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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Spellbound K-Movie Review

Movie: Spellbound (오싹한 연애)
Year: 2011
Main Leads: Lee Min Ki & Son Ye Jin 

An aspiring street magician, our hero Jo Goo (Lee Min Ki) suddenly took notice of a girl one day while he was performing his routine. Standing among the crowd who were all laughing at Jo Goo's magic routine, our heroine Yeo Ri (Son Ye Jin) remains in a cloud of isolation and sadness. 
Giving into his impulse, Jo Goo follows the gloomy girl and unexpectedly has a brilliant idea of having a horror magic show. Gathering up his courage, Jo Goo approaches our heroine to be part of his new show and soon Jo Goo finds himself a roaring success.  
Becoming increasingly curious about our heroine who only ever silently does her job then disappears without interacting with anyone, our clueless hero has no idea that Yeo Ri can actually see ghosts ...especially the ghost of her best friend who blames her for her death and is determined to keep Yeo Ri living a lonely existence. 

After a year of watching Yeo Ri isolating herself, Jo Goo finally decides to force her to rejoin the living...which of course also means Jo Goo himself has plopped himself right among the dead.  

Ninja's Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this one a lot. The ghost were scary enough without being too gruesome or disgusting. There were of course some major plot holes if you really think about it..but let's not. 
 As a faithful drama watcher I of course would've rather if we had another 13 hours to develop the romance between the two leads, but over all I thought the script writer did an impressive job in balancing the humor and the great love story between the two leads. The heroine was definitely someone you can't help but fall in love with and Lee Mi Ki was awesome as the hero who had to face the difficult choice of deciding if getting the girl is worth having hell itself chasing after him. 

Give this one a try on a dark night, hopefully with someone to hold your hand during the scary part. 


  1. This movie was completely unexpected and I really enjoyed the characters, their individual growth as well as the quirky, eerie feel. I watched it again not too long ago and even though I knew what was going to happen I enjoyed it!

  2. I really do enjoy watching this movie,minki drew me in