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Monday, August 8, 2016

Bad Sister C-Movie Review

Movie: Bad Sister (坏姐姐之拆婚联盟)
Year: 2014
Leads: Ivy Chen & Ji Jin Hee
Horrified when her precious little brother informs her that he is going to get marry in ten days with or without her approval, our heroine Er Shan gets on the first plane to Korea to stop the nonsense. An accomplished astrologist who makes her living reading other people's zodiac signs, Er Shan tries to convince her little brother that he and his Korean fiancee are simply not a good fit but Er Shan's brother still insists that his marriage will go on as planned. 
Left with no choice but to resort to ...um...less conventional way of convincing her brother to cancel his wedding, Er Shan decides to team up with the bride's father (Ji Jin Hee) who would also like to stop his daughter from getting married. Desperate as the wedding day looms closer and closer, Er Shan's eyes light up once she realizes the quickest way to foil the wedding is to make the bride's father fall in love with her. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Oopa! Actually, in this instance is more Ajusshi! I will just admit that I was interested in this show totally because of Ji Jin Hee and thankfully I was not disappointed. The story was cute even if the romance between the two leads felt a bit rushed but overall I found it to be really cute.
My only complaint was probably that it took me a bit to get over Ji Jin Hee's character switching between two voices. When Ji Jin Hee's character spoke Korean they used his actual voice but chose a much older sounding male voice to dub him when his character spoke Chinese. Thankfully, as the movie goes along the director wisely allowed Ji Jin Hee to speak enough Korean to make the Chinese dub easy to ignore...and that much more sexy when he does.  

ps. Ivy Chen's heroine does come off a bit annoying at first but she became quite lovable by the end of the movie. 


  1. Ji Jin Hee!!!! I really wannna see this movie!!!!!

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