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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Yes, Mr. Fashion Episode 1-6 First Impression

Drama: Yes, Mr. Fashion (是!尚先生)
Episodes: 28
Leads: Cheney Chen and Nana Ou-Yang

Synopsis: Determined to find out the truth of his mother's death, our hero decides to work at his family's company incognito after his father's passing. Pretending to be a normal poor young professional, our hero meets our truly poor AND rather naive heroine. Our two drastically different leads up living together due to some unexpected circumstance and of course the romance will follow from there.Ninja's Episode 1-6 First Impression
I went into this one without being too sure of what to expect. The poster was quite glamorous but it wouldn't be the first time I was fooled by a C-drama poster. 

As it turns out the show's promo posters were pretty good representations of the show's modern and chic vibe. Overall, I find this show an easy watch and find our extremely smart hero's ability to fool our innocent heroine especially hilarious. 

Let's get some of the minor complaints about the show out of way first:
  • The heroine was extremely annoying in the first two episodes. Her character has gotten better but she is still slightly annoying at this point. Granted, I think the writer had purposefully set up the heroine's character as an overzealous girl who simply feel the need to right every wrong and make everyone's life better as a direct contrast to the hero's personality. 
  • The pacing of the story feels uneven. Some parts of the story is progressing extremely fast (such as the hero's feeling for the heroine) but other parts feels slow. 
Things I like that is keeping me watching for now:
  • Cheney Chen's hero is a lot of fun to watch. Hiding the pain of losing his mother at a young age behind his perpetually flippant attitude, our very rich hero is used to observing the world with a cynical eye. Instead of a hero that's angry and cold though, this particular hero is more like an immature boy who is used to getting out of every sticky situation with his talent in fibbing. 
  • As much as I find the heroine's innocence irritating at times but I love the fact that she falls for the hero's fibs every single time and what's even more hilarious, our heroine then stuns the hero by thanking him sincerely. 
  • The heroine is the utterly clueless type but judging by episode 6's preview it looks like our hero is not going to hide his feelings for much longer.
All things considered, I am somewhat hopeful about Yes, Mr. Fashion as long as the story doesn't get bogged down. The show certainly has a charming vibe to it so I am planning to at least give it another couple weeks before I make a judgement call on it. 


  1. Where can I watch this with subs, do you know?

  2. U see, i'm also having a good time watching this esp knowing the fact that there's chemistry with the leads and its charming yes and entertaining, somehow good for my heart ^__^ prob is they don't sub it tssk. Dramacool.to has sub 2 ep but still not enough for me, gosh there's 20+ ep out yet subbing doesn't get any nearer, my minds aching w/ the wait. :<<