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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Happy Home Episode 41-42 Recap

Happy Home Episode 41-42 Recap by Ninja
Mi Soon's Story:
After searching night and day for Se Ri, Man Ho is finally tipped off by Mi Soon that Se Ri has landed herself at the police station. Accusing Man Ho of having never loved her, Se Ri tells Man Ho "Mi Soon unni is like your skin. You don't notice it when you have it but you can never live without it." 

His heart settled after his meeting with with Se Ri, Man Ho informs his family that he is going to raise Se Ri's baby as his own. 

Pleasantly surprised when two Chinese men suddenly show up to inform her that their company wants to sign a contract with her, Mi Soon is amazed as Chul Soo skillfully uses his impressive Chinese to communicate with the men. 

Unbeknownst to Mi Soon, Chul Soo apparently knows the two men already and there are even some reference to Chul Soo's mysterious background as the men asks "Don't they know your real identity?" 
With Se Ri gone from his life, Man Ho is starting to remember all of Mi Soon's good points and even gets jealous when he saw Chul Soo "kissing" Mi Soon. 
Chul Soo was simply helping Mi Soon to get something out of her eyes but from Man Ho's position it looked like they were doing something much more. 
The long awaited cook-off between Daddy Bong and Mi Soon finally happened. Nervous but confident that she will be able to beat Daddy Bong and take back her daughters, Mi Soon's dream is dashed to pieces when she ends up losing to Daddy Bong with the score of 11-2. 
Her confidence in herself completely demolished by her landslide defeat to Daddy Bong, a severely disappointed Mi Soon can't be consoled even by Mama Bong. 

Assured of his own superb cooking skill after his win, Daddy Bong gets a very unpleasant surprise that night when his drunken friend proudly tells him how they had made sure all of the judges chose his dish over Mi Soon's. 
(It was a blind tasting but Daddy Bong's friends were tipped of by his supplier of the large amount of crab he has been buying to make his seafood stock. Knowing that whichever dish that had a strong crab taste must be their friend's, Daddy Bong's two friends had gone around telling all the judges how to discern the dish so they could be sure to vote for Daddy Bong.)
Hae Won's Story: Furious that her son would be thinking of marrying against her wishes, Madam Lee shows up at Hae Won's house and tries to intimidate Mama Bong with her hoity toity attitude. Not about to allow her baby girl to go through what Hae Ryung went through with yet another stuck up mother-in-law, a very grumpy Mama Bong punches poor Kang Min right in the gut and holds up her fist threateningly until Madam Lee quickly declares that Hae Won is a bright and lovely young woman. 
Showing up at the Lee mansion to personally rescue Kang Min who has been locked up in his house, Hae Won tells Kang Min "Choose. Are you going to keep living as the great chaebol son or are you going to live as my husband and our baby's father?" Not hesitating at all, Kang Min promptly replies "Your husband and our baby's father!" 

Looking at his son incredulously, President Lee tries to order his men to restrain Kang Min but ends up letting the two love birds escape when he was distracted by the two cops Hae Won had called to the house. 
Not about to give Kang Min's parents the chance to separate them again, Kang Min and Hae Won file for their marriage registration. 
Sam Sook's (Daddy Bong's Sister) Story:
Afraid that his sister would bump into her first love (Min Seok) at the TV station, Sam Shik lies to Sam Sook that the TV station has decided to end their contract with her. Upset that her dream of becoming a star ended so abruptly, a drunken Sam Sook shows up at the TV station yelling to see the big boss. Too drunk to realize that her first love is standing right in front of her, the drunk Sam Sook mutters "I am imagining him again because I miss him so much!" Touched by Sam Sook's words, Min Seok pulls her into his arms and confesses that he has also missed her terribly. 
Horrified the next morning as she remembers her encounter with Min Seok, a very embarrassed Sam Sook tries to hide herself when she sees Min Seok standing in front of her house. Chasing Sam Sook down, Min Seok declares that he is back and will not give up on her no matter what.
Hae Ryung's Story: 
Flooded with foreboding after President Lee's threatening phone call to remind him about his secret, Ji Gun forces himself to act normal as Hae Ryung stands in front of him in a wedding dress and talk about their future together.

Smiling brightly at Ji Gun's reluctance to part from her, Hae Ryung doesn't try to question the sadness in Ji Gun's eyes but instead agrees to spend more time with him. 
Not surprised to come home to see President Lee sitting at his house, Ji Gun puts his phone in front of his ex-father-in-law and challenges him to call Hae Ryung right then. Shrinking under Ji Gun's stare as Ji Gun admits "The thing I can't accept is that I ran away. I can't forgive the me who hid behind you because I didn't want to lose anything." President Lee backs down and keeps his mouth shut even when Madam Jang demands to know the secret he had hinted at her before. 

We learn from Daddy Seo and President Lee's conversation that President Lee was actually the one that stopped Ji Gun and his dad from confessing the whole thing to Hae Ryung and Hyun Ki back when Seo Jin died. Afraid that it would make his hospital look bad if Ji Gun admitted his mistake, President Lee had sent Ji Gun overseas. Of course, Daddy Seo did bring up the point again that if JI Gun had followed the protocol and had Seo Jin do all the tests before he operated, then Seo Jin probably would've died from his injury anyway.  
Hyun Ki's illness continues to worsen at a fast pace to the point that he is even starting to experience periods of amnesia. Already finding herself softening whenever Hyun Ki's illness prevents him from doing some of the simplest tasks, Hae Ryung's emotion is affected even more when Hyun Ki's amnesia begins to take him back to the happy times before their son's death. 
Puzzled when he sees Hae Ryung running off instead of waiting for him to go visit his mother's grave, Ji Gun follows Hae Ryung to Seo Jin's old school and can only watch hopelessly as Hae Ryung has to pretend that she is still Hyun Ki's wife in order to convince Hyun Ki that their son doesn't need to be picked up from school. 
Stoic when a very late Hae Ryung finally shows up at their agreed meeting place, Ji Gun doesn't vent his frustration at Hae Ryung but instead admits his jealousy as he talks to his mother. 
Running after Ji Gun to throw her arms around him, Hae Ryung tells him "I know I shouldn't, but when I see that person dying slowly I feel like I am suffocating. I shouldn't act this way, I am sorry. I can't promise I won't look at him anymore or that I won't cry because I don't have the confidence. But all that is pity so I won't go far. I won't disappear from your sight or make you uneasy. So...Forgive me." 

Gently wiping away Hae Ryung's tears, Ji Gun assures Hae Ryung that while his childish side wants nothing less than to demand that she only looks at him but her kindness is exactly why he fell in love with her. 
Her determination to keep her distance from Hyun Ki renewed, Hae Ryung greets Madam Jang coldly when she shows up one night asking to see her. Aloof as a very flustered Madam Jang talks to her, Hae Ryung finally loses her composure when Madam Jang tearfully tells her that Hyun Ki has not only reserved a place beside his son in the columbarium but has been saving sleeping pills to committed suicide.  
Sitting alone at the columbarium, Hyun Ki confesses to his son that since he found out about his bouts of amnesia he has selfishly pretended to forget in front of Hae Ryung so she will treat him like she used to. 

Turning in surprise when Hae Ryung suddenly shows up and begins to list all of the wrongs he has committed to their son, Hyun Ki can only stutter a weak excuse once Hae Ryung throws the sleeping pills in front of him. 
Breaking down in sobs as she watches Hyun Ki struggling as he tries to pick up the pills, Hae Ryung angrily cries "You jerk! How can you be like this until the very end! What should I do? Should we just die here together?!" Looking through her tears as Hyun Ki begs her to stop and admit that everything was his fault, Hae Ryung looks up at Hyun Ki through her tears and pleads "Please! Disappear from my sight! Even if you are going to die then die where I can't see." 
Concerned the moment he arrives to see Hae Ryung back to her damsel in distress state, Ji Gun becomes angry the moment he spots Hyun Ki standing not too far away. 
Grabbing Hyun Ki's collar, Ji Gun demands to know what Hyun Ki did to Hae Ryung and is about to punch him in anger but stops in surprise when Hyun Ki mutters "I want to live. Please save me! I don't want to die, I want to live." 

Ninja's Thoughts
SO painful! We are eight episodes away from the end so THE secret is going to be out anytime now. I was actually really hoping that Ji Gun would back out from the wedding since it seems like a horrible thing to do to Hae Ryung...ESPECIALLY when he knows his secret is bound to get out sooner or later. Now, I could understand our hero's determination to bury his head in the sand if the secret really has a hope of remaining a secret but I don't think even Ji Gun can delude himself now that President Lee has used it to threaten him. 

From the preview, it looks like Madam Jang will find out in the next week's episode so I guess that's probably how our heroine is going to find out. I had expected the BIG confrontation between our leads will dragged out for a good while but since the writer had left the heroine in the dark until this late in the game then maybe all the sobbing and crying won't drag on for that long? 
Sigh... I don't think we are going to get our noona romance. There is no doubt that Chul Soo and Mi Soon has formed a strong bond but we are really not seeing any hint of romantic sparks. The writer will have to do some pretty intense progress between the two if any believable romance is going to happen. I guess I would be okay with Mi Soon just living a happy single life with her two daughters but for Mi Soon who had always lived as a mother to her immature husband I had really harbored hope that she would discover what it feels like to be loved by someone whom she can rely on. 
My absolute favorite scene this week: Determined to figure out where his wife has been disappearing to everyday, Daddy Bong goes on an impromptu spy mission. Puzzled when he follows Mama Bong to a boxing gym, Daddy Bong gets the shock of his life as he watches his wife punching furiously while yelling his name. Ha! I love how intimidated Daddy Bong after realizing his wife can deliver some mean punches. 

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