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Friday, July 22, 2016

W Episode 1-2 First Impression

W Episode 1-2 First Impression by Ninja
Korean Drama: W (W、더블유)
Episodes: 16
Leads: Lee Jong Seok & Han Hyo Joo

W's Synopsis: 
Slaving away as a second year resident at the hospital, our heroine Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) is concerned when her father suddenly goes missing right before his famous webtoon is about to wrap up its 10 year run. 
Shocked as her father's assistant tells her that her father might be planning to kill the webtoon's main character Kang Cheol off, Yeon Joo becomes even more worried that some fan might've kidnapped her father out of anger. Trying to calm herself as she paces her father's study, Yeon Joo's nervous muttering abruptly stops when she looks down to see a bloody hand grabbing her shirt. Horrified, Yeon Joo is about to yell when the hand reaching out her father's manhwa drawing pulls her right in.
Waking up to find herself on the rooftop of a hotel, Yeon Joo doesn't have time to figure out what happened but snaps into action when she sees a man completed covered in blood laying a short distance away from her. 

Ninja's First Impression:
I am IN LOVE! My inner geek is jumping up and down with glee! The show pulls you right in as it goes through the hero's tragic background of being blamed by his whole family's murder. It isn't until when the heroine gets pulled into the manhwa that we realize that the hero was a webtoon character all a long. What a brilliant premise! As one who grew up reading stacks of comic book, this show is just a geeky girl's dream.
It's probably really dangerous to be this excited about a drama so early in the game, but what can I do when the first two episodes were almost perfection all around. I had wondered if Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo would have good chemistry together and happily the answer is a big yes. Okay, I am starting to sound like a rabid fan so I will just stop and cross my fingers that the show will live up my very high expectation. 
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  1. I think totally the same;)Even though I am a little scared that they can't keep up this pace.... But the first 2 episodes were pure gold...watched it like 4 times already;)

  2. I am already hooked since the 1st episode! This is going to be my addiction for the rest of the weeks to come. LJS and HHJ have good chemistry together and i am loving their acting a lot.
    This is going to be my next craze, after Bromance.

  3. The writer copied Fringe's story line and turned it into Korean romance. Clever how the writer inspired by fascinating Fringe series turned it into interesting Korean drama. Oh how I miss Fringe!! Every episode so intense and exciting! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1119644/

    1. I beg to differ. Aside from the idea of parallel universe, which is not an original Fringe idea, W does not seem a copy of the story line of Fringe. After 4 episodes I'm starting to look at it as an allegory. What if our world is just a world in webtoon, and the artist giving us life is out there in the real world? That sort of thing.

      Btw, thanks Ninja for the recap/impression.