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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 1-2 First Impression

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 1-2 First Impression by Ninja
Korean Drama: Cinderella and Four Knights
Station: tvN
Episodes: 16
Leads: Jung Il Woo & Park So Dam

True to the show's name, our heroine Eun Ha Won lives with her abusive step mother and step sister. Relegated to sleep in a tiny closet room whenever her father is out working as a truck driver, Ha Won works countless part time jobs in order to save enough money to go to collage. 
First of our four knights, Kang Hyun Min: The playboy out of the four, Hyun Min holds himself as the heir to his grandfather's vast wealth. Living his life seemingly without a care, Hyun Min's attention is caught one day when he sees our heroine beats up a jerky rich boy right in front of him. Prompted by a dare with his friends, Hyun Min hires Ha Won to be his date to his grandfather's (CEO Kang) fifth wedding. 
Our hero! The "gangster" of the four knights, Kang Ji Woon lived most of his life as an orphan but his life is changed drastically once CEO Kang reclaims him as his grandson. Prickly and guarded, Ji Woon has frequent confrontations with his grandfather over his disinterest in competing with his cousin (Hyun Min) for the family business. 
The youngest of the four knights, Kang Seo Woo is a popular singer and has a sweet disposition. 
Loving Hyun Min despite his playboy ways, our female second lead Park Hye Ji forces herself to smile as Hyun Min proudly presents Ha Won to her as his new fiancee. Harboring a long standing crush on Hae Ji even knowing full well that the one she loves is his cousin, Ji Won can's stand to see her pained smile. 
Bitter that Ha Won is part of Hyun Min's charade, Ji Won angrily accuses her of being the kind of woman that would do anything for money. Not the type to just cry when she is falsely accused, Ha Won forcefully informs Ji Won that he should mind his manners. 
Impressed when he saw how Ha Won is able to go head to head with his unruly grandsons, CEO Kang offers to pay her handsomely if she is willing to live with his grandsons and whip them into shape. Wanting to make her way in the world only by her own hard work, Ha Won firmly rejects CEO Kang's offer. Not about to give up on Ha Won, CEO Kang smiles with satisfaction when his right hand man, Yoon Sung informs him that Ha Won has just been kicked out of her house with only her mother's ashes in hand. With no where to go as she stands in the rain, Ha Won has no choice but to change her mind and accepts CEO Kang's offer.

Ninja's First Impression:
I have a weak spot for any kind of retelling of fairy tales, so while I wasn't completely won over by the first two episodes I am still quite hopeful about this show. Not that the first two episodes were bad at all it was just kinda predicable as set up episodes go. 

Overall, I thought the fairy tale vibe was fun and the characters had plenty of depth to make them intriguing. 
I was quite surprised to find myself liking Park So Dam's spunky heroine here. After her disappointing role in Beautiful Mind I really didn't expect too much from Park So Dam so it was a pleasant surprised to see that she fit this new role so much better. Of course, it probably didn't hurt that I always love heroine that could kick some serious behind. 
In contrast to the heroine's bright spunky personality, our hero's character is just plain grumpy all around...but it's Jung Il Woo after all so he can be grumpy for as long as he wants. My biggest worry at this point is that it looks like EVERY single male leads will fall in love with our "Cinderella" heroine and that usually is one of my big pet peeves. 
Still, like I said, I have a weak spot for fairy tales so despite some minor concerns I remain quite hopeful about Cinderella and Four Knights.

ps. Judging from the last scene in Episode 2, the fourth knight is Lee Yoon Sung, CEO Kang's right hand man. 

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  1. Please keep recapping or reviewing this drama. I like it so much, because of our cinderella she can definitely keep her head held high in any situation. I really like her spunk and can do attitide. I love good romance / fairytales too.

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  3. I love Cinderella a lot. Some say the storyline is cliche, but i love the script and acting and the actors. PSD is courageous and totally lovable. Second Lead Syndrome is hitting me hard because despite KHM acting like a spoiled and carefree and charming, he sometimes leaves glimpses of his inner feelings. And our heroine is defeated by KHM's moves a couple of times in the 3rd episode. The hero is moody almost all the time, but slowly showing his chivalrous side. In fact, i am loving everyone including the grandpa.