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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Better Man Episode 11-15 Recap

Better Man Episode 11-15 Recap by Ninja
Zhen Wei's Story:
Feeling like she is in heaven just to be close to her crush everyday, Yi Xin loves her workday...if not for the annoying Yu Chen who likes to burst her bubbles. Seeing right through Yu Chen's constant mention of Yu Wei, Yi Xin tells Yu Chen to stop using her sister and just admit freely of her true feeling towards Zhen Wei. 

Unconscious for a moment when she was accidentally zapped by the electric panel at the store, Yi Xin wakes up to Zhen Wei's concerned face...just like she did years ago when Zhen Wei saved her from drowning. 

Anxious that Yi Xin is complaining of a headache, Zhen Wei immediately picks her up in his arms to carry her off to the hospital for a full body check up. Seething with jealousy to see Yi Xin strutting around the next day at work, Yu Chen pretends to faint in front of Zhen Wei in order to prove to Yi Xin that Zhen Wei would carry her off to the hospital as well...which he did. 
Overwhelmed with empathy when a teenage girl didn't have enough money to buy a puzzle for the boy she has a crush on, Yi Xin agrees to lend the money to the girl so she would be able to give the puzzle to her crush before his family immigrates out of the country. Convinced that the girl would keep her promise and come back to pay the puzzle money, Yi Xin stubbornly refuses to leave work even though everyone tells her that the girl would never come back. Staying behind to keep Yi Xin company, Zhen Wei finally convinces Yi Xin after hours of waiting that it's time to go home. 

Still looking around hopefully even as she is ready to get on Zhen Wei's motorcycle, Yi Xin's faith in the girl finally pays off as the girl rushes over with money in hand. 
Up to this point we haven't had any indication that Zhen Wei is aware of Yi Xin more than a cute little sister EXCEPT in episode 15 when he finally looked at her with a slight different expression when she stubbornly waited for the little girl. But later that episode, Zhen Wei did tell Yu Chen that Yi Xin's willingness to believe in people reminded him of Yu Wei so Yi Xin is probably still a little sister to Zhen Wei...at least for now. 
Zhen Hao's Story:
For two people who have come to an agreement that they would never like each other, Zhen Hao and Yi An are sure having a lot of close encounters with each other. 

Accidentally walking in on Zhen Hao while he was taking a shower at work, Yi An yelps in shock and quickly runs away. 
Despite being assured by Zhen Hao's trademark stiff manner that he has put the whole embarrassing incident behind him, Yi An can't seem to stop think about the "cough" lovely view she saw. 
Feeling guilty that she broke Zhen Hao's sunglasses while he was teaching her how to skeet shoot (and your obligatory heart skipping moment of course), Yi Xin buys a gift for Zhen Hao to express her apology. 
Her eyes lighting up the moment she finds out Yi An had bought a gift for Zhen Hao, Yi Xin pleas with her sister until she is given the go ahead to deliver Yi An's gift to the Yang household for her. Unfortunately for Yi Xin's secret hope of seeing Zhen Wei, he was not at home and she had no choice but to leave right after she gives Yi An's gift to Zhen Hao. 

Actually in the middle of assuring his brother that there is nothing between himself and Yi An when Yi Xin showed up with the gift, Zhen Hao is stunned the moment he opens the box and finds the familiar looking tie Yi An had bought for her "special friend." Thinking back to Yi An's persistence in asking him about the type of girls he like, Zhen Hao finally comes to the conclusion that Yi An must like him. Looking to his brothers for help, Zhen Hao nods slowly as his trusty older brother advises that since he is not interested in Yi An then he should make his disinterest clear to her in the gentlest way possible. 
Despite his decision to confront Yi An about her feelings for him, Zhen Hao couldn't help but be flustered the moment he spots Yi An the next morning at work and promptly runs away from her. Clueless that her sister had mistakenly delivered the gift she bought for her sunbae to Zhen Hao instead, Yi An is completely puzzled by Zhen Hao's strange behavior. 
While Zhen Hao probably would've kept avoiding Yi An for as long as he could but Yi An's unexpected disappearance during a hiking surveillance trip quickly forces Zhen Hao to think of nothing but her safety. Sitting alone in the dark and stormy mountain side, a scared Yi An is convinced that she is about to die and even texts her last goodbyes to her family. Crying with relief when Zhen Hao finally finds her in the pouring rain, Yi An throws her arms around Zhen Hao.  
Thanks to the kindness of a widow living alone on the mountain, Zhen Hao and Yi An are able to receive the much needed food and shelter. Dismayed when they are informed the road has been washed out and they are stuck on the mountain for now, Zhen Hao and Yi An have no choice but to spend the next two days together. 

Still mindful of his mission to "gently reject" Yi An, Zhen Hao tries to broach the subject several times but fails repeatedly due to one thing or another. 
While Zhen Hao is busy trying to find the appropriate moment to reject Yi An, his heart continues to tremble every time he has an intimate moment with her. 
After failing for the second time to tell Yi An that he is not interested in her Zhen Hao walks into the kitchen while Yi An is cooking, determined that he will succeed this time. Of course as fate would have it, instead of rejecting Yi An, Zhen Hao saves Yi An from a kitchen accident and ends up kissing her by accident. 
The road finally fixed, the duo heads for home and Zhen Hao gets another chance to say what's on his mind when Yi An asks "What did you want to tell me yesterday when you came into the kitchen?" After a moment of hesitation, Zhen Hao tells a confused Yi An "It's not important anymore."  
As determined as ever to have Yi An marry her grandson, Grandma Yang takes Yi An out for a movie and invites Zhen Hao along as well. Not surprised when he arrives at the movie theater to see Yi An there as well, Zhen Hao spent most of the time watching Yi An laughing at the movie. Too distracted by Yi An, Zhen Hao mistakenly drinks Yi An's soda instead of his own. Severely allergic to peanuts, Zhen Hao is soon having breathing problems due to the peanut residue on Yi An's soda straw. 

Hiding his discomfort, Zhen Hao pretends he has some errands to run and bids Yi An goodbye. Becoming suspicious when she notices Zhen Hao's unusual cough, Yi An follows Zhen Hao and arrives in time to see him struggling to breath. 
Huffy even after they got back from the hospital, the usually mild mannered Yi An finally explodes and yells at Zhen Hao for hiding his allergic reaction even though she had specifically warned him before about how dangerous it could be. Seemingly proud that Yi An is yelling for once, Zhen Hao surprises Yi An by quickly apologizing to her for not being honest with her. 
Yeah! Yi An is learning to yell! I actually think Yi An has a pretty strong personality. It just takes a lot for her to get angry. 
If this wasn't a daily, I would be betting money that Zhen Hao is in love with Yi An by this point...
Zhen Kai's Story:
You Zhen goes back to work for Zhen Kai as his secretary and as expected they still dislike each other intensely. 

Knowing exactly what Zhen Kai is up to when he calls Yi An to the office under the pretense of wanting help to get to know You Zhen better, You Zhen voluntarily types up a list of her likes and dislikes for Zhen Kai. Skeptical of the list You Zhen gave him, Zhen Kai decides to test the truthfulness of it by placing a bug - the thing she supposedly hates the most on her. Completely freaked out to suddenly find a bug on her shoulder, a teary Yi An begs Zhen Kai to get rid of it for her. Her sharp mind functioning again once a sheepish Zhen Kai takes the bug off her, it doesn't take much for You Zhen to figure out that Zhen Kai was the one that put the bug on her. 
Stunned when he suddenly gets a text from You Zhen's phone telling him to come pick her up at a certain KTV, Zhen Kai stares at his phone incredulously as he reads the words "Love you! xoxo." 

Too drunk to realize that her co-worker had 1. falsely assumed she had a boyfriend 2. then made the huge mistake of thinking the phone number under the name "Pig Kai" must be that non-existence boyfriend 3. Armed with the above two false assumptions, sent a text as You Zhen for Zhen Kai to come pick her up. You Zhen laughs happily when she looks up from her drunken stupor to see Zhen Kai in front of her. 
Bickering with a drunk You Zhen the whole way back to her apartment, a fed up Zhen Kai finally loses it and tells You Zhen "It's because you are this way, no wonder no man would take you. You don't have an ounce of femininity in you! Not sexy at all. Basically, you are just hormone imbalanced!" His eyes widening in alarm when You Zhen suddenly breaks into a slow smile and backs him to the wall, Zhen Kai asks "What are you going to do?" Boxing Zhen Kai in with her hands, You Zhen whispers "I am going to adjust my hormones..." Ha! I love that line! By the way, how hilarious is that a drunk You Zhen is so girlish. 
Not about to let Zhen Kai escape when he tries to walk away, You Zhen pulls Zhen Kai right back to her and plants a lingering kiss on him. 
The next day at work You Zhen is blissfully without any recollection of the night before but quickly gets a hint that she might be forgetting something important after talking to a still seething Zhen Kai. Thanks to Yi Xin who witnessed the whole passionate kissing and was quite gleeful to share what she saw in detail, You Zhen is able to finally understand the magnitude of her mistake. 
Horrified by what her drunken self had done, a very repentant You Zhen stands in front of Zhen Kai the next day and promises to do whatever it takes to make it up to him. Relishing a chance to get pay back for what he "suffered" the night before, Zhen Kai resolutely plants a kiss on You Zhen in the exact same way she kissed him. 

Their kiss interrupted when two employees walked in on the unexpected sizzling scene, a very embarrassed and hurt You Zhen storms out of Zhen Kai's office. 
Feeling the familiar twinge of guilt that seems to be his constant companion after meeting You Zhen, Zhen Kai resorts to buying a guinea pig as his way of apologizing to You Zhen. Pleasantly surprised that Zhen Kai would be willing to apologize, You Zhen tells Zhen Kai that she is willing to put their unpleasantness behind her. 

Thanks to the kiss in Zhen Kai's office, the whole company is swirling with rumors. Impatient when the assistant secretary tells her about the rumors, You Zhen vehemently assures her co-worker that nothing is going on between her and Zhen Kai...until the man himself walks in with a giant cage for her new guinea pig.