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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Happy Home Episode 39-40 Summary

Happy Home Episode 39-40 Summary by Ninja
Mi Soon's Story:
  • Vehemently protesting of her innocence in front of the Bong family, Se Li nonetheless freely admits to Mi Soon once they are alone that her son is Man Ho's. Speechless that all her past kindness and care for Se Li is actually the source of Se Li's resentment towards her, an extremely disappointed Mi Soon gives up trying to reason with Se Li.
  • Stubbornly holding onto the hope that Se Li's baby must be his son's, Daddy Bong is finally forced to admit the truth when Man Ho comes back with the DNA report. Storming into Se Li's room to confront her, the Bong family is stunned to discover that Se Li has not only skipped town but has left her baby with a letter asking Man Ho to raise the baby for her.
  • Despite being extremely angry at Se Li, Man Ho nonetheless decides to not sent the baby to an orphanage once Mi Soon tells him that the birth father is an abusive jerk.
  • Her heart softening when she sees Man Ho willingly lets the birth father beat him up in order to keep the baby safe, Mi Soon gently patches him up and tells him that their divorce wasn't because of Se Li but was caused by the fractures that already existed in their marriage. 
  • Mi Soon and Chul Soo's lunch box idea is taking off slowly but surly. It is obvious that Chul Soo cares a lot about Mi Soon but no romantic vibe yet. 

Hae Won's Story:
  • Rallying up all of Hae Won's co-workers to help him put together an elaborate proposal setting for Hae Won, Kang Min eagerly holds up the diamond ring he has prepared...only to fall down in shock when he realizes he has mistakenly proposed to his own mother. 
  • Already angry after a very unpleasant encounter with Hae Won just moments before, Madam Lee becomes even more furious once she sees her son kneeling on the ground fully prepared to propose to Hae Won and begins to chase Kang Min around to smack him. 

Hae Ryung's Story:
  • Hyun Ki's symptoms continues to worsen at a rapid pace until Daddy Bong finds him unconscious in front of Ji Gun's work. Stunned as he finally finds out the truth from Ji Gun, a heart broken Daddy Bong walks out of the hospital in a daze. 
  • His heart aching for Hyun Ki, Daddy Bong nonetheless decides to accept Ji Gun as his son-in-law in hopes that Hae Ryung would suffer less with Ji Gun by her side. There you go! Thank heaven Daddy Bong is finally acting like a dad. 
  • While overjoyed to have Daddy Bong's approval, Ji Gun's joy is dampened by his constant confrontation with Madam Jang and his inner struggle to save Ji Gun's life. 
  • Willing to do anything to save Hyun Ki, Madam Jang resorts to using Ji Gun's son to threaten him and demands that he gives up his marriage to Hae Ryung. Panicking at the mere thought of something happening to his son, Ji Gun storms into Madam Jang's house and has a fierce argument with her. Frustrated by Madam Jang's declaration that she will make sure Hae Ryung goes back to her son no matter what, Ji Gun makes his own declaration that he will never send Hae Ryung back to the hellish home Madam Jang has created. 
  • Not surprised by what his mother has done, Hyun Ki pleas with his mother to stop hurting others because that will only make him hurt more. 
  • Madam Jang eventually finds out from Hyun Ki's doctor that Ji Gun is THE doctor her son desperately needs but thanks to her even if Ji Gun is willing to operate on Hyun Ki, his injured hand might not allow him to do so anyway. 
  • Showing up at Ji Gun's practice to admit that she is to blame for Ji Gun's hand injury and plea with him to save her son, Madam Jang's repentant expression quickly turns ugly the moment Ji Gun tells her that as a doctor he does want to save her son but his injury doesn't allow him to do so. Bitter and resentful, Madam Jang pays President Lee a visit and asks Ji Gun's ex-father-in-law to stop the marriage between Ji Gun and Hae Ryung. 
  • Hiding all his fears and troubles from Hae Ryung, Ji Gun puts on a happy face and takes Hae Ryung to pick out her wedding gown. Waiting eagerly to see Hae Ryung in a wedding dress, Ji Gun's lovely dream of marrying the love of his life is shattered to pieces as he picks up a phone call and President Lee's voice asks "Are you going to marry that woman? Does that woman know that you are the one that operated on her son?" 
Ninja's Thoughts:
 Our poor hero, but judging by the fact that he won't allow Hae Ryung to make the promise to him that she will never be angry at him for more than a day and instead tells her that she can be angry at him for as long as she wants, Ji Gun already knows the his secret will be out eventually. As much as I feel bad for all the pain Hae Ryung will surly have to experience one she finds out the truth, I am actually very curious how Hae Ryung's feelings towards Ji Gun will change. Up to this point Hae Ryung has always been the damsel in distress and relies on Ji Gun to play the knight in shining armor so what happens when she realizes her knight is not so infallible after all? 
Hae Ryung has shown quite a bit of courage in this episode when she stood up to Madam Jang and tells her that she has no intention of going back to that home but can Hae Ryung's courage hold up when the very person that has been her support ends up being the one that she can't stand to be around anymore? 
As for Mi Soon, I had a moment of fear when she was patching Man Ho up that the writer might try to put those two back together but I was somewhat assured once Mi Soon gives her a little speech that her marriage was already broken before Se Li came along. 
ps. I have been pretty much ignoring Daddy Bong's little sister Sam Sook's story line but my interest was piqued a bit after her mysterious past love showed up. Completely overjoyed to finally get her "big break" into the entertainment industry as a shopping channel model, Sam Sook is clueless that her ex-boyfriend (?) is the one that has been secretly smoothing her path. Judging by the respect the ex-boyfriend commands in the tv station I am assuming he is someone pretty important. 

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