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Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #88

Friday Drama Round Up #88 by Ninja
Suizokukan Girl (Japanese Drama, New)
Judging by the first episode this one is going to be one of those light J-motivational drama with a bit of romance thrown in. I am probably going to at least give it one more episode to see if this one is worth following.

Synopsis: Framed by her manager, our heroine ened up getting transferred to work at an aquairm. Feeling completely like an outsider especially with the hero who keeps telling her to leave, our heroine vows to prove herself by winning over one very stubborn dophine.

Oh Hae Young Again (Korean Drama, Finished)
What an awesome drama through and through. Other than the first episode where it was slightly confusing I loved everything about this drama. Now, there were some inconsistences (like the hero's hightened sense of hearing was ignored during the last couple episodes) and the necessary big jump of logic at some points BUT who cares when everything else was so perfect. 
My absolute favorite parts about this show is actually not the romance (even though it is very swoon worthy) but the mother daughter relationship between our heroine and Mama Oh. Kudos to a writer who can make me smile with affection everytime Mama Oh calls her daughter "Crazy woman". 
Beautiful Mind (Korean Drama) 
After watching episode three I am afraid I am losing interest in this one. The hero's character is still quite intriguing to me but that probably is not enough to keep my interest when everyone else (inluding the heroine) is pretty luckluster.
Lucky Romance (Korean Drama)
I had abaondoned this one after the first three episodes but ended up getting pulled back one day when I decided to see how the story fared once the two leads started to fall in love. The chemistry between the two leads is quite good and I especially love the geeky hero's attempt to remain cool despite the fact that he is head over heels in love with the heroine.
Demon Girl (Chinese Drama, New)
Another new drama by Producer Yu Zheng (Swordsman, Song in the Cloud). Based on a fantasy romantic novel set in the early 1900s China, Demon Girl follows the story of our spunky heroine who falls in love with a suave rich young man without realizing that her demon blood, inherited from her mother is beginning to awaken.

My vacation schedule is too crazy for me to check out more than the first episode so far but dang, the show is sure pretty to look at. Just going by episode one the story seems pretty solid at this point but I usually find anything by Producer Yu Zheng interesting at first...then really messy by the middle so I am not holding out too much hope that this one will be different. As it is, there are already some complaints that there are way too many characters in the show and the two main leads are getting lost in the crowd. Still, the show IS a stunning visual feast so plot aside I will probably be sorely tempted to keep watching anyway.
Prince of Wolf (Taiwanese Drama, New)
Amber An's new drama that replaces the time slot vacated by Refresh Man. To be honest I am quite leery of watching Amber An's dramas after her last two projects. Apple In Your Eye and My Dearest Intruder both had terrible endings in my opinion so I am starting to link Amber An's name to quality T-dramas but epic fail endings. (Apple in Your Eye's ending was especially trumatic to me. That was probably the first time and hopefully the last time I dreded writing a post.)
Despite my weariness I still checked out the first episode of Prince of Wolf out of curiosity and it was... meh. To be perfectly honest I am having a difficult time pin pointing the reasons why this one is not winning me over. The pacing of the story is extremely fast as by the end of the first episode our heroine has already met her Tarzen...um... Wolf Prince and our leads are well on their path to falling in love so pacing is not the problem at all. Amber An's acting is pretty good so far and Derek Zhang as a new actor is also doing a fairly decent job as the hero. Still...something just seems off. The basic premise of how the hero ended up being the "wolf prince" feels too farfetched, the super sonic speed of the hero falling in love with the heroine seem rather odd and lastely, the characters all feel too one dimentional.

Having said that, I will probably at least give this show one more chance before I write it off. I am hoping now that the story is mostly set up maybe some of the issues I had with it would go away automatically.

New Show Preview:
Swimming Battle (Taiwanese Drama, Airing this Saturday 7/9/2016)
Kingone Wang and Mandy Wei's new show! Kingone Wang plays a rich CEO who goes incognito as a swimming coach in order to be close to his first love (Mandy Wei) when he realizes the heroine has somehow lost her memories. With only two months' time to change the fate of a swimming team dubbed by the school as "the slowest sea horse" can our hero accomplish the impossible AND help his first love remember him once again?

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