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Monday, July 18, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 14 Recap

Love at Seventeen Episode 14 Recap by Ninja
Shedding off all her coldness, a bright and happy Alice surprises Hao Yi first thing in the morning and asks him out on a date. Pleasantly surprised yet again when Alice frankly admits how she had worked so hard back in their high school days to have "chance" meetings with him, Hao Yi is all patience as he obediently allows Alice to pull him onto a bus then forces him to have ramen noodles for breakfast.

While our two leads are having their much overdue date, Shu Lei is finally finding out all the bullying Alice experienced. Already feeling guilty that she had misunderstood Alice concerning the whole secret admirer mess 13 years ago, Shu Lei tears up as she listens to Xiao Fen recounts all the things Alice endured while they were blissfully ignorant.
Furious as she suddenly thought of the one person who could've revealed all the truth a long time ago, Shu Lei charges over to Peter's house with Xiao Fen to demand some answers. Not intimidated by the two angry women, Peter dryly tells a puzzled Shu Lei how she had ignored a 17 year old Alice's plea for help. Confused by Peter's accusation, Shu Lei and Xiao Fen finally remembers an incident when Shu Lei had wanted to help a girl being trapped in the bathroom by a bunch of girls but ended up getting dragged away by Xiao Fen who was afraid Shu Lei would get in trouble with her father again.
 Despite the over exuberant smile Alice has shown him the whole day, Hao Yi can't shake off his unease and attempts to talk to Alice seriously but our heroine just changes the subject each time he tries.
Conversing through Alice's bedroom door that night, Hao Yi softly asks her to just give him one more chance even if she doesn't trust him yet. Avoiding the question all together, Alice instead asks Hao Yi out for another date at their favorite comic shop the next day.
Looking everywhere for Alice at the comic shop the next day, Hao Yi doesn't find his date but instead finds the research notes Alice has left for him. Dismayed as he reads the breakup letter Alice left him, Hao Yi races out of the comic shop.

While our hero is reeling from Alice's words that she doesn't want anything to do with him anymore, Peter is standing at Alice's house trying to convince her to not turn herself back to the robot Alice. Unmoved by Peter's words, Alice panics when she spots Hao Yi from her living room window and turns her pleading eyes to Peter.
Running all the way up the stairs, Hao Yi is about to pound on the door when Alice's voice stops him. Recognizing Peter's voice as he asks Alice her reasons for the breakup, Hao Yi slumps against the door in defeat as Alice loudly explains that after her date with Hao Yi to fulfill her high school regret she realizes that her 30 year old self is no longer interested in Hao Yi.

Clueless that Alice is yelling out all those hurtful words with tears streaming down her face, a dejected Hao Yi walks away after wiping off his own tears.
Called to the bar by Peter to come get a very drunk Hao Yi, Shu Lei and Xiao Fen arrive to find our hero surrounded by a bunch of women who apparently all changed their name to Alice after Hao Yi had promised to buy any woman by that name a drink.
Waking up the next morning to his sister and Shu Lei's loud "argument", Hao Yi tells the girls to stop their bad acting then it suddenly dawns on him that Alice's conversation with Peter the day before was a set up as well.

His fighting spirit renewed, Hao Yi is determined to protect Alice from her boss no matter what. Eager to help Alice however they can, Shu Lei and Xiao Fen readily agree to help Hao Yi in his big plan.
 Planting themselves in front of our heroine, Shu Lei and Xiao Fen try to remind Alice of their good old days. Undaunted when Alice gives them a cold shoulder, Xiao Fen resorts to half "fainting" on Alice in order to get her to go with them to their favorite ice shack.
Looking at a still unmoved Alice even after she takes a bite of the pudding ice they've managed to convinced the owner to make again just for the occasion, Shu Lei finally takes Alice's hand and formerly apologizes to her. Stoic as Xiao Fen jumps up to add her own apology, Alice pulls her hand away and walks out after saying "It's too late."
Seemingly not surprised by Alice's reaction, Hao Yi runs out and stops Alice from leaving. Grabbing Alice's hand as she tries to put distance between them, Hao Yi assures Alice that he already overheard her conversation with Peter and he is not someone that would hold onto a girl when she has expressed disinterest in him. Somewhat assured by Hao Yi's words, Alice becomes alarmed when Hao Yi reminds her that if her boss got hold of her research then it could end up in the wrong hands. Dismayed by all the scary outcomes Hao Yi listed, Alice asks him "What must I do then?" Breaking into his trademark confidant smile, Hao Yi replies "Continue to be my girlfriend."

Ninja's Thoughts:
Hmm...I wonder what's Alice's real reason for breaking up with Hao Yi. According to Alice's conversation with Peter it seems like she ultimately couldn't get past her high school trauma and is convinced that she needs to abandon Hao Yi before he leaves her again. However, Alice's answer to her two friends' apology was intriguing and made me wonder if her tumor might be the reason. Alice had told Shu Lei and Xiao Fen "Too late now. It's no use." On the first impression it's easy to assume Alice is just not willing to forgive her friends, but now I wonder if the "It's too late now" actually refers to the fact that she thinks she will die soon. 
The depressing thought of our heroine's brain tumor aside, I was quite touched by how far Shu Lei and Xiao Fen were willing to go to ask for Alice's forgiveness. As terribly flawed as the three girls' friendship were, at the end of the day their heart were sincere even if that didn't stop them from making dumb mistakes. What matters now is that Shu Lei and Xiao Fen are willing to fix their mistakes and ready to help defend Alice from a much scarier bully even if Alice has not forgive them yet. 
This hour also highlighted a interesting thought: What is Peter's role in what happened to Alice? Both Shu Lei and Hao Yi had brought up the point that Peter was the one that knew ALL of the truth the whole time but chose to keep silent. To be fair, Peter did try to confess his secret identity during that fateful night when everyone thought Alice was trying to seduce her best friend's boyfriend and had even told Alice that he is willing to go explain the whole thing to her friends. However, as the cause that initiated all of Alice's troubles did Peter really do everything he could to help Alice regain her friends or was he secretly glad to be the only one by Alice's side? 

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