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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 13 Summary

Love at Seventeen Episode 13 Summary by Ninja

  • Alice recovers her memory completely and angrily confronts Peter for letting her behave like a fool in front of her ex-best friends. Actually speaking up for Hao Yi when Alice sneers that our hero is only trying to use her for work, Peter reminds Alice that Hao Yi has treated her extremely her well...both in the past and right now.
  • Remembering Peter's half confession while he was fighting with Hao Yi, Alice tells Peter in her trade mark stright forward manner that he should not search her out nor worry about her anymore. Unsurprised by Alice's rejection, Peter remarks that Hao Yi has always been the one that could affect her. 
  • Overwhelmed with relief when he catches up to Alice who has ran off yet again, Hao Yi throws his arms around her without noticing the exchange of looks between Alice and Peter.

  • Sensing the drastic change in Alice's attitude, it doesn't take Hao Yi long before he realizes Alice has recovered her memory. Swallowing his disappointment as Alice reverts back to the bitter woman who wants nothing to do with him, Hao Yi reminds himself that he had already forseen all these consquences when he set things in motion to help Alice confront her past.
  • Wanting nothing more than to crawl back into the armory of walls she has built around herself for the last 13 years, Alice nonetheless finds it difficult to rebuild the defense Hao Yi has done so much to tear down. 

  • Undaunted even when Alice decides to move back to her own house, Hao Yi insists that he is not going to give up on her this time and moves himself into Alice's place. 
  • Ignoring Alice's stoic expression and constant effort to push him away, Hao Yi declares that he is going to teach the 30 year old Alice what it feels like to date. 

  • Spending her time in bars drinking her sorrow away after losing her best friend over Peter who had just freely admitted to dating her for revenage, Shu Lei tries to hold onto her pride but ends up crying out all her regrets to Peter after a night of binge drinking. 
  • Hauling a drunk Shu Lei back to his house, Peter is forced to admit the ugly truth when a crying Shu Lei yells "If you worship me so what? Many people worhiped me. Why did you have to use a fake name? From start to finish I have never looked down on you but it was you who looked down on yourself." Staring at Shu Lei's sleeping face, Peter finally realizes "No wonder I didn't feel any satisfaction when I took my revenage on you. You are right. You didn't look down on me. Chi Tai (school bully) didn't looked down on me. I was the one that looked down on myself." 
It's sure one step forward and two step back for Alice and her friends. From Shu Lei's drunken confession to Peter it looks like she did feel hurt by Alice's sudden disapperence 13 years ago but apparently had just assumed Alice had betrayed HER by leaving without a word. For all of Shu Lei's need to learn the lesson of not treating her friends like her subjects, I actually find Xiao Fen's complete dismissal of Alice from her life simply on Shu Lei's account a greater offense. Like Hao Yi accusation suggested, Xiao Fen is content to let Shu Lei make all her decisions and thus pushing all the responsibilities off herself. 

  • Hao Yi's tanacity is beginning to pay off as Alice's attitude starts to melt just a bit...even if she still harbors strong doubt that he is only trying to get his hand on her research. 
  • Sitting guard outside of Alice's bedroom door to keep her company, Hao Yi smiles to himself when Alice finally puts on the clover leaf braclet he bought for her when she thought he is asleep. 
  • While Hao Yi is happily closing his eyes with the thought Alice might be opening her heart to him just a tiny bit, the darn drama god strikes again and our hero doesn't notices Alice silently clutching her head in pain. 

  • Wavering between her desire to trust Hao Yi and her cynisim that warns Hao Yi is only using her, Alice finally makes a decision after paying her (and Hao Yi's) favorite comic store a visit. (Alice had taken an enevelope with her to the comic shop...maybe her research notebook that everyone is looking for?)
  • Waking up with a start to see Alice sitting right in front of him, it takes a still dazed Hao Yi a few moment to process Alice's words as she smiles brightly at him and asks "Go on a date with me." 

Ninja's Thoughts
Oh, oh... Really show?! Are we back to the brain tumor thing again? I don't mind the brain tumor twist as long as 1. None life threatening. 2. As a way to get get Alice to have the courage to confront her own feelings. False alarm pretty please?! 
The unpleasant thought of the brain tumor aside, I am really pleasantly surprised by the emotional depth this show has taken. I am especially pleased by how despite the heroine's attempt to put on her prickly armor again, her little jaunt as a 17 years old has forced her to also reflect on her own responsiblity in this whole mess. For once, Alice is admitting that her 17 year old self was not mature enough to realize her best friends' betrayal was not the end of the world and her subsquent reaction of shutting the world out had only made her more lonely. 
I am mostly pleased with how our hero has learned his lesson of sticking by Alice no matter what. My only concern with Hao Yi at this point is him not telling Alice the extent he is going to protect her project. But then again, Hao Yi probably assumes if he tells Alice that he has placed his job on the line for her, this cynical Alice will just think he is trying to guilt trip her into doing what he wants.   

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  1. This show has an interesting premise but the pacing of the plot is choppy and uneven. Some episodes seemed almost dead in the water as they go overly long into some conversations or repeat themselves. It could have been much better, IMHO. However, I still tune in every week to see Shu Lei and Peter's story. Another danger sign when the second leads's story is more interesting than the leads.

    1. I watch each episode for Lei Lei and Peters story too LOL