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Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #92

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #92
Second To Last Love (Korean Drama, New)
Ji Jin Hee's new drama with Kim Hee Ae about the romance between a by the book government employee and our spunky 40 year old TV PD heroine. This one is a remake of the J-drama by the same name. I have not seen the Japanese original but since this one has Ji Jin Hee in it I am definitely going to give it a try. 

Prince of Wolf (Taiwanese Drama)
I wasn't too impressed with Prince of Wolf's first episode but the other day I decided to give it another chance...no beans. Episode two was worse then the first episode. This show is not terrible but it just had too many plot holes, the "moments" between the leads too contrived and the heroine's character is just so...so... insipid. To be fair, I think the real story starts from episode three but in episode two the heroine's character was so frustrating with her crying and inability to form a coherent word while the hero is getting beat up by her friends that I lost all interest in the character right then. 
Swimming Battle (Taiwanese Drama) 
I am following this one kinda loosely but so far it is surprisingly good. The boy swimming team's story adds enough interest to the plot but doesn't overshadow the two leads' romance. 
Singing All Along (Chinese Drama)
Ruby Lin's historical drama with Yuan Hong. I was really pleasantly surprised by how good this one is. Because this is a long historical drama, the romance was kinda slow in going but I really liked the chemistry between the two leads. My only concern is that the story will eventually move into palace intrigue and my attention span usually peters out on those quite fast so that's why I am still debating if I will keep following this one or not. 
Remembering Lichuan (Chinese Drama, New)
Based on a romance novel, this one is about a girl's long journey to have her happy ending with our hero who insists on pushing her away because of his terminal illness. Yaah...one of those. I would normally avoid these kinda plots like the plague except I do believe this one should have a happy ending if it follows the novel so I might give it a try anyway. 
Hello, Joann (Chinese Drama, New) 
Qi Wei new C-drama about a heroine who hides all her vulnerability under an extremely sophisticated exterior. Judging by the first episode, the show will have plenty of work place intrigue but I think there will also be plenty of romance in it as well. The heroine's character is pretty cool and the chemistry between the two leads looks quite promising too. 

Ninja's Oldies but Goodies 
My Economical Man (Chinese Drama, 2012, 33 Episodes)

Synopsis: After a bad breakup with her "perfect" boyfriend (rich with a very good job), our heroine meets our "economical" hero who can give her a blissful life but without the comforts of big money. 
Ready to settle down with her "economical" boyfriend, our heroine's romance hits a big obstacle when her ex suddenly comes back to her life and her mother insists that no amount of love can make up for the lack of money.  
Qi Wei plays the heroine's boss who have an unlikely romance with a younger man (the heroine's cousin) that works as a part time photographer at her company. 

This show actually covers three different girls' romance and while I don't remember it being addicting I thought the writer did a decent job in attempting to answer the question of "Should you go with logic or your heart when it comes to marriage?" 


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