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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Home Episode 37-38 Summary

Happy Home Episode 37-38 Summary by Ninja
*Still on my vacation schedule right now so this week and next week's recap will be short summaries instead.

Mi Soon's Story:
  • Faced with an ultimaten from Daddy Bong to either pay back the money Mama Bong gave her or close the restaurant, Mi Soon issues a challenge to Daddy Bong for a cook off. 
  • Unable to stand by when she sees Se Ri being pursued by her abusive ex-boyfriend, Mi Soon jumps in to stop the man but ends up discovering the shocking truth that the ex-boyfriend is Se Ri's baby's real father. 
  • While Mi Soon is trying to process the shocking truth and decide if she should tell the Bong family about it, Man Hao also starts to become suspicious of Se Ri's constant disapperence. (She has been going to clubs)
  • Before Mi Soon can make up her mind, Man Ho finds out the truth himself when he overhears Se Ri's girlfriends laughing over the fact that Man Ho is dumb enough to raise another man's baby. 
  • Drunk and bitter, Man Ho loudly confronts Se Ri in front of his whole family. At first taking Man Ho's accusations as drunken nonesense, the Bong family is horrified when Mi Soon shows up with the DNA test report to support Man Ho's words.

Hae Won's Story:
  • Things are going quite well for this couple as Kang Min continues to melt Hae Won's heart with his attentiveness towards her. I especially love how Hae Won keeps expecting Kang Min to act a certain way but Kang Min always manages to surprise her. I really didn't care much for Kang Min's character before but his pure heart and one track mind of wanting the best for those who are important to him really is starting to endear him to me.  
Hae Ryung's Story:
  • Worried but undaunted by Daddy Bong's declaration that he will only admit Hyun Ki as his son-in-law, Ji Gun is determined to win over Daddy Bong and proceeds to pop out in front of his future father-in-law whenever he can. 
  • Seemingly ready to accept Hyun Ki back into the family, Daddy Bong finds various ways to creat opportunities for Hae Ryung to spend time with Hyun Ki. Frustrated by Daddy Bong's efforts and Hyun Ki's readiness to use his illness to win her back, Hae Ryung tries to remain as aloof as possible. 
  • Laughing bitterly when Ji Gun freely admits his frustration and jealousy over Hyun Ki's shameless use of his illness, Hyun Ki warns Ji Gun again that as a man who doesn't have much time left he is ready to go even further. (Despite all the macho rivery, Ji Gun can't ignore his doctor instinct and we are getting plenty of hints that he might eventually attempt to operate on Hyun Ki.)
  • Unable and unwilling to accept her son's eminent death, Madam Jang is ready to do whatever to help her son gain a will to live...which means doing everything she can to get Hae Ryung to come back to Hyun Ki.
  •  Shaken by Madam Jang's willingness to publically admit in front of live telivison of her wrongful doings (towards Hae Ryung) THEN kneeling in front of the Bong family to beg her to go back to Hyun Ki, a scared Hae Ryung vehemently declares that she is going to marry Ji Gun - SOON! 
  • Crying as she runs all the way to Ji Gun's office, Hae Ryung tearfully confesses to Ji Gun how she used him to escape from a very unpleasant circumstance. Instead of being angry, our hero is of course more than happy to marry Hae Ryung ASAP and promptly takes her back to his office to introduce her as his fiancee. 

Ninja's Thoughts
I continue to find Hae Ryung's reaction towards Hyun Ki and his mother very intriging. While there is no doubt that Hae Ryung is emotionally moved by Hyun Ki's illness I find her palapable fear at the very thought of going back to Hyun Ki...and his very enmeshed relationship with his mother so heartbreaking. The part of Hae Ryung who is preptually kind and always self sacrificing can't help but suffer at the thought of everything Hyun Ki and even Madam Jang are going through. However, the Hae Ryung who had clawed out of a hellish marriage with Ji Gun's help just a short while ago has no room to pity others and instead is trembling in fear as Hyun Ki and his mother tries to drag her back. 
The more I come to see Hae Ryung's terror the more I am getting impatient with Hyun Ki's little "last moment" self abandonment. For someone who keeps apologizing to Hae Ryung for everything he did, he seems to still be completely clueless of how much damage he and his mother has done to her. In fact, even now, Hyun Ki is still asking Hae Ryung to sacrifice herself in order to make HIM happy during his remaining days with seemingly complete disregard for what that would do to her.
By the way, this week might also be the last time we see Young Eun's character which is just too bad because I have always felt her character to be severly underused. The writer had set Young Eun up as the only person in this world that understood Hyun Ki the best and then...nothing. Sigh, oh well, at least her parting speech to Hyun Ki that she is going to leave the country, cut off all contact and pretend that he is still alive is kinda cool. 

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  1. Can't wait to see Se Ri suffer muahahahahahaha

    1. you and me both. I'd love for her to have to work for Madame Jang. :D

    2. Same same! She's escaping from the mess for now. But, I guess she will be in lots of trouble during her absence in the neighborhood/ on screen and returned back with empty-handed/running for life! Karma gonna strike her back just like Mi soon suffered after she was kicked out from Bong household empty-handed.

      Bong Man Ho seems really regret for what he has done. Drunken Man Ho came into Mi Soon's restaurant...letting her hit him and scold him off. Ok. I just hope Mi soon doesn't have feelings on him anymore because he is her girls' father. Her heartache and pain caused by Man ho, Sam Bong and Seri, isn't even healed yet. If Man Ho or Sam Bong tries to get Mi Soon back, it's like opening her old wound back! And they don't actually see Mi Soon as a human who has a feeling but a puppet who can fulfill their goals and wishes.
      Can't wait for next episodes...