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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy Home Episode 43-44 Recap

Happy Home Episode 43-44 Recap by Ninja
Mi Soon's Story:
Racing all the way to stop Mi Soon from putting up her restaurant for lease, Chul Soo vehemently refuses to listen to Mi Soon's protest that since she lost her bet with Daddy Bong then she needs to suffer the consequences. 

Seething with jealousy as he watches Mi Soon and Chul Soo arguing with one another, Man Ho finally jumps out to tell Mi Soon that Daddy Bong only won because his friends cheated. 

Fuming as she walks back to her restaurant, Mi Soon calms down the moment she finds Daddy Bong standing in front of her place. Inviting Daddy Bong in to try her seafood noodle dish personally, Mi Soon hides her surprised expression as Daddy Bong finishes the whole bowl and declares that he approves of the taste. Agreeing readily to Daddy Bong's challenge for another match up later that month since the result of their previous one didn't count, Mi Soon is pleasantly surprised again when Daddy Bong gives her his verbal consent to officially sell her seafood dish. (It was a point of confrontation before if Mi Soon had the right to sell that particular dish since it was technically the Bong family restaurant's recipe...even if it was developed mostly by Mi Soon.) 

With that little crisis averted, Mi Soon's life is starting to be smooth sailing again...until Man Ho starts to show up constantly...much to Chul Soo's frustration. 
Impatient with Man Ho's constantly effort to make her suspicious of Chul Soo, Mi Soon walks into her restaurant shaking her head but stops dead when she overs hears Chul Soo talking on the phone in English "Absolutely not, even if I go back it will be no longer than one year. Can't be longer than that. I don't usually tell other people my name but it's Kang Jun Young."
Dismayed to realize Mi Soon was within earshot of his phone conversation, Chul Soo tries to carry on as normal but his expression pales when Mi Soon says "Wanting to make sure I have some common ground with my kids I put a lot of work on learning English. What is your real name Chul Soo? No, actually, who are you?" 
Hae Won's Story: 
Stunned to wake up and find Kang Min at their house, Daddy and Mama Bong stare at their daughter in disbelief when they are informed of the marriage. Despite being surprised by the marriage, Hae Won's parents nonetheless quickly accept it since their daughter is after all pregnant with Kang Min's baby. 

Not so accepting as the Bong parents, Madam Lee storms into Hae Won's work yelling her son's name angrily when she finds out that Kang Min had announced his marriage to the press. Swallowing her angry words once she realizes that a reporter is standing right there, Madam Lee quickly paste on a smile to act like the world's greatest mother-in-law to Hae Won. 
Hae Ryung's Story:
Flustered by Hyun Ki's tearful pleading to save his life, a very conflicted Ji Gun mutters "I can't..." then quickly drives away with Hae Ryung. 
Looking at Hae Ryung who seems to have every strength pulled out of her body, Ji Gun takes her to a quiet place for dinner and even jumps into the pool to get a smile out of her. Pretending to be angry when Ji Gun pulls her into the pool, Hae Ryung suddenly breaks out into a laugh and tells a worried Ji Gun that as one who had swam competitively all through out school she is not someone who is intimidated by water. 

Her mood lifted considerably, Hae Ryung softly admits to Ji Gun "To someone who is dying, I had told him to go and die somewhere I can't see. Am I not despicable?" Once again assured when Ji Gun expresses his gratitude to have her as she is, Hae Ryung asks "After we get married...can we take Young Woo and stay at America for couple years?" Looking down guiltily the moment the words are out of her mouth, Hae Ryung mutters "I guess we can't." 
Quickly replying "Yes, let's do. No matter where, let's go." Ji Gun pulls Hae Ryung to him and kisses her.  
Holding a simple wedding with only the local kids to throw flower peddles for them, Ji Gun looks into Hae Ryung's eyes and promises "No matter if you are happy or sad, blissful or angry, I will always be by your side with my hand extended it so you could grasp it anytime." 

Presenting themselves as a newly wed in front of Hae Ryung's family, the Bong family gets another shock after the bomb Hae Won dropped just that morning. Knowing full well that his daughter needs all the support she can get to deal with Hyun Ki's impending death, Daddy Bong surprises everyone by expressing his approval of our leads' quick marriage. Clueless of Hyun Ki's illness, Mama Bong is not so happy as her husband to have her daughter married off so without fanfare and was only somewhat appeased after Ji Gun personally apologizes to her. 
Thinking it must be her bumbling twin coming home when she hears a loud crash, Hae Ryung goes outside only to see Hyun Ki coughing uncontrollably. Keeping her expression blank when Hyun Ki hands her a resignation to give to Daddy Bong, Hae Ryung tells Hyun Ki that as Ji Gun's wife she will no longer involve herself in his affair but judging by the tears on Hae Ryung's face after Hyun Ki stumbles away, our heroine is obviously not as unaffected as she appears. 
Mildly surprised when Ji Gun walks out of her house to inform her that he needs to leave immediately, Hae Ryung doesn't press Ji Gun for answers but becomes worried when her little sister remarked how pale Ji Gun's expression was after receiving a mysterious phone call. Getting on a taxi to go check on Ji Gun personally, Hae Ryung stops the car when she happens to see Ji Gun being slapped by Madam Jung in front of Hyun Ki's house. 

Sneering bitterly when she sees the furious Hae Ryung coming to Ji Gun's defense, Madam Jung tells her cryptically "If you know what Seo Ji Gun did to our family then it's going to be one spectacular show." Despite being puzzled by Madam Jang's words, Hae Ryung nonetheless allows herself to be pulled away.
 Knowing that there is no way Madam Jang would let him live blissfully with Hae Ryung now that she is convinced he killed her grandson, Ji Gun desperately hugs Hae Ryung like every second with her would be his last. 
The big moment finally arrives and our heroine finds out the truth by accident when she overhears Ji Gun's nurses gossiping about Madam Jang's accusation that Ji Gun killed her grandson. 
Hae Ryung shows up at Hyun Ki's house to confront Madam Jang but we are not shown what happened between them. 
Walking into the house to find his son making a scrapbook of his wedding photos with an anxious desperation, Daddy Seo tries to convince Ji Gun to tell Hae Ryung the truth before she finds out herself but ends up walking away dejected when Ji Gun refuses to take his eyes off the pictures.

Staring at the smiling pictures of Hae Ryung, Ji Gun mutters "I don't have the courage to tell her. How can I tell her? How do I dare? What can I say? No, I won't say it."
Unable to look up even when Hye Ryung's voice suddenly answers his self mutterings "What to do...I must hear it." Ji Gun remains silent even as Hae Ryung asks the question he has been dreading "You...did you kill...my son?" 
Frantic to hold onto a last stitch of hope, Hae Ryung pleads with Ji Gun "Tell me it's not true. I will only believe your words. You have never even met Seo Jin (her son). You have never operated on him!"

Taking Ji Gun's face and forcing him to look up, Hae Ryung's heart sinks as she looks into Ji Gun's tear filled eyes. Dropping her hands like they've been burned as Ji Gun whispers "I am sorry, I am sorry." Hae Ryung screams in horror. Yelling as she vents her anger on her wedding pictures, Hae Ryung wipes all of the emotions from her face and declares "I have never met you and never loved you." 
Left to sit among the last reminders of his impossible dream, Ji Gun cries as he gently caress his wedding picture with Hae Ryung.

Stumbling into her house as the past memories flooded her mind to confirm Ji Gun had known all along she was Seo Jin's mother, Hae Ryung cries bitterly as she holds her son's picture and mutters "I am sorry, I am sorry Seo Jin." 
Dismayed when he gets a phone call from Ji Gun with the simple words of "I have been found out. Take care of her. You are the only one that can do that now." Hyun Ki rushes to Hae Ryung's house. Looking up in anger as Hyun Ki tries to explain Ji Gun did the best he could to save their son, Hae Ryung cuddles Seo Jin's picture and refuses to listen. Frustrated by Hae Ryung's reaction, Hyun Ki looks at her with disappointment and says "You haven't changed a bit. You are still immersed in your own pain. You can't see or hear anyone else around you. Do you know how tiresome that is? Fine, just keep being your tiresome self. Maybe that will make Seo Jin happy in heaven." 

Ninja's Thoughts
Whew! TWO big secrets out this week. I guess Chul Soo's secret is not quite out yet but I am really curious to hear what he will say to Mi Soon in the next episode. My personal guess is that he is a mysterious food critic or... food writer perhaps?? Yaah... I got nothing. 
This is going to sound kinda mean, but Hae Ryung's reaction actually was better then I expected. Granted, she is still in shock so she might have more choice words for Ji Gun once her anger has time to build. 

I had hoped that Hyun Ki might speak up for Ji Gun but I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly he explained the whole thing to Hae Ryung and really gained quite a bit of respect for his willingness to tell the truth even though it would've been so easy to use this perfect opportunity to separate our two leads for good. 
Based on the previews it looks like Hae Ryung is going to go back to Hyun Ki's house soon. While I personally don't want our heroine to have anything to do with Hyun Ki's household anymore I am hoping whatever happens will help Hae Ryung to learn to look past her own pain. I think only when Hae Ryung can learn to grief properly with Hyun Ki can she learn to see past her own sorrow and see the pain Ji Gun has been been carrying. 
Speaking of our hero... as much as I feel bad for the guy, he does need to suffer a bit for burying his head in the sand and letting things get so out of hand with Hae Ryung. It really was a very cowardly thing for Ji Gun to marry Hae Ryung without telling her the truth. I understand that the guy was madly in love but still, it was pretty selfish of him to go through with the marriage when it is obvious that Hae Ryung is going to find out the truth VERY soon. 
My FAVORITE scene this week! Fed up with Daddy Bong's cheapskate personality, Mama Bong packs her bags to leave home. Stunned by how much his wife is "over reacting", Daddy Bong yells Mama Bong's name and tells her to not come back if she steps out the door. Pushed over the edge by Daddy Bong's words, Mama Bong screams her husband's name as she delivers a much practiced boxing punch to his face. SO AWESOME! 

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  1. how i would hate this show if they make MS go back to that poor excuse of a man.

  2. Of course, I think that Ji Gun should have told her a LONG time ago, but this section is the first time I really liked Hyun Ki. I loved your quotation, so I will paste it here: "You haven't changed a bit. You are still immersed in your own pain. You can't see or hear anyone else around you. Do you know how tiresome that is? Fine, just keep being your tiresome self. Maybe that will make Seo Jin happy in heaven." He is exactly right. I'm not saying that she shouldn't grieve for her son. As a parent, I can see myself being extremely bitter and angry about the loss of one of my kids. However, this is driving all her emotions and is she really sorry to her son or is she just reverting and feeling sorry for herself? This must have been drove them apart in his their marriage (well besides his crazy mother). Instead of clinging to him in her pain, it looks more and more like it was (not on purpose mind) a competition in martyrdom--who was more sad than the other. Would her son want her to be sad and angry forever? Just like how he should have stood up for her more in front of his mother, she should have tried to remember that she isn't the only parent who lost a child and that everyone grieves in his/her own way. It would be really sad if she remains alone because of her grief

  3. Do you think they are doing this with Chul Soo to make it more palatable for her to get back with Man Ho? Frankly, I'd rather her be alone than to get back with Man Ho.

  4. I still believe Chul Soo is Mi Soos brother. He was adopted and she wasn't. At first he just wanted to taste her Food once. But then he wanted to get to know her. Than help her. etc. etc. He is on a timeline and maybe never planned to revel his true identity. But DEFINITLY the brother.