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Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #91

Friday Drama Round Up #91 by Ninja
Doctors (Korean Drama)
I am a couple episodes behind on this one...and sadly I am having a hard time mustering up the interest to catch up. I like the lead characters well enough but the whole revenge plot - the boring part to me, is taking too much of the show's time.  

Ice Fantasy (Chinese Drama, New)
Some good C-fantasy choices out right now. Ice Fantasy is set in the time of an epic battle between the ice gods and the fire gods. The story follows the two exile princes of the fire gods and their path to reclaim their nation. 

The first episode was a bit cheesy, but once I got over the special affects then the show was quite enthralling. I especially like the crown prince's budding romance with the heroine who is a human tasked with the difficult job of keeping him safe. 
Novoland The Castle In The Sky (Chinese Drama, New)
First Impression: HERE
I guess we can't have fantasy dramas without epic battles. This one doesn't begin with an epic battle but the leads are trying to stop one from happening. Just a warning though, the hero doesn't start off very likable...the you think he should be the villain kind of unlikable but fortunately by episode five I am already swooning every time he shows up. 
Whirlwind Girl 2/Tornado Girl 2 (Chinese Drama, New)
OPPA!!! I guess with Healer so popular among the Chinese, Ji Jang Wook decided to strike while the iron is still hot. For those who were a fan of the first season of Whirlwind Girl, the sequel might be a disappointment since the producers weren't able to get the same actress to play the heroine and the hero will be MIA for most of the time. As someone who gave up on the original Whirlwind Girl after the first couple episodes I was willing to give this one a chance just because Ji Jang Wook is in it but I quickly lost interest once I realized Ji Jang Wook's character will just be a temporary hero until the real OTP is reunited. 
Gu Ra Me (Japanese Drama, New)
This one kinda reminds me of a modern version of Nobunaga No Chef where the protagonist uses amazing food to defuse political tensions. The plot is kinda predicable but the food looks awesome of course! 
Koe Koi (Japanese Drama)
I mentioned this one a couple weeks ago and really didn't think I would be following it but after watching four episodes thus far of this unlikely story of a girl falling in love with a boy with a paper bag on his head, I am pleasantly surprised by how much emotional depth it has. 
Baby Steps (Japanese Drama, New)
I was hoping this one would be one of those exciting sports drama...unfortunately it was not. Maybe episode 2 would be better but episode one was so boring that I lost all desire to keep watching.
W (Korean Drama)
SO addicting!!! I am loving everything about this show except the tiny fear about the extremely fast pacing of the plot. Secrets I thought was going to be hidden until the bitter end is already revealed by episode four so where do we go from here? This is going to be one long week until the next episode. 

New Show Preview:
Drama: Love by Design
Airs: Saturdays (Starts July 31st)
Synopsis: Fired from her job and buckling under the weight of a maxed up credit card, our 34 year old heroine resorts to pretending to be a young 25 year old in order to get a job as a newbie at a fashion design company.

If the synopsis sounds familiar, that's because this show is based on the K-drama Baby Face Beauty starting Jang Na Ra.


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