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Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #94

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #94
Men With Sword (Chinese Drama, New)
I was intrigued by this show because according to it's name it was suppose to be about assassins... but sadly after forcing myself to finish the first episode I have completely lost any interest. Not only was the acting horrific, the plot is also confusing and chaotic.

Happy Home (Korean Drama, Finishing Next Week)
Thanks to one single episode extension, Happy Home will finish this weekend at 51 episodes. I am a tad bit apprehensive about the ending for some of the side characters so I am crossing my fingers that all will go as I hope! 
Love by Design (Taiwanese Drama)
I tried giving this one another chance...sadly I just can't get into it. 
Better Man (Taiwanese Daily)
I had thought this T-Daily to be at least 80 episodes long, but according to the show's recent news release Better Man will end in two weeks finishing up at 63 episodes.
Noble Aspiration &The Mystic Nine (Chinese Drama)
I am following TWO dramas with Zhao Li Ying as the heroine but in both of them I am constantly wondering "Where is she?!" It's not that I am a super Zhao Li Ying fan is just that I always have a difficult time with dramas where the leads disappear from time to time. This is a big enough pet peeve of mine that I would usually abandon dramas that does this but for some strange reason I like Noble Aspiration and The Mystic Nine enough that I keep holding out hope. 
My Little Princess (Chinese Drama, New)
Music school for the elite and rich: Check.
Four good looking male leads around the heroine: Check.
Poor heroine with the determination of a weed trying to survive among the rich? Well, yes and no. We do have a female character that fits the description but this time she is not the heroine.

For once, the heroine is the rich and spoiled princess. This one is quite a gem. It's especially amusing that the writer uses all the stereotypes but changes it enough to make it fun.
I Can Hear Your Heart (Korean Drama, 2013, 18 Episodes)
Ever since W I have been totally under Lee Jong Suk's spell, so to make the week go faster between waiting for W's next episode I resorted to re-watching I Can Hear Your Heart to get my fix. 
In I Can Hear Your Heart, Lee Jong Suk plays the hero that can hear people's thoughts when he looks into their eyes. Unable to forget the noona that had bravely step forward as the witness to his father's murder even as she is shaking in fear under the murderer's threat of retribution, Lee Jong Suk spent his childhood preparing to be his noona's protector one day. Overjoyed to finally meet our heroine (Lee Bong Young) again after so many years, our hero is surprised to realize that the brave noona of his childhood memory has become a cynical lawyer. 

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  1. Zhao Liying was filming the Mystic Nine and Noble Aspirations at the same time as well as the New Eternal Waves movies so it's expected that she wouldn't appear as much. However, some scenes of her and William Chan were cut in the Mystic Nine. There's protests by fans on weibo, which is why it's trending even higher than Just a Smile is Alluring right now