(End) Recap

Refresh Man Episode 17(End) Recap by Ninja
Despite her resolution to only show her smiling face to Wen Kai during their date, Yu Tang couldn't help but becomes teary as she thinks about their eminent parting.

His heart breaking to see Yu Tang so teary, Wen Kai gently kisses her and promises to tell her a story that will take a long time to finish so they could prolong their date.
The next morning, Wen Kai wakes up to find Yu Tang already long gone. Looking at the potted plant Yu Tang had left for him to take care of, Wen Kai thinks back to all the sweet moments that have shared since their reunion.
Angered by the fact that Yu Tang refuses to come to him even if she had chosen to sacrifice herself by leaving Wen Kai's side, Zhi Yu bitterly tells Elsa that his promise to Yu Tang of going easy on Wen Kai is not in affect since Yu Tang didn't come to work for him.

Wen Kai's situation at the company continues to worsen as more of his people resign and the rumors of his embezzlement abound. Showing up triumphantly on the day that he will officially sign the contract to take over the company, Zhi Yu allows Manager Jia (the one that used to be over Department 1) to order the security staffs to make sure Wen Kai doesn't take anything that doesn't belong to him once the contract is signed and Zhi Yu fires him.  
Strutting around in his full glory acting like he is the owner already, Zhi Yu confidently gets ready to sign the contract...and gets the surprise of his life when Yu Tang walks in with the Russian VIP that everyone has been trying to work with and skillfully converses with the man in Russian. Standing up in disbelief Zhi Yu slowly process the shocking truth that he has always been the fool in an elaborate play Wen Kai has created just for him. Too focused on his lovely dream of a grand takeover, Zhi Yu had given Wen Kai time to secretly partner up with the Russian VIP to buy large amount of stocks to Zhi Yu company. So, in summary, instead of taking over Wen Kai's company Zhi Yu had instead lost control over his own.
Staring at Elsa intently when she slowly explains that Wen Kai's boss was aware all along that Wen Kai had used the so called missing funds to buy all the stocks, Zhi Yu demands "You knew all along? Why didn't you tell me?!" Smiling, Elsa replies "That's because I have always bee Wen Kai's secretary."

In a flash back we see on the night Zhi Yu had paid Elsa a visit at her home, Wen Kai had shown up after Zhi Yu left and thanked Elsa for being willing to be a double agent.
In another flash back we see that on the night of Wen Kai's date with Yu Tang he had promised to tell her a long fantastical story and that was when he revealed the whole thing to Yu Tang. Puzzled when Yu Tang looks at him with the "I already guessed" expression, Wen Kai is pleasantly surprised once Yu Tang explains that since she already guessed Wen Kai's plan she has already prepared her passport so she could leave immediately to be his liaison with the Russian VIP.

Clues that helped Yu Tang guessed the truth:
1. Wen Kai asking for three more days during the Mei Mei copycat crisis. (The stocks of both his and Zhi Yu's company had plunged so that was when he was buying large amount of stocks of Zhi Yu's company.)
2. Elsa's repeated hints to Yu Tang to think what she could do to help Wen Kai.
3. Jia Ying had revealed to Yu Tang that Wen Kai had set up a new business overseas. (That was the new company Wen Kai formed with the Russian VIP in order to buy Zhi Yu's company's stock.)
4. Yu Tang had seen documents that showed President Chen's (Wen Kai's boss) signature on the funds Wen Kai supposedly embezzled. Since the big boss approved the use of the funds then there were obviously no truth to the embezzlement rumor.
Finally coming to the full realization that Wen Kai was always steps ahead of him, Zhi Yu has no choice but to sign the contract Wen Kai lays in front of him.
A gracious winner through and through, Wen Kai doesn't flaunt his victory but instead sincerely thank Zhi Yu for his willingness to sign a contract with his company. Putting away his lingering bitterness, Zhi Yu admits that Wen Kai's contract was extremely fair and is actually a great opportunity for his company so he genuinely had no problem singing it. 
Taking Wen Kai's extended hand, Zhi Yu admits that Wen Kai is a formidable businessman but promises that he will prove himself in the future. Smiling brightly, Wen Kai replies "I am looking forward to it."
Quite forthcoming as the whole Department Three gathers in his office to figure out the exciting twist and turns of the day's event, Wen Kai smiles patiently as his two secretaries take turn explaining the spy like corporate intrigue.

Officially back as Wen Kai's secretary, Elsa hands Wen Kai her wooden piece and reminds him it's time to put her back on the right team. How hilarious is that the white piece was covered by a the black plastic to represent Elsa's undercover assignment!
Putting "Elsa" right next to the figures that represent himself and Yu Tang, Wen Kai turns around and declares to his duly impressed Department Three that as a reward for their hard work they will all get three days of vacation.  
Waiting impatiently for Wen Kai to show up for their long overdue date at the amusement park, Yu Tang smiles happily when a familiar lion stops in front of her. Accepting a voice recorder from the silent lion, Yu Tang listens with astonishment as she finally realizes that the person Wen Kai wanted to confess to 10 years ago was none other than herself. Looking at the lion head tenderly, Yu Tang thank Wen Kai for always being there for her, always protecting her and taking care of her. Slowly taking the lion head off, Yu Tang is prepared to gaze into the loving gaze of Wen Kai...
and ends up yelping in surprise when she sees Wen Kai's best friend instead.

This part was pretty hilarious just because up til the last moment I was so sure the person in the lion costume must be Wen Kai as well. 
Pouting a bit even after the pleasant surprise of seeing her BFF with Wen Kai's best friend, Yu Tang chides Wen Kai for putting her in such an embarrassing situation but forgives him once he apologizes with a bouquet of roses.
Showing Yu Tang the amusement ticket stub from 10 years ago, Wen Kai explains that he was too ashamed to meet her back then because knowing that his family was going to move overseas he never took the university entrance exam and therefore was unable to fulfill her requirement of having a date together AFTER he did well on the test.

Hiding behind a pole while watching Yu Tang getting increasingly despondent with each hour he doesn't show up, Wen Kai finally steps out in an lion costume so he could at least take one picture with Yu Tang.
Turning to the audience, Wen Kai explains that it took him ten years to finally confess his feeling to the girl he likes because he was a Refresh Man when it comes to love.
In another set of flash backs we see that Wen Kai had liked Yu Tang from the very start and had actually purposefully created opportunities for Yu Tang to get use to having him around.
Dang, so the whole bad student facade was all a way to allow him to get close to Yu Tang? I guess that would actually make a lot of sense since our hero is obviously a genius in planning ahead so there is no reason he wouldn't have that talent 10 years ago. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Ahh...I am such a sap for happy endings. By the way, apparently this particular kissing scene was extremely difficult for our two leads since the carousel was constantly moving up and down so it took a lot of takes. 

Refresh Man really had a fairly straight forward premise and it didn't try to be more than a simple story. The simpleness sometimes became the show's major flaw such as the secondary characters being one dimensional and all the support casts underused but overall I still enjoyed this one a lot. 
As far as the ending goes I was about 90% satisfied with it. I liked that we had tolerable amount of flashbacks in it. The retelling of the high school flashbacks from the hero's point of view was creative and fun. The set up of Yu Tang figuring out Wen Kai's big plan by herself and how she had learned Russian while doing the puzzle were cleaver. 

My only complaint about the finale was how the villains got off scot free. I can understand Wen Kai's explanation that there was no need to make an enemy out of Zhi Yu since he would be much more useful as a friend but what's up with Manager Jia?? As the pompous jerk from the very beginning that tried to do real harm to the company he worked for, it seem completely unrealistic Wen Kai would offer Manager Jia a job again. Granted, Wen Kai did warn the guy that if he comes back he would have to work under Manager Meng so maybe he is sure the guy wouldn't be able to swallow his pride and come back. 
Oh, one thing I liked about the ending is that the show made sure to tell us what happened to all our characters.

Yu Tang: After having a very intense year of dealing with numerous crisis, Yu Tang is back to Department Three as a seasoned sales person who can handle any crisis confidently.  
Manager Meng gets a promotion and so did the rest of Department Three. 
More than a promotion though, Manager Meng's love life also blossoms. Puzzled when the fortune teller informs her that she will be kissed by a "handsome man" that very night in front of their neighborhood recycling station, Manager Meng asks "I thought you said I was fated to be alone?" A bit sheepish, the fortune teller replies "Yap, I was right. You are fated to be alone because I wasn't ready to confess my feelings to you yet." Ha!  
Not about to leave our perfect female second lead lonely, the fortune teller also tells Elsa that her true love is someone she already knows and within the month this particular friend will be confessing to her. 
Department Three's prince charming You Rui is finding success in his second job as a male model but not so much in love. Still harboring a crush on Jia Yin, You Rui is trying hard to become a man worthy of her... 
However, it looks like You Rui is destined to be disappointed because Jia Yin has decided to get back with her ex and is again going to work overseas. 
Hui Xin and Liang Yu has gained quite a bit of fame in the literary circle once they teamed up to write novels. (Liang Yu writes while Hui Xin illustrate them.) One of their most popular novel is the story based on Yu Tang and Wen Kai's romance. 
As for our two leads? We end with a sweet and hilarious scene of Wen Kai cleaning the house while Yu Tang complains about her toast! 


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