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Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #87

Wanted (Korean Drama)
Yap, I caved in and checked this one out. As expected the subject matter involving a child kidnapping is completely heart breaking and it's made that much worse by Kim Ah Joong's (heroine/the mom) outstanding job of portraying a desperate mother who is forced to swallow her overwhelming panic to save her son. Judging by the first two episode I am really not sure if we will get more than a hint of a romance but I don't think we will miss it anyway since the story is so intense and the acting outstanding all around.

Decoded (Chinese Drama)
Cheney Chen's new C-espinoge drama. This one is based on a popular novel of the same name. The story follows our unlikely hero, an autstic math genius who is pulled into the goverment't top decoding unit as the country's only hope to battle a hidden dangerous enemy.

I am quite torn on this one. I found the show an easy watch since I pretty much went through like 10 epiodes in one setting BUT the plot holes kills me! So here is my beef with the story up to episode 10:
Hero gets recurited/forced into the government's elite Unit 701 because of his math genius. Instead of ushering the hero to solve the extremely difficult "Purple Secret" code immediately, they threw the autstic hero into a training camp. Ehe?? Is any sane government agency really going to seriously contemptlating about disqualifiying the hero from entering the decoding unit just becuase he can't pass the running and field fighting test?! Well, this one does apparently because that riduclous problem of "Is the hero going to get diqualified or not?!" keeps coming up. BTW, The show started with the unit's attempt to get a well known mathmatician from another country to help with the code so they obviously didn't have a problem letting experts who didn't pass their training to help with the decoding but now they suddenly feel the urgent need to make the hero into a fighting machine before he can use his genius mind to help with the "Purple Secret."

The HUGE plot hole aside, Cheney Chen is doing a great job portraying the very intriguing hero and that's honestly the reason why I find myself following it despite the urge to role my eyes constantly.
Better Man (Taiwanese Daily)
This one is really turning out quite solid. Most dailies would have one core couple that draw the audience in and a bunch of other secondary characters the viewers may or may not be interested in. I usually count a daily a success if I can even find one solid story line that pulls me in but Better Man has successfuly made all THREE main couple's romance intriguing to me so I am definately impressed.
Happy Marrige?! (Japanese Drama, New)
Another J-romance from Dean Fujioka after his recent cute drama Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai. I have a weak spot for good old fashion utterly predicable and usually going no where until the very last episode J-romances so I will be following this one faithfully.

Episode 1-2 First Impression: HERE
Task Force 38 or Task Team 38 (Korean Drama)
This one is getting intense and fun. Thus far (4 episodes) it's kinda a gritty version of Oceans 11 with a WHOLE lot more obstocles thrown in. The pacing is quite fast and I am especially loving Seo In Guk's (hero, crook) bromance with Ma Dong Seok's (tax collector) character. The hero's romance is kinda understated for now but who cares when you have such an awesome bromance going?!
Refresh Man (Taiwanese Drama, Finished)
Another goodbye to a cute T-drama. I was very satisfied with the ending so kudos to the writer and producers for pulling it off. While this one didn't reach the addicting level for me I found it to be a simple and cute drama. You know, the calming soothing kind that one should always keep on a watch list to balance out the emotional tense one like Wanted (k-drama).

New Taiwanese Drama Replacing Refresh Man:
Prince of Wolf
Synopsis: A professional phorotapher, our heroine (Amber An) makes an unusual friend when accidentally meets a wolf man in the forest. 

ps. I am officially on vacation now...actually typing this in a hotel. :-) Running around in the New England area so not quite the sit on the beach relaxing kind but the tiring walking around kind most of the time. FYI, I will try to keep up on my usual recaps (specifically Love at Seventeen and Happy Home) but they are going to more like short summary with thoughts than full on recaps. Lobster rolls! Here I come! 


  1. whenever i see amber all i can think of is how Jia An was so cruelly treated in to the dearest intruder

  2. I want to watch all the dramas you had mentioned in this post aside from refresh man

  3. I didn't know Amber have a new drama coming out. I just hope this drama she better have a happy end. In her past drama she never get a happy end. It always end sad for her character.