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Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #90

Friday Drama Round Up #90 by Ninja
The Mystic Nine (Chinese Drama)
William Chan's hero in this one is so captivating that I pretty much swoon every time he comes on the screen. I still find this one very intriguing but my problem is that I love the hero so much I wish the writer is not spending so much time on the other characters...even if the male second lead really is quite awesome as well. We finally meet Zanilia Zhao Li Ying (hero's love interest) in episode 10 but like I mentioned last week, I really don't think the writer will give the romance too much attention.

Good Times (Taiwanese Daily, New)
Checked out the first two episodes of this one and while it was pretty nostalgic of 1995 Taiwan the characters didn't grab my interest right away. I probably need to give this one a few more episodes to see if the show would improve but with so many good promising dramas out right now I don't see myself doing that.  
Happy Marriage (Japanese Drama)
I am a bit torn on this one. The show seems to have all the elements I would love but I am strangely just not feeling it. My main problem is that the emotional attachment between the two leads seems more forced that a natural extension of their interactions so it kinda sours the whole show for me. 
Let's Fight Ghost (Korean Drama)
I would really like this one...if it wasn't for the scary male second lead that spoils the fun and makes me feel like I am watching Oh My Ghostess again. Still, the two leads are so cute together that I find myself smiling whenever they are together so I think I am stuck following this one. 
Love at Seventeen (Taiwanese Drama, Ending soon)
Last episode tomorrow! Crossing my fingers that it will be a happy ending! 
Immortal Goddess (Korean Mini Web-Drama, Finished)
A short drama about a down on his luck hero's romance with a vampire. Jae Hee looks really good in this one and I personally thought he did quite well. As per web drama, the story itself was kinda rushed but overall I found it to be quite cute and fun. 
The Good Wife (Korean Drama)
Having never watched the US drama series this one is based (too busy watching Asian dramas, it has been a LONG time since I have any clue what's on TV) I can't say how close this one followed the original material but judging by the first two episodes the show is doing a pretty impressive job as a legal drama. While the story and the characters are both intriguing enough to me, I generally don't have a good track record with shows that are in episodic format so I will probably only follow this one sporadically. 

Drama Spotlight: 
Who Are You (Korean Drama, 2013, 16 Episodes)
I had almost forgotten Taec Yeon had also played the lead role in another ghost drama. Not the one with the ghost seeing ability this time, Taec Yeon plays the young cop who is partnered with our heroine (played by So E Hyun) who can see the dead. 

To be honest, I don't remember this one being too memorable of a story but I did find it interesting enough to watch it all the way to the end. Plus it was nice to see So E Hyun get the lead role for once. 

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