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Monday, July 4, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 12 Summary

*Still on my vacation posting schedule so this one (and next week's) will just be a brief summary and thoughts.

Love at Seventeen Episode 12 Summary by Ninja
1. Alice finds the contents of the time capsule in her apartment. In a flash back we see that both of our leads had shown up on the day the four friends had promised to meet 10 years ago but apparently they missed each other and Alice ended up emptying the time capsule by herself.

2. As expected, Hao Yi's letter in the time capsule was a love confession for Alice. Moved by Hao Yi's letter, a happy Alice throws her arms around him and doesn't notice Hao Yi secretly rippng out a page out of her note book (the one she left in the time capsule). 

3. Confronting Peter the next day at work with the ripped out page in hand, Hao Yi demands to know what else had happened to Alice ten years ago that she would write "Being a sunflower is lie. Fover is a lie. You couldn't protect and I can't forget." (Hao Yi's letter in the time capsule had compared Alice to his sun and promised to protect her so those words were written in obvious anger and disappointment towards Hao Yi.) Sneering sadly to see yet another evidence of how much Hao Yi still means to Alice, Peter slowly recounts all the bullying Alice had endured 10 years ago. (We got a new flash back of the school bullies trying to force Alice and Peter to kiss.)
4. Stunned and overwhelmed with self blam after talking to Peter, the first thing Hao Yi does is to track down the whereabouts of Qi Tai (the school bully) to give him a beating that is 10 years overdue.
 5. While Hao Yi is out picking fights as a way to punish himself, our heroine is beginning to remember more fragments of her unpleasant past. Feeling the urgency to make sense of everything especially after Xiao Fen (hero's sister) unwittingly used her detective talent to reveal Alice's angry words in the missing page of her notebook, Alice pays Peter a visit.
 6. Despite Peter's continual insistence that she would be better off forgetting her past, more memories are comig back to Alice and she ends up fainting right in front of Peter.
7. Unsetted by the obvious concern on Peter's face when he brought Alice home, Xiao Fen tries to warn Shu Lei about Peter but ends up having an ugly confrontation with her BFF when Shu Lei refuses to listen and accuses Xiao Fen of trying to break up her relationship out of jealousy.
8. Realizing the best way to help Alice is to have her confront her past head on, Hao Yi takes Alice to meet the school bully Qi Tai.
 9. Furious when he sees an extremely weary Alice talking to Qi Tai, Peter is in no mood to listen to Hao Yi's explaination and chooses to talk with his fist instead. Forced to admit what she already knows as she watches Peter yelling at Hao Yi over another girl, Shu Lei stops the fight to confront Peter about their relationship. Finally revealing that he is the very same Peter that was her secret admirer in high school, Peter then freely admits that he had set up everything to teach Shu Lei a lesson about what it feels like to have all of your friends betray you.
10. Left alone while the boys are busy fighting, Alice holds her head in pain as all the memories come flooding back...and with it, the blanket coldness of the old Robot Alice.

Ninja's Thoughts
Whew! I am glad Alice finally has all her memories back. While it was refreshing to see our heroine smiling so brightly for the last few episodes, it was also aganoizing waiting for the other shoe to drop. How great was it that our hero was the one that actively tried to help Alice get over her trauma by reuninting her with the school bully. Instead of burying his head in the sand and hoped that Alice would never recover her memory, Hao Yi instead focused on what Alice needs to truly be freed from her self made cage...even if that means he would lose her forever.
To be honest I never understood why Peter seemed so certain that Alice would boot Hao Yi to the outer space the moment she regain all of her memories. There were plenty of evidence before Alice's amneisa that deep down she wants to patch things up with her friends and Hao Yi especially once she realized death could be eminent for her. The sad truth is Peter never had a chance with Alice because the Robot Alice will never be interested in love and the only one that could give Robot Alice back her heart has always been Hao Yi.
Oh, I almost forgot one of my favorite line in this episode. Fed up with her brother's simmering anger towards her, Xiao Fen confronts her twin and is finally told about all the things Alice went through in high school. Feeling wronged that her brother would blame her, Xiao Fen complains that they had nothing to do with the bullying. Frustrated by his sister's excuse, Hao Yi utters my favoirte line "Those were strangers but we are her friends. Shu Lei Shu Lei! You are not Shu Lei, when are you going to make your own decisions and be responsible for your own actions?!" 

I thought the writer might not address the issue of the very unbalanced friendship between the girls but I am pleasantly surprised to see that very problem brought up in this episode...even if that whole confrontation between Shu Lei and Xiao Fen over Peter felt like it came out of no where. 

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