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Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #93

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #93
Hot Girl (Chinese Drama, New)
Ma Ke and Dili Reba's new action drama about a group of friends whose fun but aimless lives are suddenly turned upside down when a top bodyguard agency recruits them. 

Boy, Dili Reba looks absolutely stunning in this one. Ma Ke is usually not the type I find attractive but I really like his style here as well. I have only checked out the first two episodes so far and while the story is extremely predicable but I find it fun enough to check back later. 

Doctors (Korean Drama)
I pretty much gave up on this one a while ago but out of curiosity decided to check it out again last week and was pleasantly surprised that the story didn't get stuck on the heroine's revenge plan liked I feared. The whole villain story line is still not catching my interest but that is easily ignored with plenty of sweet interactions between the leads and the episodic happenings at the hospital that are actually quite engaging. 
The Second to Last Love (Korean Drama)
Among all the K-drama young eye candies it is always refreshing to see a romance with mature actors as leads...especially if the hero is play by Ji Jin Hee! 

While the plot of The Second to Last Love is not exactly refreshing but having two very seasoned leads who lights up every scene they are together goes a LONG way to make this one worth following. Last week's episode 3-4 were pretty fun (...in an adult day to day frustrating sort of way), so I am tentatively putting this one on my watch list. 
Remembering Lichuan (Chinese Drama) 
Checked out the first three episodes of this one and despite the sob inducing premise of the story the show is surprisingly a whole lot of fun...albeit I am sure there will be plenty of crying later on. 
W (Korean Drama)
I am completely addicted to this one! I am ashamed to admit that I was blind to Lee Jong Suk's charm before BUT thanks to W I have since repented. 
Sigh! Kissing the comic hero you have been dreaming about since your youth... THAT has to be every girl's dream come true. 
38 Task Force (Korean Drama, Finished)
I was a bit sad to say goodbye to such a great drama but overall I was pretty satisfied with the ending. My only beef with this one is that I wish there were more romance but there were plenty of bromance to make me happy at least.  

Oldies but Goodies: 
Take Care of Us, Captain (Korean Drama, 2012, 20 episodes)
Synopsis: With all the bright eyed excitement for her new job as a commercial pilot, our heroine's (Ku Hye Sun) happy mood sours when a much respected veteran captain (hero, Ji Jin Hee) tells her that she will never become a good pilot. Unwilling to give up her dream no matter what anyone says, our heroine goes all out to prove that she will indeed become a great pilot one day. 
With 11 years difference in age between our leads (in their real life) this is show is obviously an ajusshi romance. Back in 2012 Ku Hye Sun was 28 but she has such a baby face look that I really had some difficulty seeing her in the role of a professional pilot. Fortunately, if memory serves me right, I did get over that quite quickly once the story got going. 


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