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Monday, July 25, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 15(End) Recap

Love at Seventeen Episode 15(End) Recap by Ninja
Surprised to find out from Shu Lei that Alice would not forgive her best friends even after their tearful apology, Peter confronts Alice and demands to know what she is hiding. At first stoically insisting that nothing is wrong, Alice eventually is forced to tell Peter the truth when she experiences another debilitating headache right in front of him. Explaining to Peter that not only does she need another operation but the doctor has warned that this operation will be even more dangerous than the last one, Alice begs Peter to keep her condition a secret so Hao Yi and her best friends would be spared of pain if she does die on the operating table.

Skillfully spinning a web of illusion around Alice's boss Wang Bai Jun, Hao Yi has Shu Lei's use her dad to convince Bai Jun that he has found a buyer for Alice's research.  Eager to profit from Alice's work, Bai Jung threatens to fire Alice's co-workers AND sue her in court if she doesn't turn over her research notes in 3 days' time. Gleefully reminding Alice that if her co-workers lose their job it would be her fault, Bai Jun walks away confident that Hao Yi will eventually relent in order protect Alice.
Back at Alice's house, Hao Yi gently assures a worried Alice that everything is going according to his plan. Extremely mindful that he is only Alice's boyfriend in name only, Hao Yi soon prepares to take his leave despite the storm raging outside. Reluctant to send Hao Yi back into the rain, Alice hesitantly tries to find excuses to stop him from leaving but thanks to a sudden power outage, Hao Yi ends up staying the night once a terrified Alice throws herself into his arms.
Waking up the next morning to find Hao Yi right next to her, Alice carefully pulls her hand out of Hao Yi's. Shaken that she has once again allowed herself to rely on Hao Yi, Alice mindlessly walks the street and chides herself "Alice, you can be alone. Don't hold his hand! If you do hold his hand, it won't be long anyway. What if the operation fails? Even if the operation is a success, what if you forget everything? What if you can't even take care of yourself? Why do I have to get sick now?" Looking up at the sky in frustration, Alice yells "Why?!"
Dismayed when she turns around to find Hao Yi standing a short distance away, Alice's expression turns blank and tells him to go away. Blocking Alice's escape route, Hao Yi tries to convince Alice that while he knows that the thirty year old Alice has no interest in him but she is still a friend that he cares deeply about. Unmoved by Hao Yi's words, Alice walks away after coldly replying "I have nothing to say to you."
Feeling increasingly unsettled the more he thinks about Alice, Peter searches out the very frustrated Hao Yi at the basketball court with the intention to tell him everything. Stopping his extremely unfruitful basket shooting practice, Hao Yi is about to hear Peter out...until Alice's evil boss rudely interrupts with a phone call.

Putting on a show of reluctantly handing over Alice's research notes over to Bai Jun, Hao Yi patiently allows Alice's boss to gloat over his supposedly triumph as he secretly records their conversation.
Meeting with Peter once again to finished their conversation, Hao Yi is painfully close to hearing the truth from Peter...until Alice calls right then to warn Peter that if he tells Hao Yi everything then she will disappear for good. Guessing from Peter's grim expression what Alice had said on the phone, Hao Yi gives a bitter smile and tells Peter "Alice won't let you tell me right? Okay, fine. Let me guess then..."
Antsy to publicly claim Alice's research as his own, Bai Jun calls for a press conference but his glorious moment is thwarted when Hao Yi shows him a media publication with Alice's research in it. Realizing he can no longer claim Alice research, an angry Bai Jun swears revenge but soon finds out that he can do nothing of the sort once Hao Yi takes out his phone and plays the recording he has taken of Bai Jun admitting to all his shameful doings.
Overjoyed to know that Alice's research is saved, Alice's co-workers sincerely apologizes to her for how they acted in the past and begs her to come back to work. A bit flustered to have everyone rallying around her, any relief Alice might be feeling quickly turns to dismay when Hao Yi informs her "I told you I would help you this far so I guess my work is done here and it's my time to leave."
Thanks to a little push from Peter, Alice gathers enough courage to run out after Hao Yi. Forcing himself to put on a smile, Hao Yi tells Alice that while he knows nothing of what Alice experienced in the last 13 years but Alice also has no clue how he lived. Giving Alice a sad smile when she asks how he lived, Hao Yi slowly recounts when Alice disappeared he had thought the feelings in his heart will just be a youthful regret but as the years passed and their eventual reunion finally shows him that his feelings for her has never gone away.

Overwhelmed with sadness as Hao Yi turns to leave after saying that he knows there will no longer be a second chance for him, Alice couldn't help herself and grabs Hao Yi's hand to keep him from leaving.
Pulling Alice into his arms, Hao Yi breaks down in tears as he admits "Do you know, if I have the chance, I really want to start over with you. No matter what happens I just want to start over with you. Alice, I can't watch you leave this time...so...goodbye."
Spinning Alice around so she wouldn't see his tears, Hao Yi resolutely walks away and leaves Alice sobbing.
After a sleepless night, Alice suddenly rushes out of her house when she finally figures out the hint Hao Yi has been dropping about the comic store. Finding her notebook taped under their favorite table, Alice smiles as past memories flooded her mind with each page she reads. Her reminiscing interrupted by a panicked phone call from Xiao Fen, Alice listens with disbelief as her friend tells her that Hao Yi has been in an accident and is in the emergency room. Turning to look at the words "This time, I wish you would be the one to walk towards me." Hao Yi has written on her notebook, Alice runs off to the emergency room fearing the worst.
Waiting anxiously outside of the operating room, Alice finally leaves the hospital in a daze when Xiao Fen apologetically tells her that Hao Yi doesn't want to see her since "they have nothing to do with each other."
Aimlessly walking on the street as she fiercely regrets not cherishing the chance she had to tell Hao Yi the truth, a dazed Alice looks up to see someone resembling Hao Yi walking away. Chasing after the man, Alice grabs his hand and quickly apologizes "He Hao Yi, I am sorry for not thinking about your feelings. I just really hate myself for getting sick at this point in time. I could've been with you when I obviously likes you. I am sorry. Please tell me that the you in front of me is really you."

Understandably a bit miffed when Hao Yi turns around to reveal himself and admits that he has set the whole thing up knowing beforehand what Alice is hiding, Alice turns to leave but is stopped when her friends show up to remind her that life is unpredictable and second chances don't always come around.
Already considerably softened by her friends' words, Alice's heart soon melts into a puddle when Hao Yi hands her his Alice In The Wonderland book and she finds the four leaf clover inside it.
Ahh... a kiss at last!
The four best friends gathered once again ...well, with the addition of Peter this time. Burying yet another time capsule, our five leads promise that they will for sure come together 10 years later to dig the time capsule out. With her operation hanging over their head, Alice looks at Hao Yi pensively and asks "What if I forget everything?" Confident as he hands Alice a bottle with the soil from their secret meeting place, Hao Yi assures Alice that she will remember as long as she keeps her eyes on the bottle.
The time of Alice's operation finally comes and our two leads tearfully say their goodbye as Alice is wheel into the unknown.
Time jump: One year later.
We find our hero sitting by himself as he listens to a recording Alice has left for him. "He Hao Yi. There aren't second chances to life. If one day I am no longer here, then do something for me. For the first three months, you can miss me ten times a day and cry sometimes. From the fourth month to the sixth month, you can think of me three times a day and don't be sad anymore. Half year later, you need to smile when you think of me and remember our happy times together. Throw away the sad memories. One year later, then you only need to think of one thing. You just need to know that the name He Hao Yi is my favorite name in this world. He Hao Yi! Also the person I like the most in this world. This is the confession I owed you for the last thirteen years."
Whew, fortunately for us, in Hao Yi's words "There aren't second chances in life but luckily I had it."

Ninja's Final Thoughts
Happy Ending!!!! I especially love the last scene of the ring! Just a hint that makes us happy without a big elaborate wedding.
Overall, I quite enjoyed Love at Seventeen. The story was fairly simple and the "BIG" mystery was kinda anticlimactic BUT I still found it plenty enjoyable. The two leads acting were especially great. Lego Li did a great job as an extremely smart but a pitiful guy who has been chasing after the same girl for the last thirteen years. Nikki Hsieh also was impressive in her ability to switch between the robotic Alice and the blindingly smile of the happy Alice.  
I was plenty satisfied with the ending. My only beef was probably with the romance between Shu Lei and Peter. It was pretty obvious that Shu Lei and Peter ended up together but it felt kinda sudden to me. I am totally on board that Peter has given up on our heroine but I needed just a bit more to convince me that he has fallen in love with Shu Lei. 
As for the girls' friendship, while I really wished the writer could've spend more time on it, in the end I am simply happy that our heroine could finally move on from her past and regain the friendship she so desperately wanted. 

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